Monday, July 29, 2013

Growing Closer to Heavenly Father

Hey, I have struggled with the gospel for a long time. I think it's been hard for me because i have a hard time fitting in with others at church every since I was a little girl I have felt like an outcast. I have tried to fit in many times growing up in the wards that I have been in. It's just women my age group and I really don't talk. It makes it hard for myself to feel the love and acceptance from the church. At times it's even hard to just get to church with a smile on my face. Anyways, so I have tried really hard to feel the love. I am working on it and getting to church more which is nice. As a family we go over to someone's house each Sunday for dinner. I have even taken up reading my scpritures again and putting my faith that Heavenly Father will make me feel included. I am also starting to talk more during the sunday school lessons to put my thoughts in. It's going to be hard road, but I am going to do it. Because it will keep me going to church...I just have to get there. Kendra

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twinkies Are Back

Hey, So, we live in a town where one of the factories of hostess is. Our town too it hard when they shut down back in November, so when we found out they someone bought it we were overjoyed. So many people lost jobs back in November and being a student teacher I saw some of the results in the schools. So, we were selected to be in production again. On Monday, twinkies were hitting the shelves all over the United States our town decided to have a Twinkie festival. Of course we had to be there to cheer it on. When we arrived we realized there was a ton of people there. We hopped in line to find out that we were going to be signing a welcome back and we received a fresh twinkie in the process.

We also recieved free medium size Freddy's frozen custard. They had a limo there and Ginny was able to get inside it.

We also got to see the inside of a firetruck.

We had a lot of fun and hopes that next year it will even be better.

Ginny's Swim Lessons

Hey, So Ginny just finished her swim lessons for the season. She really enjoyed it the last week as the water was warmer. She would throw a huge fit when she had to get out of the pool. It's amazing how much she is growing as a swimmer. Yes, Stephen or myself had to be in the water with her for these lessons but she was doing great. She can climb out of the pool by herself. Next year she will be in a class by herself and Miles will be taking lessons as well.

Miles Doctor Update

Hey, So Miles went to the specialist to check his GI tract because of his lovely yellow coloring. We found out that it could be two different things. The first one is that Miles liver is not working 100% yet and because he's not going number two a lot his body keeps absorbing the bili rubin over and over hint why his coloring gets better then gets worse. So he is on mirlax to see if that helps his coloring and his liver get to 100%. The other theory is that it's something to do with his gentics which means all our kids might have this problem in the future. But all in all his levels are not it's just a watch and see kind of thing. Kendra

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blessing Day

Hey, So this past Sunday, was when we decided to bless Miles. We were able to have Stephen's parents, my mom, the Scoma family come to share this moment. We had the pleasure of having a Sister in our ward make Miles blessing outfit. This Sister also made Ginny's blessing outfit and both of them I love. It was a sweet blessing about Miles and giving him a name in the church records. After sacrement we had a nice picnic with those who drove out to Emporia.
This is Miles in the outfit that Sis. Marge Frey made and the blanket my mom made

Our family and Stephen with Miles

Three Generations

The men that stood in the circle

We are so blessed in having Miles in our family.

Fourth of July

Hey, So we had a busy fourth of July. We went to Ginny's sitter's house for bbq and to chat with friends. Then we all went to a spot by Stephen's work to watch the fireworks. Since fireworks are legal here we were able to watch a lot of fireworks in the spot that we choose. Ginny loved the fireworks while Miles slept through the whole thing. It was just a nice experience with family and friends.

38lbs Down

Hey, So I am really working hard on losing weight since August. Of course I didn't know that when I started to lose weight that I would have gotten pregnant with Miles. Anyways, I only gained five pounds while pregnant. So now, I am 38lbs down in losing weight and I still have a ways to go but it's a start. I am happy about the weight loss and hoping that I keep it up.

Tummy Time

Hey, So because of babies lay on their back most of the time they often get a flat spot. Ginny had a massive flat spot for the longest time on her head. So for Miles, I am very serious about getting tummy time. Of course Miles is not a fan of Tummy time at all. Big Sister thinks it is time to pick on him during tummy time. Such as she tries to ride him like a horse when he is on his tummy. But, when these pictures were taken it was the first time Miles lift his head at a 45 degree angle and he rolled over front to back.

Swim Lessons

Hey, So Ginny is in swim lessons this year like she was last year. The first day which is when the pictures are from was not a good day for Miss Ginny. She screamed and cried the whole time forgetting her love and joy for the pool of last year. Though the other days it all came back to her and she was loving it. She is great at swimming on her front of course with Stephen or myself holding on to her. Also she great at climbing out of the pool unassisted. She's doing a great job and Stephen and I have a plan on taking her to a pool through out the year to practice what she learned also to get Miles to love the water.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Yellow Baby

Hey, This is stressful. Miles was born and slowly he became yellow. It's been odd to watch his color of his skin and eyes turn yellow. We have taken him to his doctor and gotten him test many times and they all turn out to be in the normal range. But more and more every week he turns more yellow. We take him out doors into the sun and it does not help the poor yellow baby. It's frustrating when lots of people come up to me and say, "That baby needs to be under lights." I just smile and let it go knowing that my doctor was doing everything she can for our yellow baby. our two month appt. The doctor was a bit nervous with his coloring on how yellow he was. We have an appt to see a liver specialist on the 12th. It's a scary to hear that something might be wrong with my baby's liver. It's going to be a hard wait on my hands but I know it's needed. Also it's going to be hard as he can't eat from 9 am until his appt is over. Why, I am not sure but it's going to be rough. Here is a picture to show how yellow he is...