Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve!

So Christmas Eve we went to my in-laws to stay the night as we do every year. Stephen's siblings Andy, Jimmy, Johanna, and Charlie were there for awhile. Jimmy and Andy both brought their wives while Andy also brought his kids with him. Johanna brought her soon to be husband with her. It was a loud bunch with all those people. It was nice though to see everyone and I got to see a new side to Ginny. As it's usually pretty quiet at Stephen's and Mine's house she wasn't used to so many voices. So she dug deep into my pelvic bone that caused me in pain. I ended up watching my father-in-law in the kitchen making preparations for Christmas morning. Stephen and I helped with the stockings this year which was a lot of fun to help out.

Stephen got an early present from me on the twenty-third which was a huge toaster oven by me. He also got an early present from Ginny as he had his head on my baby bump seeing if he could hear her. He did say he heard some movement but then smack. He got a kick to the fact by her. It was the first time he ever felt her and it was on Christmas eve. It was so neat. His face was great to see how he reacted to his daughter.


On December 23rd, I went to go get a ultrasound to see how many little one was growing also hoping that we would get to find out what we are having for an early Christmas gift. I was very nervous going to the doctor's because I was worried that I would hear that the baby passed away. It was my greatest fear or even hear that something was wrong. Stephen and I asked my mom to come to meet her grandchild as well as Stephen's mom. Then I asked my best friend Sarah to come since she hasnt' seen me pregnant at all other then in pictures. The adding of people to the experience made me worry that something would go wrong worse. Before we went I had to drink 32 oz. of water before and couldn't go to the bathroom until after my ultrasound. I was in so much pain from drinking so much water. When we went in and I was squirted with the liquid and the ultrasound tech had me get up and go to the bathroom for a bit. Then she tried again. She got so beautiful picture of the head and some good profile pictures. I watched her measure the bones and the stomach then the head. Everything was perfectly shaped and had all the organs. We told the tech that we would like to know what we are having. She said if she sees anything she would let us know. She tried to get something but the little one wouldn't stop crossing the legs. She had me go to the bathroom again to empty my bladder. Finally the tech shook my belly to see if she can get the little one to move.
Then flash...there was the little one uncrossing the legs. The tech told me to look at her screen as she typed, "Mommy and Daddy, I'm your daughter." I tried not to cry as I am not a crier. I always knew that I was going to have a little girl first. As soon I as I knew I was pregnant I knew it was a girl where everyone was saying, "It's going to be a boy."
So I would like to introduce everyone to my little girl, Ginevera Lynne.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Mitts/Meyn/Reichard/Cabe Family Christmas

So my side of the family always has Christmas early because myself and my sister Necia go to our in-laws on Christmas and Christy has traditions of just her and the kids. This year, we decided to do ham, my mom cheesy wild rice soup, breadsticks, fruit, cheese, and veggie for the food. It was also again at my place this year which isn't a big deal.
We had a lot fun hanging out with each other and talking. The kids played nicely with each other. The boys (Michael (18), Dallas (12), and Calvin (10)) played halo in my bedroom on Stephen's x-box while the girls (Maddison (9) and Abriana (8)) did crafts in the nursery. We all got wonderful gifts. Everyone got a snuggie from my mom which we all enjoy. Most got slippers as well. We all got some games that we could play with out family. Stephen and I recieved baby stuff like a huge box of newborn diapers. It was a lot of fun spending time with the family. Also it was a huge thing for miss Abbi (9 months) who got to open her first present ever.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


(This entry comes from my heart to a lovely twelve year old boy)
Dear Dallas,
I can't believe you are twelve years old today. It's amazing how much time has flown since that night you were born. I remember that night as if it was yesterday because you made my life change. That year I found out that I had a diease and soon found out that I was going to be an Aunt to another little boy which made the pain go away.
I remember holding you soon after you were born just amazed on how perfect you were. I loved you at the first sight and I couldn't wait to watch you grow up. Man, have you grown up into a wonderful kid almost a teenager. You are such a great kid to get to know. Your smile makes me smile and I have many memories of you growing up. Soon, you will be a teenager and taking on the world, but always the smart, funny, loving, kid that you were once were. You are like your dad with your humor which always makes someone laugh no matter what. But you have your head stright and strive to be good in school with your grades. I can't believe how smart you are. You surpise me in a lot of ways. You love sports and love hanging out with your family. You love your little sister even though she can be a pain in the butt most of the time. But that's what little sisters are. You are so great with you cousins no matter how old they are. I really can't wait to see you hold your soon-to-be baby cousin in May.
Be strong and don't ever forget about the family that loves you as you grow up. Remember that you are who you are for a reason and that reason makes all of us love you even more.
Love you,
Aunt Kendra

