Saturday, November 28, 2009


So to catch up on everything. Stephen and I got the swine flu which left both of us behind on everything. My mom was so nice to come down and take care the two of us because we were using all of our strength in taking care of each other. Which left me a week without school and struggling ever since to get caught up. So I decided that my life in Nanowrimo kind of took a back burner. I felt horrible in doing that but I haven't been in the mood to be writing much anymore. Anyways so I am trying to catch up with school. Stephen started his job at walmart. The only bad thing is he works from four pm. to one am in the morning so I don't get to see him as much as I would like on some days.
Stephen had to work Thanksgiving which left me by myself on Thanksgiving for the first time I had no one to really share it with. I couldn't remember the last time my own family had a thanksgiving dinner. So my mom bought Stephen and I a whole thanksgiving dinner the Saturday before hand so that we could have a semi Thanksgiving dinner. The day before Thanksgiving, Stephen cooked the turkey before work. So on Thanksgiving we invited my friend Sam's boyfriend Wolfgang to thanksgiving lunch at our house. We ate a lot and I made my famous pumpkin pie. We then talk and Stephen left for work. Wolfgang and I played halo for awhile beating it which I am proud to say. All in all it was a pretty good Thanksgiving.