Friday, September 16, 2011

Having RA

I don't often talk about my arthritis because its not who I am and it does not run my life. But I need to right now. Things are bothering me. I feel like people don't realize how horrible arthritis is. Sure I don't talk about the pain that I have 24/7 but that doesn't mean its not there. I fight every day to be normal to act normal. To not show the pain that I am feeling. Like my husband has said many times. I have to remind myself that just because you don't show you are in pain doesn't mean that you are not. You have had twenty-four years of practice to cover the pain up.
I struggle working on my homework, writing notes for class. Walking to school is a struggle but I do it. Holding my daughter in my arms is a struggle. Most of the time I am trying not to cringe from the pain as I hold her. I dread the day when she walks because I won't be able to chase her like a normal mom. I will be proud of her as she takes that first step. But I will be sadden as it will be harder to keep her safe and sound. I struggle...a lot with these feelings.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update On Our Lives

So, since it's Monday and I am just sitting here waiting for school I thought better update my blog. I am actually not sure if anyone takes the time to read my blog. If there is then great. Anyways, so let's update.
I am busy with school so it seems. Shakespear class we have just finished our second play. We are about to start Titus which I have read and I didn't enjoy it the first time. Though we are lucky enough to just watch it in movie form. So that is a relief to tell the truth. In my Relationship class we just had our first exam. I might find out how I did on it today in class. Though we had a huge dicussion on the case of the mom who put hot sauce on her sons mouth. Well according to the news is that she is Mormon so it brought up some issues with Mormons. Me being the only Mormon in class had no idea if I should speak up or keep quiet. When a girl mentioned that mormons are not allowed to use any methods of birth control and then another girl brought up that it's huge if you adopt if you are a Mormon. I had to raise my hand and fix some of the thoughts. The girl who mentioned the birth control told me that she was excommincated because she was on birth control. I had no idea what to say as I know that we can use birth control. As when Stephen and I got married the bishop talked to us about birth control. I talked to the missionaries that week as we had them over for dinner. They never heard of it as well. In Modern American Poetry we just finished reading Dickinson and Poe. On Wednesday, we will be starting to read Frost. It should be interesting to say the least. In Biology, we are learning about genes, we have our first exam on Wednesday. In Music class I am learning to use the recorder which is so very hard. I am also writing a song to sing tomorrow in class. That's it for class.
Ginny is getting big. She just turned five months old yesterday. She loves playing outside in her excersaucer. To tell the truth, she loves being outside period. She is teething but no teeth have yet poked out. She is rolling around and tries hard to crawl. I have a feeling we will be dealing with that soon. Though she is almost sitting up on her own now as well. She tripods which is very close on sitting up. She also loves eating my face. It's quite funny to watch her and I have a video of it.
Stephen is doing well. Working hard as well always to put me through school. He has been playing a video game lately to relax and enjoys spending time with his girls.

That's us,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Shredding the Excess: Fast Break Action Plans

Reaffirm Your Focus
Unique: based on your own dreams and life experience
Concrete: exact and time-specific. Just give some flexibility with exact weight-loss goals
Inner-directed: based on your own unique and specific reasons
Harmonious: in tune with your deep beliefs
Realistic: challenging without being overwhelming.
Written: so that you can see what you're working towards
My goals: Divide the Goals into Three categories. Long term which is one year or more. Medium term usually one to three months, and short term is one month or less
Long Term:
Lose 50 pounds in a year. So that I can do charity walks with my mom.
Get down to 130lbs by March 9th, 2013.
Get to the point where I can start running by January 1st, 2013.
Medium Term:
Lose at least 15 lbs by three months.
Be able to eat within calorie range at least 5 out of 7 days within three two months.
Eat one vegetable and one fruit in a day for at least 5 out of 7 days within one month.
Short Term:
Drink 8 glasses of water 6 out of 7 days.
Get down to one 20oz thing of soda per day

Set up Shop
Make a vision college. Which is positive reminders of the goals. A way to stay motivated. Place it where you can see it when you feel discourage. Place it where you spend the most time.
Plan ahead.
Take a Before picture
Restock the kitchen. Do a full kitchen inspection. Replace unhealthy food with healthier alternatives.
Stock up on whole-grain bread, pasta, and crackers
Buy fresh fruits and veggies. Buy them already washed and cut up if you don't want to spend the time. Canned and frozen varieties are also nutritious and take less time.
Get rid of sugary sodas
Plenty of water, resuable water bottles for home, work, and car
Banish junk food with empty calories
Replace high fat with low fat
Pack nutritious and filling apples, bananas, and almonds and keep them in your office.
Stock healthy snacks at home
Pack a gym bag and keep it in the car
a pair of comfortable workout shoes
Establish a standard at-home exercise routine

Choose your rewards
Find ways to use regular rewards to boost your morale
Choose two rewards. First, select a small reward for completing all of your fast break goals. Second select a larger reward for making it through all four stages.
Fast Break Reward: Is Buy myself a kindle book
Four Stages Reward: Three kindle books

Learn about what you currently eat
Track Your food.
Once people begin tracking their food, they're often shocked to learn that they're eating the equivalent of 4,000 calories a day.
Others experience a sort of “perception gap” where they honestly believe they are drinking enough water or eating enough protein, only to learn after tracking that they really aren't.
Write in a journal or on sparkpeople what you eat. Wright down each time you eat or drink something. No matter how small
Write down what you ate, how much of it, and how many calories it contained.
Once you've logged your food for three days, it's time to take stock, to look back at your food log so that you can learn how, why, and when you eat.
Weight: 246.8 lbs