Monday, December 13, 2010

19 Weeks and 6 Days!

So I thought I better get to writing my blog as right now I am not that busy as I only have one final. So school is coming to an end on Thursday till January which I am so excited for. I already had my psychology final and I got an 84% on the final. Which should bring my grade to a B in the class. It's amazing to think that I have worked my butt of for this semister. To know that next semister around this time my life will be totally different. I'll be a mother to a brand new baby. There is no doubt that I will have a baby by finals week in the spring semister. It's amazing to think about but kind of nervous. But school went really good this semister. Sure i was stressed a lot but I worked for my grades that I am recieving.
So...I am nineteen weeks and six days along in my pregnancy. It's an amazing thing to think about to tell the truth. I had a doctor's appointment last week on Thursday and I got to hear my baby's heartbeat which was beating very strong at 159 bpm. People are still guessing what we are having which hopefully will be revealed on the twenty-third this month. My mom, my mother-in-law, and my friend Sarah are coming down to see the sonogram with Stephen and I. We are really excited for this chance. My mom is really excited to see her first biological grandchild. It's an amazing experience for her. I just can't wait to put a name with our little one. If it's a girl we are naming her Ginevra Lynne and if it's a boy it's Miles _______ we are still debating about the middle name if it's a boy. But all in all my pregnancy is going really well. I did have a simi high blood pressure at my last appointment but nothing they were worried about at this point. I did have a feeling that I would have to give blood and I am terrified of needles. I did have to give blood...and it wasn't fun at all. The lady didn't even listen to the word I said, when I told her that my veins disappear very quickly. Or that I have RA. The first time she stuck me she couldn't find the vein and moved the needle around in my arm trying to find it. the second stick killed me. I swear Stephen was lucky to not have much feeling in his hands. Because she put it on my knuckle on my hand...who does that. Then of course she couldn't find the vein so she wiggled the needle around and Stephen said that the bruise was forming each movement she did. She told me that next time I would get blood taken to make sure she was not working.
No movement yet on the little one. It bums me out to tell the truth that I haven't felt the baby move. Some say be patients that it will happen. Other say, "You might be feeling it but you just don't realize it." It's stressful. Oh...another stressful thing is that my hips pop when I get up from anything. Stephen chuckles and I gasp in pain. But other then that everything going great.
Oh we were lucky. After our doctor's appointment we got the chance to go shopping for Christmas gifts and we bought all of our Christmas gifts. We were both pretty happy about that. Also Stephen wrapped them all by himself as I was studying for my finals.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Time No See

Okay, so I want to start this blog out with "Does anyone read my blog?" I feel like I am talking to an empty space of the internet a lot. I know I haven't been on in awhile but it feels like I am alone in my writing mostly because no one comments on my rambles. I started the blog for friends and family to keep in touch and to see what Stephen and I do in life. Sure our life is boring with school and work but I thought friends and family would enjoy reading about it. Anyways...again sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It's just that school is coming to a close which means lots of projects, tests, and papers are due. It can get pretty hectic to say the least.
Anyways, so lets see I am eighteen weeks pregnant. I'll be nineteen weeks on Tuesday, but don't expect a blog post that day because it's dead week. It's been interesting to say the least. I lost insurence and it's been a struggle to not go to doctor's appointment because of it. I do believe I missed two doctor's appointments because of no insurence. But I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday. I am super excited for the fact that I might be able to schedule an ultrasound for my twentieth week so that might mean I'll know what we are having before Christmas also for the chance to see my little one. I invited my mom and my mother-in-law to come with us when we have it. My mom has been looking forward to it since the beginning. My mom will be with us when I deliever, because she has done it with all my sisters and I want her to experience it with me.
I do have a baby registry up at Walmart even before we know what we are having. The reason was so that those who are looking for Christmas gifts for us can go look at our registry. We only want baby stuff for christmas because money for us is tight and it's only going to be even more tight once the baby comes. I am so excited for Christmas break though, because I am going through our guest room that is becoming our nursery. It's going to be interesting to watch more baby stuff arrive and the office stuff somewhere else in our apartment. We haven't figured out everything yet but we will I guess. Also no feeling the baby move makes me nervous to tell the truth. But I'll get my feelings rested seeing the doctor and perhaps hearing the baby's heartbeat. Which I am going to record this time.
Well...I better work on stuff for this week.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am still not sure who reads this blog but I'll write in it anyways. So I haven't written any post lately because things have been so busy. With school coming to a close. But that's enough talk about that. Today is Thanksgiving day and what's the best part of thanksgiving. The food, nope. The gathering of family and friends, nope. It's a day to say thanks to our heavenly father for all the blessings that we do have. is my list of my thanks.

My lovely husband. He works hard so that I can go to school and don't have to work. He works his butt off every day at work and is even working today to make sure that we have food on the table and are able to buy things that we need. He is also a wonderful support when I am frustrated and upset. He gives me hope that everything will turn out okay in the end. I can't be who I am today without him by myside and supporting me.

My mom. Things this year have been going on a rough trip with her. She had surgry to remove her kidney and found out that it had cancer. We almost lost her after surgry because she couldn't breath right. It was hard to be away from her while she was in the hospital. But I am thankful for at least having another year with her. For her to be able to see her grandchild being born in May. I am very greatful for the doctors who took care of her. I am also greatful for the strength that she has. It was just the two of us for a long time and she worked hard to make sure that I can be a normal teenager.

My sisters. My sisters are a wonderful support system for me. they always drop their things to talk to me when I call. Especially, when I am nervous or scared. My sisters listen to what I say to them. They don't judge me and I don't judge them. We have come a long way to have this relationship. I am so thankful to my sisters in my life.

My In-Laws. I don't think their is many daughter-in-laws that can say that they adore their in-laws. They are a lot of fun to be around. Especially, when playing games with them. When I married into the family they also took my mom in. They try to invite her over as much as they can. They also visited her when she was in the hospital which I am so greatful for. They didn't have to do any of that but they did and that means so much to me.

My nieces and nephews: I have grown up into an adult along side them. I remember when my first nephew was born and I held him for the first time. They taught me so much of who I am and how much I want to be a teacher. They give me strength through their hugs and smiles. They taught me how to become a parent as I watched them grow up and watched their joys.

My friends: You guys are strength to Stephen and I. You give us strength and we cherish creating memories with you guys.

Sarah: I am so greatful for a friend like her. I couldn't get through some of my classes without her help. She is always willing to look over my papers for me even if she is working on homework. She always puts me first and it makes me so happy to have her as a friend. I couldn't be where I am with out her support. I am hoping so very hoping that soon she will be able to get a job that she loves.

