Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted a lot. School is getting pretty busy. I have my first paper due on Monday that is a summary over an essay for Comp. II. In Poetry class we have our first poem due on Friday over a family memory. In Geography we are learning about the U.S. and Canada. Also we are starting out semister project. We also have a first reading quiz due on Thursday. In Econ. we are still learning the basics.
Stephen is busy working but is finding time to relax. He is often watching one of his t.v. shows and playing video games. He is also planning a halo party for Febuary. Also he is busy taking care of me on his day offs and cleaning the apartment. Other then today when he is filling out job applications in hopes for a better job.
I am at twenty-six weeks along today in my pregnancy. It's so weird to think that I have a living human that is about fourteen inches long. Though this past weekend we had a scare. I ended up in the hospital for contractions and low movement. Everything is fine now thankfully.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So on Thursday we had our ultrasound and I got to see Ginevera moving about. She was being a pain as she was as low as she can be. But thankfully, the tech was able to get the measurements that she was needed. Everything is prefectly fine and Ginevera does not have a cleft lip or a cleft pallet which is good news. Also she is still a girl which we are really greatful as we have gotten her baby bedding. But before we went to the ultrasound. Stephen and I went out to eat at Applebees which was 39 cent wing day. So I was able to eat fifteen hot wings which were so yummy. Then we went to the library to drop of some books and get some new ones. I picked up some baby books on how to raise and which stuff to get for the baby. One of the books is about how to raise a girl. I thought why not read some about it and I could take pieces of it and use it. So I am pretty excited to read these books.
On Friday, I woke up sick to my stomach. Finally when it was time to go to class it settled down. Hopefully, it will do the same today. Last night Stephen and I went to walmart to get things for dinner we had steak, potato, and breadsticks it was so yummy.
That's it...just reminder come check out my new blog.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News and School

So school is going pretty good. Over the weekend I got all my homework done that was due on Tuesday and Wednesday. So I am working hard on keeping up within my schooling. I start getting tutoring on Friday which is going to be so nice to get help to study. Thankfully, Stephen doesn't mind if I study while he is at home at night. He actually encourages it.
So...good news...I got a letter in the mail saying that I am invited to join National Honor Society at Emporia State. I am so excited to be able to join the National Honor Society. Perhaps getting pregnant was a good thing as I am more focus on raising my grades so my little girl can be proud of me.
Oh...tomorrow we have our doctor's appointment and get another u/s I can't wait to see how much she has grown since I was twenty-one weeks.

P.S. I have a new blog. http://tomydarlinglittlegirl.blogspot.com/ it's letters that I am writing to Ginevera as she grows up.

Book of Mormon Challenge

So Stephen and I like having the missionaries come over and surpise us. They sometimes come and see if Stephen can drive them to their apartment if they are on our side of town. So on Monday night they stopped by around 8:30pm to come and spend some time with us. We talked about how we feel when we do things right and how we benifit from it. Then Elder Nam challenged us to read the book of mormon as quickly as possible. He gave us a piece of paper each that is called The Amazing Battle Plan which is a board game like and after we read the scripture we fill in the blank spot on the board. So far...I am winning between me and Stephen. I have found out that I can listen to it on my computer in the mornings while I get ready for school or even relax before school starts. Also I can listen to it while I work on my worksheets for school.

Monday, January 17, 2011

School Stress and Other things

So even though I decided to take only four classes this semister. I was hoping for an easy semister as seeing I will be giving birth to my daughter during this time. But it seems like the four classes are going to give me a lot to do and study from. I just finally got finished with homework for Tuesday and Wednesday classes. I took a break on Sunday as I was really tired and it was sunday. I am trying to not do homework on Sunday. Let's hope that will keep going. But in truth, school tires me out lately. I didn't think I would be so tired all the time. Sunday I slept almost three hour nap. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep the day away. Thankfully, I have a great husband who loves to tuck me in and wakes me up so I don't over sleep.
Last night was amazing though. At four o'clock we had our home teacher over who brought his little son with him. It was nice to talk about our families and his family. Then after he left Stephen and I do our own things. As I was sitting down and on the computer talking to people online, Ginevera was kicking me like mad. It was funny to watch my stomach move all over the place from her kicks. I even got a video of it on my computer because it was so cool.
I just have to remember that I have a little person growing with in me. I can't let things stress me out as it's not good for her. I have to keep positive thoughts and know that everything is for this little girl that will be in my arms come May.


