Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Late Night Thoughts

So I thought it would be hard when more of my friends get pregnant. It is hard because I loved being pregnant. I also love being a mom don't get me wrong. But it doesn't hurt as much as I thought. Stephen and I are planning for more children in the future. Sometime when I am done with college and perhaps finished my first year of teaching we will try again. But right now we are a wonderful family of three. A little known fact is before I got pregnant with the surpise of a lifetime. I knew that we were suppose to be parents while I was in school. We did everything we could to prevent it to happen. But we always said, that if I do get pregnant while in school then it was meant to be. Ginny was meant to be in our lives now.
I was so lucky to have such a wonderful pregnancy. I didn't have morning sickness and never was dizzy. I was just super tired all the time. Which I often took care of with a nice long nap during the day. But it was a wonderful pregnancy. I found out on my brother's birthday August 29th, 2010. That I was pregnant and Stephen was the one who told me. On the twenty-fourth of December, we found out that I was right in the guessing that i was having a girl. Everyone thought it was going to be a boy. Stephen was able to feel her for the first time on Christmas eve. She kicked him in the face. Then on Apirl 7th, 2011, just short of being a month left till my due date. I went to a normal doctors appointment and found out that my blood pressure was extremely high and I had protein in my urine. My doctor then waited till it was near the end of the visit to check my blood pressure again. It went down but not enough that she wasn't worried. Oh, I was already at a 4cm. (all the walking I tell ya). We were sent to labor and delivery to be monitored. The doctor said that if my blood pressure didn't go down then we would deliver. If it went down while there then I would be sent home on bed rest. I knew there was an unlikely chance I would be making finals that semister. My mom came down that friday and took care of me on Saturday while my husband was at work. We bought a blood pressure cuff (which I recommend to anyone who is pregnant) to watch my blood pressure. I checked it every hour and wrote on a piece of paper my blood pressure and the time.
Then on Sunday, we noticed that my blood pressure was staying high. It was around lunch time and I was really wanting my favorite meal that my mom was making before I gave birth. I layed down because I was slightly dizzy while lunch was finished. I ate three huge helpings of the food (which I later decided was not good). Then we left for the hospital. I showed them my blood pressure and sure enough I had even more protein in my urine and blood pressure was worrisome.
They took blood and found out that my organs were being shut down because of an enzyme that comes out when you get preecampsya. My doctor which was on call that weekend said that it was time to have my daughter. I was so excited to have her natural way and everything. I was prepped. They started me with pitson. I had a ton of contractions that were quite large. I felt not one of them except a small tightness. At 8:00pm, the doctor came in and broke my water (which is by far the oddest thing ever) then things got a bit more relaxed. I was moving along really well and still was not feeling the contractions. Midnight came and that's when the contractions hit. They were nice and intense and I was sure that I was closer then I thought. I finally, decided to get the pain meds and it felt great.
At seven in the morning the doctor came in and said that it was time to do a c-section. I stalled at a six which was only two from when I started from. I cried and cried hearing that. I got prepped for surgery and went in. Stephen came with me. At 8:08am on April 11th, 2011. I had my beautiful little girl.
Do I regret the things I went through, no. My daughter is perfect. So for those who are pregnant now. Don't let things worry you. Don't have this perfect birthing experience in your mind, because it doesn't happen perfect. In the end it doesn't matter.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Quick Post

I can't believe how quickly this semister has been going. It seems though that I am not smart person and have a chance on being forced to change my major. That is a whole bunch of fun. It really pains me to think that I might never be able to become an elementary teacher. Anyways, next week is finals week and it's a bit stressful. Our house has seen better days. But it will be cleaned and organized over winter break while Stephen is at work.
Ginny keeps me on my toes though she's still not crawling. I can't believe my baby is turning eight months in two days. I am just waiting for the moment where she suddenly takes off on the floor and me screaming in delight. She's a funny girl though. She sings a lot now and sometimes she will sing herself to sleep especially if we are in the car. It makes me laugh when she's singing away and then their is sudden silence.
Stephen's doing good. His job is a bit hectic since it's after thanksgiving but we make it work. At times he comes home very tired and just wants to relax. Things will be easier for him once the Christmas season is over.
Well, I better finish getting ready for school. I'll update more later and maybe have some pictures.