My little one: I have always dreamed of becoming a mother. Never in my life did I not want to become a mother. But when I was twelve years old hearing that some of the medication that I was taking for my RA could cause me to not become a mother I was heartbroken. I have struggled so much for this chance. This chance to be who I always knew I wanted to be. Worried about the struggle of being able to concieve a child and Heavenly Father blessed me with the surpise of my life. Even though Stephen and I didn't think we were ready. Heavenly father knew we were and blessed us with this little one. I can't wait to find out what we are having in a couple more weeks. I can't wait for the chance to be able to feel the baby move within me and know this isn't a dream anymore. Then when May comes, I'll have my own little one in my arms. No matter the struggles Stephen and I will have in becoming parents we are so thankful for this chance.

Gospel: Not many people know that I fell away from the gospel. I struggled with being a member. I am so greatful for the chance to be able to come back to the gospel. So feel the holy spirit within in my soul. To watch it's gifts in blessing my loved ones. So watch my soul being healed. I am so greatful.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch Up

Okay...lets catch up since I haven't posted anything in awhile. I am just over fifteen weeks pregnant now. It's so amazing though to be pregnant. We are just right now hoping that healthwave will stop being a pain and give me back my insurence so we don't have to worry so much. But other then that things are going great. I am slowly easing on naps but I am still really tired through out the day.
School is going pretty good. Working on projects and trying to stay caught up in the whole thing. But it's been going really well. I got another A on a paper in Comp class which I am so happy about. But that's pretty much it when it comes to school.
Good news is that Stephen went to full time with his job. We are so happy that at last he will be bringing in more money. Also he might have an interview coming up to work at the hospital. Which will be part-time for a little while and then will switch to full time later on. So we are thrilled for the chance that things are moving forward.
I better go as I have to write a talk for Church on Sunday...what fun.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

14 Weeks and 2 Days Along

It amazes me that I am this far along in my pregnancy. It's so neat to know that soon I will be able to feel my baby move inside of me. I talk to the baby all the time especially on my walks to school where no one is around. I talk to it knowing that right now it still can't hear me but it's just a comfort that I have a living being within that's mine. Stephen and I don't talk about us with a baby unless I start it. He says that it still feels unreal to him. Which I know is normal as the baby doesn't have a name as of yet. We already have a name for the baby if it's a girl which is Ginevra Lynne. In case you are wondering where Ginevra comes from it comes from the Harry Potter books. It's Ginny Weasley's time. Ginny is actually a nickname. Lynne is my best friend's middle name and I wanted to include her into the name plus it goes really well with Ginevra. Stephen is choosing the boy name and I don't even know if he has thought about it as of right now. It's amazing though to know that soon we will know what we are having.
On the 29th, my brother-in-law Tony and sister-in-law Kari welcomed into the world their little girl Kendyll Paige. She is so darn cute and looks like she could fit into my husband's family. Jimmy and Natalie are due in Feburary with their little girl. It's so cool that my baby will have two cousins around the same age. So family gatherings they will all be able to play with each other. The family is growing and it's so neat.
Oh did I forget to mention that I am starting to show. It's really noticeable when my shirt is tight in that area and when I am wearing my materniety pants. Here are some pictures.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

So things are looking brighter now that midterms is passed. I can take a deep breath. Also that we heard the heart beat of our little bundle that is within me. Also we learned that we are not having any more then one baby at a time at least...this time. Though I can't find the joy in teasing Stephen that there is more then one.
Our Doctor's appointment was at three o'clock. We arrived early because I had to fill out some paperwork before hand. The doctor came in after awhile of sitting in the waiting room and started to ask the normal questions. She was very nice and kind and asked if I had any questions. So I think I asked one question. She then said, "Well, I think your at the right week to see if we can catch a heartbeat." She then squirted the lovely gel that is freezing cold. Bless her soul she really really tried to find the heart beat and was not having much luck. Of course every once and awhile you catch the heartbeat very light in the background. I heard it the Doctor heard it. Stephen did not. So you know what my doctor did, "Let's get a sonogram." I looked like Christmas came early.
We waited for our time to go to get a sonogram. Another squirt of that lovely gel and bingo their was our little one. I tried my hardest not to start crying. Our first child was growing within my body. It finally all seemed real to me. The tech. started to play the heartbeat which happened to be 163 beats per minute. It was a beautiful sound to my ears. Here is our healthy baby who is 10 weeks and 3 days. I am now due on May 3rd, 2011.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 Weeks Tomorrow!

Well, it might be nine weeks tomorrow or eight weeks. It just depends on when my actually due date will be. But right now my due date is Apirl 24th, 2011 that is until I get in to see a obgyn. So that will put me at nine weeks tomorrow. It's amazing that I am pregnant for nine weeks. It's been an interesting ride to say the least.
Update on me. I am doing great other then a few cramps here and there which I am gladly taking rather have cramps then have morning sickness. I am finally weaned off off caffeine, there were some days where I could barely move because of a headache. But it's been different without the caffeine in my blood stream I can say that. I do lose my attention very quickly now but all in all I am doing it for the little one growing within me. Also, I am eating somewhat healthier. I eat a banana, applesauce, and a fiber one bar in the mornings for breakfast. I do know that I do need the fiber one bar in the morning because if I don't I feel like I will pass out.
Update on baby: From what my books say and the internet say the baby is right now between a rasberry and a green olive in size. So about .63 inches to 1 inch big. Also weighs between .07 ounces to .14 ounces. I'll know more when I get to the doctors soon.
Good news...I got accepted for insurence. Yippee...being put on state health insurence. It will be nice to not have to worry so much about the money.