So when I found out that I was expecting on August 29th, I took out an empty notebook and wrote a letter to my unborn child. About my fears of becoming a mother and how excited I was. My first thought of expecting the child that was inside of me. I also wrote about my first moment that I got to see my little one at 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Well...the notebook has been missing for over a month now. Do I miss having it, I do. I wanted to give my child those letters when they are feeling low on themselves and offically give it to them when they leave home. I was going to contuine writing letters through out my whole pregnancy of moments that I felt close to her.
Since losing it I have been bummed and looking everywhere for the notebook. Today I realize that I might never see the notebook that held my fears, loves, and hopes for my unborn child. So I found an empty notebook today and I decided to write a letter to Ginevera aobut those moments as much as I can remember. I am writing about the moments of feeling her kick, the moment that I found out she was my little girl, watching Stephen feel her kick him in the face, my mom feeling her kick for the first time. I am going to write about all those memories so that when Ginevera feels like no one loves her. She will realize that I have always loved her.
A long time ago I used to write letters to my first child even before I got pregnant. Stephen and I were not trying to have a baby when we did it was a suprise. But every time I thought of becoming a mother I would write a letter to my unborn children telling them how much I love them even though I can't see them and am not pregnant with them. But over time I thought they were stupid and I would tear them up and throw them away. How I wish I kept those keepsakes of me and my feelings for my children.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second Day of Spring Semister

Man am I wiped out. My body isn't used to sitting in classes for a couple of hours anymore. Also it seems that Ginevera thinks that is the time to be wide awake and kicking me a ton. Not only where my belly touches the desk but also on my bladder. Thankfully, it's only two classes a day and I think I can manage that.
Today, I had Basic Econ. where thankfully, I have one of my friends in that class. She is offering to help towards the end especially if perhaps my water breaks or I go in labor in class. She offering to take me to the hospital and have me call Stephen on the way. The teacher didn't really seem to care that I was pregnant so not sure how that's going to play as I get closer to my due date.
I also had Geography. We already took a ton of notes and have homework for the class. After the class though, I watched another girl talked to the teacher about her pregnancy. She is further along then me. The teacher joked, "Tell me your not due during the semister." The girl is having a c-section next month. I then broke my news and when I was due. She was fine with it and said we would play it by ear. The bad thing is their is a huge project that is due on May 5th. Hopefully, Ginny will be able to hold off till after I take my finals.


Snow....First Day of Classes....24 Weeks...

So I haven't been feeling well and it seems now that I am finally able to get up off my feet and get things done. On Saturday, Stephen had to call in sick because I was in a lot of pain. We went to the hospital and found out that I had infection. So I was started on pain medicine to help clear that. We also decided to just head up to Olathe for the weekend. We played halo with Charlie on a huge tv screen for a little while since no one else was home. Then we went to Walmart to get an oil change in the car. While that was getting taken care of my mom took us to Sam's so we can get stocked up on food. Then we all hung out for awhile at the Mitt's family's house.
On Sunday, Stephen and I went to my mom's ward instead because we were going to watch the Chief's play in the playoffs that afternoon with her. When we got there I noticed that Elyse was taking two of her kids out of the sacrement which meant one was left in sacrement by himself. I offered to go sit with him during it and it was a lot of fun to help her out during sacrement meeting. After sacrement meeting I met up with my mom and she talked to seveal ladies all who instantly went for my baby bump. Can I say that is the first that's ever happened to me. It was an odd experience. But everyone said I looked great and happy. After church Stephen and I went back to his parents house and packed up our stuff because depending on the weather we might leave early. The chief's lost the game which means they are done for the season. But my mom and I talked and during the whole game Ginny was moving around a lot. I told my mom and she put her hand where I said Ginny was. Instantly Ginny stopped moving like she always does with Stephen. Mom talked to her and soon she kicked hard. It made me laugh to watch my mom's reaction to her granddaughter kicking her. It was really great. We headed home at five o'clock and hit the snow storm about twenty minutes outside of our home. We made it home fine and soon after we got everything in the police were talking that the residents should stay inside because the roads were horrible.
On Monday, many schools cancelled but I already didn't have school as I didn't start till Wednesday. I went out for a little while in the snow to get some pictures of it falling. I couldn't wait for Stephen to get home and got a side picture of me in the snow for my Ginny's future baby book.
On Tuesday, I still didn't have school so I started to get ready. A lot of school were cancelled on Tuesday because the roads were terrible still. I decided to shovel a bit on Tuesday because I love to shovel snow. Don't ask me why. That night, Stephen and I were laying in bed and Ginny was moving a ton. I told Stephen and he layed his hand on her. Of course she went still with his hand there. I told him to pat it gently and he did. She kicked him hard back it was funny. Stephen did it for several more times feeling his daughter kick him back. It was so neat to watch him interact with her like that. Since I always get to interact with her as she's inside me.
Yesterday, I headed off to school for two classes. I was dreading it because I had to tell my professors that I was pregnant and due during dead week. I had really great professors who both said to keep them informed of the pregnancy. We would work things out as it comes. Which was really nice of them. Everyone told me that Ginny would be most likely sleeping because I would be walking to school which will put her to sleep. During both classes, she was moving like crazy which was making me smile. My daughter doesn't sleep very much, she will be one interesting little girl.
My goals for this school year is that I will get ahead of my school work and work my butt off for a good grade. I am hoping for a wonderful grade even though I will be in my third trimester during most of the semister. I want to be able to push through it and get good grades. Because I want to be an example for Ginny when she is my age. I want her to see that you don't have to have perfect grades but you have to push through it and make the best grades for you.

