Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mason Blessing Day

When we lived in Emporia, KS we had a sweet lady in our ward that made Ginny's blessing dress. She then made Miles blessing outfit after we had him. So we decided to reuse Miles outfit for Mason's blessing. Stephen and I decided who we wanted in the circle to give Mason a name and a blessing and we had to find a date so that we could make it work. We decided the last Sunday of July would work best. I am actually glad it was not the first Sunday of August, we had two baby blessings that day as it was. So on July 26, 2015, Mason was given a name in the church and a blessing. The name was Mason Allen Mitts.

We have been always blessed in having friends be in the circle to bless our kids. Such as when Ginny was blessed we had, Stephen's Dad John, Stephen's brother Jimmy, Peter, Michael, and Rich. It was so nice to have them there. For Miles we had Stephen's Dad John, Peter, Michael, Joseph, and Nathan. So for Mason, we had Stephen's dad John, Peter, Michael, and Stephen with Stephen in the circle. Stephen (my husband) gave Mason a nice short blessing like he did with our other children. He has never given long blessings of any sort or long prayers. The bad part was I couldn't hear the blessing as the mic was no close enough to Stephen. Though Stephen told me what he said later on.

I have been very blessed in being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes, it's been hard somedays but I have been blessed. I have three amazing kids who will not know what it's like not having the gospel. But, it will be their choice as adults on what they themselves believe in. I just hope that I help them find their own beliefs in the gospel that I have grown to love. When Stephen and I decided we should be sealed we didn't take it lightly. Though, we know that we will be together as well as with our children forever.