Update on School 9/18/2010

So this is an update of school. School is going really well this semister. I am enjoying most of my classes. I have had two exams already and one paper. Also two projects that I have turned in. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on the exams they were both C's. So I'll know next time that I need to focus more and write notes and study a lot. My projects have done wonderful. I got a 100% on a 100 point project in intro to pysc. so pretty happy. Not sure what I got on my other project where I had to build a webquest. i turned in my first paper which was remembering of an event. I am hoping that I'll get a great grade on it. I actually enjoyed it.
What's coming up in school more work. My other paper which is a Concept paper. So it will be a bit harder. Already working on it though. That's pretty much it with school.

Great American Market

So on September 11th, 2010 was the famous Great American Market that takes place downtown. My mom came down to go with me and we had a lot of fun. Too bad Stephen had to work through the whole thing. Mom and I first stopped by the farmers market and bought some yummy breakfast rolls also Stephen and Mine's favorite bbq sauce. Then we headed downtown where the activities were. The pictures do the justice. I took the pictures from the facebook page of the Great American Market.


My Birthday

So this will be my last birthday without having a child in the mix. It's strange to think about that though. I am pretty excited to know that I'll be a mother by the time of my birthday. This year, it was just my husband and I for my birthday which is wonderful to say the least. Stephen had the chance to be off on my birthday so when I was home from school he would be here. So in other words, I was spoiled on my birthday. That morning, Stephen made me some yummy breakfast. It was just what I wanted bacon egg cheese bisquit. Can I point out that I love having a great cook as a husband. He makes some of the best food. Then he was so kindly to drive me to school so i wouldn't be dragging my feet in the door later that day. When I got home a package arrived which was from my friend Sarah. She sent my birthday present which was a pregnancy book. I wanted pregnancy books for my birthday this year so that I can look up things that I have a question about. That's when I saw the three pink roses that my husband got me. I squeled in delight, I love getting flowers.
Later on after many thanks to birthday greetings and getting a happy birthday email from my mom. My husband brought out one half of his present. The other half I knew what it was because I picked it out. It was another pregnancy book but Stephen bought me all on his own another pregnancy book the famous "What to Expect When Your Expecting." We then went to Applebees for some yummy wings and had icecream cake for dessert. I love ice cream cake.
That weekend my mom came down and gave me a snuggie. Because I am always cold no matter what. I can study while wearing it which is a huge bonus for me. Also she bought me dress shoes that actually fit me. Thanks to Brown Shoe Store down here. Also I received two maternity skirts that will come in handy and two baby blankets.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Early Birthday Surpise

So Stephen and myself got a huge surpise the end of August. I found out that I was pregnant with our first baby. It came right before my birthday which is tomorrow and I am still in shock that I have a little one that I am growing inside me. This feeling is so amazing and i already want to protect it with all my heart. Stephen calls it his little alien. I am due end of Apirl early May. We won't know offically until I get an OB-GYN appointment which is waiting until insurence from the state comes through. Like I said we were taken back when we found out we were expecting.
This past weekend, we went to our hometown and announced it to family. I am right now the third daughter-in-law for Stephen's parents that is pregnant right now. It's amazing experience to be sharing all of this.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Started

Man...I can't tell you how happy, I am that school started. I missed it a ton which is weird because I was so burned out on it last semister. But my classes are really interesting this year. Okay, I lie my classes aren't interesting except two the teachers who teach are. It's a lot of fun though and I am really motivated at least right now in the semister. Like I come home from college and actually work on my homework right away. Maybe it's because I know that Stephen gets home at four and I want my homework done so I can spend the rest of the day with him. So far though, I am usually working on homework until bedtime except today.
Comp. 1 is interesting only because the teacher is interesting. He's a TA and he knows what he is teaching. He dances in the class while he's teaching and makes stupid not funny jokes that you want to shake your head. But man does he wear neat shoes where it's like a sock but a's so freakin cool. I could never wear shoes like that. We are about to start our first paper called Remember When. It's a memory that we have had to write about. I am going to love my best friend Sarah even more after this semister who is so kindly going to edit papers that I write using google docs.
Intro. to Psyc. is so much fun. I am retaking this class and I am so glad that I did. It's another TA teaching and he cracks us up every day. He warned us that he drinks a lot of coffee in the morning and is usually on his nineth cup by the time my class comes in. Like one day my teacher said something that could be totally taken wrong and a girl in the back muttered, "That's what she said." The whole class lost it. I think psyc. is going to be wonderful this semister.
Field and Lab is not so fun. I have the same teacher as I did before. She's a hard teacher and it's going to be a class that I will have to really work hard in. I just hope that I get a B at the end of the class that is my hope and prayers.
Collaboration and Stategies for Inclusive Setting is a cool class. We are learning how to handle different disabilities in our classroom. It's neat that I can use my and Stephen's experiences in this class because Stephen had an IEP and I had a 504 which is what I am learning about. So it's kind of neat to be able to get a step ahead in that class.
Last but not least is Advanced Instructional Tech. for Educators it's how to use technology in our classrooms. Right now we are working with things on the web and it's a lot of fun. Through the whole semister I am assigned to a apple mac book. So that is pretty fun to learn how to use. A lot of girls that I talked to in some of my old classes are in this class so I have some friends in this class.

I am really excited for this semister.

Monday, August 2, 2010

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good News

Stephen got a full time postion at Walmart's a day shift...yippeee....


Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving Week

Can you believe it's already the end of July. It's amazing but not a surpise I guess I could say. Saturday this week we will be moving to another apartment here in Emporia. We are pretty excited to move to a different apartment which has an extra bedroom to boot. The fun things about this apartment is that people who stay over don't have to wake Stephen and I up when they go the bathroom. Because the bathroom is not through the master oh's off of the living room. The second bedroom is the same size as the master which is fine for us. It will be several things all at once. It will be our office, guest room, storage, and have our dining room table. But it will look nice because I'll make it look nice. It's been amazing though to pack things up and to get rid of stuff that we don't need. The only thing that's hard for me is taking things off the wall because I made this place a home with my hangings. I can't wait to decorate our new place and hopefully we will stay there longer then a year or at least until I am done with college.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Week With Austin James

So this past week we had the opportunity to have my nephew Austin stay with us. A little background about my nephew. Austin is my brother's oldest son and he's thirteen years old. He lives with his mom and little sister Jakouri since my brother and Austin's mom got divorce. I haven't seen Austin in more then five years but kept in connect with his mom through facebook and myspace. So I can see my nephew grow up. So Stephen and I decided that we could have him come visit us for a week to get to know him.
So Sunday the eleventh of July, we picked up my nephew who spent a couple of days at my sister Christy's house. We then headed back and played some halo which helped him to warm up to us. On Monday we took him shopping for his birthday present since it pasted early this summer. On Tuesday, we went to the zoo in town which is free and really nice to relax. Then on Wednesday, was just a nice relaxing day. Thursday we went to the water park. Friday, my mom came down to see Austin and spend the day with all of us. The rest of the week we watched Ghost Hunters and Harry Potter movies with playing halo in between. Then, Sunday we took him back.
I have to say that for being a thirteen year old boy he was polite as ever. It took him awhile to stop asking us if he can have things to eat. But it was a nice week and we can't wait to do that again with him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our 1st Anniversery

I know several of my friends are amazed that it's already been a year since Stephen and I got married. It is a shock for Stephen and myself as well. Let me explain...Stephen and I have never really gotten to our one year anniversery before. This is all new to us.
the first time we dated we dated for 11 months and three weeks 2005-2006
Second time we dated almost five months before we got engaged.
so we were engaged for four months..
Yahoo we are still married and we finally hit our one year anniversery.
Here's some pictures


Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July

So the fourth was very wet and rainy. Stephen and I went to church and they came home to relax before we left to go find seats for the fireworks. We planned on walking to the school where the fireworks were to take place. But as it was down pour rain it did not look thrilling to walk in it. We packed snacks and water bottle to share. Packed stuff to do and my camera and phone in to zip lock bags to protect it from the rain. We decided last minute to just drive there. We were two hours early and there was no one. We also found out that you can sit in the staidum to watch the fireworks which we did in the rain. So our body was soaked. When the fireworks appeared though the place was packed and it stopped raining. Hint the rainbow picture. It was really nice to just enjoy it all. Also the firworks were suppose to be thirty min long. They happen to last till midnight when they started at nine thirty. They had some difficulties because of the rain. It was so funny that they never seemed to end.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on the Mitts

So Stephen and I will be moving the end of July. The place we are moving in is so wonderful. I think we will truely like it and be able to relax and grow. I'll have a room where I can study with out distractions as much as possible. Also it will be a room for guest to stay in when they stay the night. Halo night at our place will be wonderful as we will have room to spread out. Also we will finally have a dishwasher so that way dishes won't pile up. I believe that our new place will stay picked up and we will be able to relax more in it. Now we just need to be able to pack our things and go through our things. Which in truth is no fun at all.
This weekend is the fourth of July. Our small town is doing a whole day of activities that hopefully Stephen and I will be able to go enjoy most of them as we have church in the morning. I can tell you that I am really excited for the fact that we will be sealed in two years or so. I can't wait to say that i will be with my husband forever and ever. Also coming up is our first year anniversery. It's been amazing thing to say that we made it through our first year. We aren't doing anything special as we don't have the money. But that's okay, we will figured out something in the future to celebrate our first year anniversery. Also we are hoping to pick up my oldest nephew Austin who will be staying with us for a week. It's going to be fun and enjoyable since I haven't seen him since he was really young. And now he's a teenager. Hopefully, the rest of the family will stop by to see him as well.
Now this past weekend Stephen and I went back to our hometown to see family. Because his grandmother on his mother's side was in town. We had a lot of fun playing games and just relaxing with family. Even though we could have spent the weekend packing our things. Oh well. It's so much enjoyable spending time with family.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Week Went Into Stressful Week

So Stephen and I have been keeping our eyes out for the chance to move into a different apartment when our lease is up here at this apartment. We love this apartment but the landlord isn't doing the best that she should be doing. We have had our oven broken once and it took her three weeks to fix it. Never knew how much you miss your oven till it breaks. Then...our fridge stopped working which meant we lost half of our food. Yippee it took her two weeks to get someone here to look at it. Thankfully, we have my mini fridge here at our apartment. Then not long ago our fridge broke again which meant we lost everything again. This time she took a week for us to get a new fridge.
So last Friday we went out and started a major search. We went to a guy that's known to have apartments all over town and he prices way to high for anything that we like. Most of his places are small that's in our budget. So he was a no go. Stephen that morning went through some ideas and we went to a property selling place. They rent out several apartments so we thought to give them a try and bingo...we found the apartment we want so badly. Stephen and I decided to start saving up for the down and the first rent.
Monday happened...our landlord sent us something in the mail saying that our rent will increase up to 15 dollars when we renew our lease the first of August. My first thought was way a minute. I lived in the dorms from August 18th till a week or two after there's no way our lease is up in August. So now Stephen and I are stressfully trying to get enough money for the down and the first rent. Which plans no presents no nothing for our first anniversery. We will be barely having enough food to last us for a couple of months.'s stressful. I am now busy packing and Stephen is trying to get as much hours as possible.
I have also broke down and applied for Walmart which I really don't want to but we are now having to pay people back and I want to get it done as soon as possible. I hate this feeling of someone oweing us. Can we ever catch a break...
Oh, Father's day also happened. We went back to church for the first time in a long time not because family was making us. It's so strange. I wanted to stay the whole time...but as soon as the last speaker was saying all the things a father does. I broke down...I couldn't handle it anymore. So we came home and Stephen made us some really good food. It's been hard...but such is life. I just hope Stephen and I can catch a break soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip to Home Town