Monday, January 10, 2011


So on Saturday I woke up and being in intense pain. Enough that I was in tears which is really hard to do. Stephen called into work to take care of me because I normally can handle pain. I have a really high pain tolerence so when I am crying in fetal position because of pain then I am in really bad pain. Stephen and I waited to call the doctor's and soon we went to the hospital. Found out that I have an infection, what fun. So, I am on antibiotics for it. We then decided to head to Olathe to go to Sam's Club and see family. We have been going up there for a month every weekend so it seems lately. On Saturday, we played a little halo with Charlie (Stephen's little brother) then we dropped the car off to get an oil change while my mom and us went to Sam's Club. Stephen and I bought a ton of stuff that we will need plus, I wanted to see how much diapers and wipes will cost if we get them there for the near future.
We then went back to the Mitts house and hung out. My mom and Stephen's mom talked about family history and are making plans on working on it together. I got to spend time with my niece Ami and nephews Josh, Jared, and Jacob since their parents were going on a date for their anniversery.
On Sunday, Stephen and I woke up early to go to my mom's ward. We got their nine min. late and I saw two kids that I used to babysit a ton with their mom. Their dad was at the playoffs so she was alone with three kids. She told me that Jason was sitting by himself in the chapel. Jason is the oldest of the three and I have been watching him since he was a baby. So I went into to sit with him and help Elyse with the kids. Then after sacrement my mom and I talked to several people and several women touched my baby bump since for some reason Sunday I was carrying really high. It made me laugh on how many people were responding. Mom talked to a lady who wants to hold my baby shower at her house. Then we went to my mom's house for chili and to watch the chiefs play for the playoffs. We lost, but it was a pretty good game. After the game mom was touching my stomach and Ginevera kicked her hard. My mom couldn't believe it and Stephen was a bit jealous. Ginevera hasn't kicked him since Christmas eve. We then packed up and headed back to Emporia to try to beat the storm.
We got twenty miles outside of Emporia when it hit which was really good. By the time we were unpacked and in the house the police in the city was saying stay off the roads. We made it in perfect timing.

Friday, January 7, 2011


So not long ago I was telling my best friend Sarah some of the hopes and dreams that I have for Ginevera. Because I want the best for my daughter and some of the things that I didn't have growing up I want her to have. One of the most major thing that I want her to be able to have is to see her parents in love. I never saw my parents in love and I mostly saw them fight. I don't want my daughter to always be on edge to think that Stephen and I will divorce. I want her to see that we love each other and see that we do work at it. I want her to see how much we love each other and want to be around each other. Because I know how hard it was to not see that in my own family but see it in other families.
I also want her to be able to have a wonderful relationship with Stephen. I never got that with my dad and how much I craved it. I had to have a father daughter relationship with someone else. But how much a craved for a relationship with my own dad. I was always jealous of other girls getting that chance to go out to eat with just them and their dad. Or even have their dad lecture the boyfriends picking them up. I craved that experience in my life. Just like I craved for the father daughter dance at weddings even my own wedding. I know I will get to watch my daughter be able to dance with Stephen because he will be involved. Also be able to celebrate father's day. I never got the chance it always hurt me hard.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So sitting here just thinking about next week which is when I head back to school. I actually miss going and once school comes then I have something to really count down. Because at the end of the semister I'll be becoming a mother to a beautiful baby girl. It amazes me that things are going so quickly in life.
This semister I am retaking three classes and taking an easy class on top of it. Because I don't know what's going to happen towards the end of my pregnancy so I want very limited amount of classes as possible. The three classes that I am retaking are...Econ., Comp II, and Geography. I am also taking Poetry class on top of it. I only have two classes a day which should be pretty easy and easy to schedule doctor's appointments around.
I think the hardest part is talking to my teachers about my pregnancy. I hate to talk to them about my arthritis because it makes me different. I am pretty sure being pregnant and growing very large will set me apart from my classmates. I already know two of my professors both which I have and both are males. Not sure how it's going to go. But I am hoping to get a doctor's note on the 20th that will explain my due date to them. That way it's proof that I am pregnant and due two weeks before finals week.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