Man...last weekend was nice and relaxing. We went to our home town where both of our parents live. We stayed at Stephen's parents house for Saturday and Sunday night since Stephen doesn't work till four p.m. On Saturday, we drove there down pour rain first time in the new car. The highway heading from our place to our home town has a weird sound when you drive on it. So since Stephen and I don't know the sounds with this car we stopped on the side of the highway not once, not twice, but three times on the highway. Poor Stephen had to get out of the car all three times in the down pour. We finally made it safetly to Stephen's parents house. We took his father to Sam's since Stephen and I have a Sam's card. Let me tell you it saves a lot of money. Then we dropped his father off at the house and Stephen and I headed to our favorite fast food Chic fila' they were having a thing going on to try a new sandwich we both bought two of them. We also went to the reception of one of my friends who just got married over the weekend.
On Sunday, Stephen and i woke up early and headed to church with his family. It was great to see everyone that I grew up with and see how things changed. Then after sacrement we went to stop by my mom's house and had breakfast with her. It was great visiting with her and I miss her tons living so far away and worry about it. We then went back to Stephen's parents house to celebrate Stephen's dad's birthday. We bought him the Batman movies for his birthday and father's day. We then had dinner with most of Stephen's siblings and families; Johanna and her fience Karl, Charlie, Scotty, Jimmy and his wife Natalie, and Andy and his wife Sarah and one of their kids Ami. It was really nice visiting with the family...
On Monday, Stephen got a hair cut then we stopped by chipotles for lunch then headed back home.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, so as some of you recall almost a year ago I said, "I do" to my husband in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. A lot of church members were shocked that Stephen and I were not getting married in the temple. So let me explain why we did not. For several years I have had issues with some of the beliefs of the church so my testimony was not as strong as I would want. Plus...I am the youngest of four in my family. If I was to get married in the temple my siblings would not have had the chance to see me pledge my heart out to my husband. It was important to me to have them there. I know a lot of church members say get married in the temple then exchange rings in front of everyone. I couldn't do that...I was there for each of them and had apart of their wedding. I wanted them to have apart of my own not after the fact. I don't think it's fair to them just because they fell away from the church. Stephen said he would do anything that I wanted. So we came to the conclusion to not get married in the temple.
As our year anniversery comes up. People are starting to ask if we will be going to the temple to get sealed to each other. I have to admit Stephen and I never talked about it before now. While we were visiting his parents house went went down into the guest room where we were sleeping for the weekend. I brought up the topic and soon it was decided that we will in the Kansas City Temple when it's finished. The reason why we are waiting for it is because it has a certain importance in my mind. The day that the temple was told to be built in Kansas City was the day that Stephen led me on a goose chase around campus to find him at the end wanting to date me again. I think it's the perfect temple for us to be sealed to each other also it gives us a chance to have some of our family there with us. So look forward to year 2012.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feel the Rain

So life for me (Kendra) has been a bit slow. I have been able to relax and chill this summer which for me is nice. But it seems like my body doesn't like that at all as of lately. I have been having severe flairs of my RA...enough in my back that leaves me laying down and crying my eyes out. Stephen, bless his soul, has never seen me like that unless it was when a joint popped out but that gets better soon after joint pops back in. But he didn't know what to do that he even said we might want to go to er. I felt bad because when it's in your back and it's bad you can't move much. What was worse it was my upper back so twisting around to talk to someone behind you killed me or even picking something up. So we handled that as best as we could and figured out what happened...haha...looks like I won't be wearing sports bras to bed anymore...Stephen said exactly where my sports bra straps are on my back is where it was puffed up...finally that calmed down where I am able to move without wincing left shoulder flaired. I couldn't brush my Stephen took care of it. Then..a few days later shoulder was better but now it's my left elbow. Which is still pretty bad. I feel bad that I can't help pick up the house as much.
So why is all my joints acting up on could be because the weather here is up and down and stormy. Finally today there is some sunshine like yesterday. But storms are expected this weekend. It's been raining so much that places are flooding. Thankfully you can see the street outside my house still..expect when it rains. So I love taking storm pictures and in the past have been featured on weather stations with them. between two storms I went outside and snapped pictures of 06/08/10 storm.

So yesterday, Stephen and I went and did some laundry at the laundry mat. Since I have been stuck at the apartment. I asked Stephen if we can go walk at the zoo that's here. It's totally free and totally worth going it's neat and small. We started to notice that...there is a lot of cars at the veteran memorial park. So we went to check it out since it was across the street. It seems that the whole town found amusement at crossing an old bridge across a river to watch the river which is flooded bad...go by. also people thought it was a perfect fishing time. So...I didn't have my camera because it was spur of the moment but I did have my I took some pictures of the rushing was so neat.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Thoughts on Father's Day

So I like to talk about serious subjects at times on my blog. Stephen very little knows what I type about. I tend to let things go but things that go through my mind. Like lately it's about father's. Father Day is coming up and everyone in the United States celebrate it I don't know about other countries. Father Day is important for children and wives to show their love and to remember how much the father has been doing for the family. I never really had much of a father growing up. It's kind of weird growing up without a father to tell the truth. Sure to have me made there was a man involved but he's a creep and a plain no body. But the truth I never really got that much experience in being round a real father.
Except last year when my future father-in-law had everyone over. But it was really weird the first father day that I went through. I am usually one of those people that hide on father's day and tell everyone come and get me when it's over. Last year was hard for me. I watched my in-law siblings and their father enteract. I felt like I was on the back burner. I felt odd and really out of place in their living room. I do recall I even cried because I picked up a book about what a father does for his kids. It made realize that I missed out on a lot of things. This father's day will even be hard. For the reason that Stephen will want to go home for his father which we should go. But i will be feeling awkard. Stephen doesn't understand my feelings. He just says, " you have a father." Yeah, but I don't have those experiences that you celebrate. I can't hide anymore...I have to celebrate father's day.
It will be different when Stephen and I have kids. Because then as a wife I will get the pleasure in celebrating father's day with my husband who is a father creating our own memories. I guess...till then I will have to suffer.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Man it's been so far not as a busy summer but then again Stephen and I didn't have a car to go anywhere. But the summer we have planned isn't all that busy anyways. We planned to go to Manhatten to see my sister Christy and her family a couple times this summer and watch my niece Abriana and nephew Calvin play baseball. Also watch Abbi grow and hit all of her first which I expect a lot will be this summer. But also take a trip to Olathe to see the rest of the family. Also go to my nephew Dallas baseball games in Gardner. Then in August the weekend before school starts we will be headed to Michigan my whole family to see my cousin Ronnie get married to the love of his life Karyn. It's been amazing to just relax this summer. But also i am going to work on getting healthy and geting a routaine in place for when school comes back.
Oh did I say that we finally have a car. It's a neat car other then now the drivers side window won't roll up. Opps. But it's really neat and it makes me feel like we have money. But it's a nice car and really comfy to be in and the blinkers work. Hopefully though no one will back up into in this car. Hopefully...
So...I have been working on Stephen's present for our anniversery. We don't have money so...been making it. It's been amazing that it's almost our first wedding anniversery. Lately I keep trying to figure out why he picked me. Because in my eyes I am not beautiful and I am not anything to look at. Last night it dawned on me that I never had the for sure thing that he will not leave me for someone better. I actually had several nightmares about it last night.
This morning Stephen told me why he chose me and it made me feel so lucky to have a husband like him. We have been through our ups and downs in our relationship but sometimes you have to go through that to get to where we are now. I do hope though that my present will show him how much love I put through it. I really do hope he will like it.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

When You Say Nothing At All

I was just thinking today that Stephen and I have been married for a little over ten months. It's been amazing to think of that. It's an amazing experience to wake up in the morning and see him sleeping beside me. How when I gave him a kiss goodbye in the mornings he always wakes up to say he loves me before drifting off to sleep. Then getting home from school for lunch and him having lunch ready even though he was doing other things. The way he gives me a hug right when I enter the door a hug that seems like he missed me so much in those little hours. To see his suprise to see me sitting outside waiting for him to come home at one o'clock in the morning even though it's freezing outside. Those little text messages while he's at work saying, "I Love you."

It's been amazing ten months and to see how much we came through to get to where we are it's amazing. I always knew he was the one for me since I was twelve years old and I think I made the right choice.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have a Problem.

So my problem is when I don't like something I don't always voice it. Like some of the things that my in-laws say that I don't voice my own opionion scared and nervous to say much. I have known them forever and that shouldn't be right for me. But it's true. Like the other time we were there staying for a weekend. Stephen got a brillent idea to design our dream house and things we like. Well...I found a site that lets you design different houses. But the problem is...his mother came over and started to talk about things she recomended that we do. I held back saying things that I didn't like and didn't want in the dream house. I stepped away from the whole thing. I am not sure why I do this but I do with my friends. When we start to argue I just change the subject not wanting to voice my ideas. There's only two people that I do that with Stephen and my friend Sarah.

But even then I don't do it with Stephen. I have to write down my thoughts when we have fights and why I flipped and went angry beast. Because I am not good with experessing my feelings in words but I can through writing on a paper.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Months!!!!

I can't believe it's been ten months since the wedding before long it will be our first anniversery. It's amazing though to see the changes that it brought. The time at the wedding we thought that we had one more month then we would be apart till the summer since I would be living in the dorms and him staying in Olathe. Who knew that we couldn't be not together and we would live with each other in September. It's been amazing. Of course like every marriage there has been the ups and the downs but we reached each hurdle. I couldn't have made it to finals week if he wasn't by my side pushing me along. I wouldn't have all the A's this semister either. It's been a wonderful 10 months.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Life...

Stephen and I have been pretty busy lately. In March Stephen and I got a new niece. Her name is Abbigail Nicole and she is Christy's and Scott's little girl. She was born on Marach 30th. Stephen and I were able to be their for her birth. So Stephen got the chance to hold her when she was an hour old. It made me excited for when we have kids. I can't wait to see how he handles holding them in his arms. We also spent Easter weekend at Christy's and Scott's to help with the older kids. I held Abbi while Christy and Scott got to experience easter with Abriana and Calvin.
On Apirl first one of my friends Sam got engaged to Wolfgang. It was pretty neat to see it coming. Then within a couple of weeks Stephen's sister Johanna was finally asked to marry her boyfriend Karl which everyone in the family saw coming. Both are geting married in June 2011. Also Stephen's brother Tony and his wife Kari are expecting their fourth child in November of this year. So that will make number seventeen nieces and nephews Stephen and I will be having.
This past month has been rough on health wise. I have been having stomach cramps and different symptoms. I went to the doctors to find out that it's mostly stress that's causing everything...which isn't going to go away anytime soon. As school is about to end. Also...last Sunday Stephen and I were coming back from our hometown. We started to hear a clicking sound which started to get louder. When we were eighteen miles outside of where we live we blew a rod. You think that's bad, it gets worse. The rod made a nice fist size whole in the engine block. Which means that Stephen and I need to get a new car because we can't afford to buy an engine also we don't know what other damange it did to the car. Which means we will be having a car payment again. So life has been busy...I really can't wait for summer.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