23 Weeks and My Thoughts

It's amazing to know that I am twenty-three weeks along in my pregnancy. I am in total shock that the pregnancy is moving quickly along. I am sure it will move even faster once school starts next week. Ginevera is such a fun child already she doesn't have a set time to when I will start feeling her. Like on New Year's eve while playing wii I was getting heavy kicks. Where for the first time I could see my belly move to her kicks. But as soon as her father puts his hand on my stomach to feel her she stops moving. Once he removes it she goes nuts. Every kick sent me laughing because I would jump. I had to ask my mom if you get used to feeling the kicking after awhile and she said, "No." Great, I am going to be looking like I am insane in class with her kicking me and me jumping.
Since we went to my in-laws this weekend because Stephen was helping Karl move into the house him and Johanna bought. We were at church and everytime I would start singing she would kick me. It seems to me she loves music lets hope that keeps going. Stephen and I both love music ourselves. It's been interesting though being pregnant, but I am enjoying every moment of it.
Our next doctor's appointment is on the 20th, which we are blessed that we get another ultrasound to see our little girl. I can't wait to see how much she has changed and gotten bigger. I feel like she has hit a growth spurt since the 23rd of December. Plus, I get more pictures of her. Stephen and I talked about what if she has a diease off and on and you know we will love her no matter what. I have arthritis and Stephen has a learning disablity and you know what we make it work. Our little girl will be amazing and wrapped around out finger no matter what.
Stephen and I are excited about this year that we get to become parents. We know it's going to be hard and we are going to be tight on money. But Heavenly Father wanted us to become parents right now in our lives. We are putting our faith in his hands to help guide us to do what's right for our little girl.
On Easter this year, I will be very large as it will be almost upon my due date. It will be interesting to see how that will be different. Then Christmas next year, Ginevera will be seven months old so it will be interesting to watch my daughter open Christmas presents.
Can't wait,

New Years

So as we all know that New Years just past. Since Stephen had to work both New Year's Eve and New Years we didn't do much. We did have Stephen's friends Peter and Richard come down and spend time with us. They came down around four o'clock on New Year's Eve and we spent time playing Mario Party 8 on the wii. It was a lot of fun even though it was relaxing as can be. At ten o'clock we decided to toast to the New Years as I am pregnant and get exhasted very easily and Stephen had to work at seven in the morning. We headed off to bed while Peter and Richard stayed up doing whatever.
In the morning Stephen left for work and I was left with the boys. Peter and I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer until he decided to head home at noon. Richard was hitching a ride with us to Olathe so we ended up watching Angel until Stephen came home. Then we headed to Olathe.
Not an exciting New Years but it was relaxing that's what counts.


Sorry that the Christmas post is so late. So, we were in Olathe with Stephen's family for Christmas. My mom came over to Stephen's parents house to spend it with us. Since my family always do Christmas early, the Mitts are more then greatful to invite my mom to come and share Christmas with her. Stephen and I were one of the first up in the morning awaiting my mom to get there. We opened our stockings that we helped fill the night before. Then, my mom arrived with her presents that she made people as well as yummy rolls. We all ate breakfast and then we were waiting on some to arrive for presents. Jimmy and Natalie arrived and we opened presents to each other. It was a lot of fun watching everyone open the presents that we got them.
From my mom we recieved a baby coccoon that I wanted. It is brown with pink. It is so cute and it has ears that make it a teddy bear. For those who know me growing up will recall that I have always been in love with teddy bears. Also recieved a book about feeding the baby and a baby book. From Stephen's parents we received a triffle bowl with recepes, a $10 gift card to applebees, a santa blanket, and a game called "Don't Eat Pete" which I learned was one of The Mitts favorite family home evening game. From Johanna and Karl we receved homemade bread (Which is so tasty). From Jimmy and Natalie we reiceved goodies that we can eat. Stephen also recieved his second present from me which is black socks for work. In my family, I am pretty famous for picking out socks. From Stephen I recieved, cards, a shuffler (because I can't shuffle), a wii remote charger, and things for my wii board. We had a lot of fun though spending time with family. Next year, we will have to start pretending to have Santa Claus around.