Man has this week started to fly. So things are busy and stessful. We went to Manhatten to stay at my sister Christy's place. Stephen was playing video games with my nephew while my niece Abriana did her own thing. I got to feel my niece Abigail move inside my sister. 8 more weeks till her due date. I can't wait to see Abigail and see who she looks like between my sister and Scott. Then of course see if she looks like her two half-sisters Abriana and Amanda. Stephen and I were already volenteered to take the baby when she gets older to our place to babysit. I am super excited to just be able to hold her. Especially since i have been having the feeling of wanting to be a mom myself. Which won't happen until I finish college that's the deal Stephen and I made. That we would start trying when I finish college.
School been hectic like usual. I had to take seven exams last week and I only passed two of the six that I need to pass before i can get into block 1. I won't be getting into block one till Spring 2011 so I still have a way. It's starting to look like I will be in my student teaching cross your fingers in Spring 2012. So things are starting to get pretty tough. Since I was so focused on the six exams I forgot to study for my biology exam which I failed with a 48%. Some failed worse in my class with a 20% so I was to freaked out about it. Right now though I am working my butt off to get ahead in my classes before Abigail is born so Stephen and I can help out and I won't get behind. But things have been going good. I am taking a lot of classes in my major which I love. I love the feeling of being able to learn things that I will actually use in my classroom which has me paying attention more. Right now I am working on a children's book that I have to have rough draft done by the 15th. I am doing something similar to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? books. I am using my nieces and nephews as the person going to see each other. So it's a lot of fun. Then in my technology class we build a rollercoaster and have played some really cool games on the computer. We also had to do a project where we designed a newspaper involving lesson for kids and had to tell the class about it. Also soon we will be working on making comic books that teach students something. So it's a lot of fun. In my PE for Classroom teachers I will be going to a classroom of first graders (eep) to teach a math lesson and involve physical activity in it. I am so excited to do it. My partner is really nice and we are thinking of doing a cup stacking activity. It's going to be a lot of fun though. So classes are going really well.
Stephen and I are doing well. We are not struggling as much with money so it's nice to not worry about that as much. We are enjoying times when I don't have homework and he doesn't have work to spend with each other. We often watch movies or tv with each other and just talk. So it's nice. We have no plans for Valentine's Day but to spend time with each other.
Well I need to do some homework done, and maybe do some to get me ahead for the week. Talk later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas, New Years, and Branson

Sorry I haven't written in awhile life has been getting busy. Let me catch you up on our lives. On Christmas Eve Stephen called in to work because there was a nasty storm coming in. Which we ended up hitting on our way home to Olathe for Christmas. We risked our lives driving to Olathe. We were snowed in at my in-laws for a couple of days. We babysat for Mike and Elyse on Christmas Eve. On New Years Eve we went to Wolfgang's and Sam's for a get together. Then on the third, Stephen and I headed out to Branson for our honeymoon finally. The roads were bad as it was again sleeting. We even saw an ambulence overturned on the highway. But we got their safely and were able to relax with each other and enjoy each other company. We didn't go to any of the famous shows or museums. We did go out to eat a couple of times but most of the time we stayed in watching movies that we rented from redbox. Watching Harry Potter movies and watching the tv. It was a nice relaxing break considering we had to get back to regular day lives.
I started school the next week and is realizing that I am going to be stressed most days. I have had three breakdowns already but its must needed to get closer to graduating. Stephen's been a good sport and letting me work on homework and helping me with it when I need help. Well it's time to get ready for classes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to year 2010!

Man year 2009 just flew by didn't it. A little recap in the beginning of Jan. I went on vacations with the Mitts family for the first time. I got to know everyone very well and had a blast in a huge townhouse we were staying in. In Feb. I got to go to amazing place to eat on valentine's day with my lovely boyfriend waiting for him to finally pop the question which he didn't. In March, I got engaged to my best friend on the sixth to a candlelight dinner that he made for me. During Spring Break, i went out with my maid of honor (Sarah) and one of my bridesmaids to pick out my wedding dress with my mom and bought it. We also bought the bridesmaid dresses as well. Also it was the time that Stephen's parents house caught on fire and we didn't know what to do. In Apirl, nothing big happened. July came quickly, and soon my grandparents were in town as well as two cousins and my cousins soon to be wife. Stephen's family also came in town and I got to meet his aunt and his Grandma Ray for the first time. We finally got married on July 11, 2009 and haven't regreted it at all. We went to Kansas City for our pre-honeymoon and went to Oceans of Fun for a whole day before coming home to live with his parents at their rental house. In August, we moved into the regular house with the Mitts family and then I had to quickly pack up as we were going to house sit for two weeks. Finally, I had to leave for school in mid August and Stephen and I had a hard time saying goodbye. As we were going to live apart him with his parents and me in the dorms. In September, Stephen got a job in my school area and we moved into a lovely apartment. In October, Stephen lost his job after we had about of food poisoning and started a weight loss program with my sister and her husband. In November, we had thanksgiving just the two of us with a friend as Stephen had to work on it. At last in December, we had christmas with my family early then went across bad roads to his parents house on Christmas eve for Christmas morning. Got stuck in snow and was snowed in for days.
What I am looking forward to in 2010! My actual honeymoon which starts on Sunday. Going to Stephen's family's family renuion in July in Kentacky. My sister having the baby Abigail in Apirl or late March. Going to my cousin and Karyn's wedding in August. Also...My first wedding anniversery.

My Goals for the year
Lose Weight to be Healthy
Study at least an hour a day if not more. Grades need to be up this semister.
Find something to believe in.
Also read a book once a month outside of school
Write a novel this year.