Monday, April 27, 2009

75 Days!!!!

So this weekend I stayed here at school to pack and get stuff ready for the summer and soon the wedding. Well, Stephen came down to spend the time with me. On Friday, the two of us went of to Walmart and walked around and talked then to Taco Bell for dinner. Then got some ice cream.
On Saturday, there was a huge group of high school seniors that are visting the college and getting signed up for classes for next year. Also there was a huge choir thing that was going on as well. So for us college students it's pretty much means "You really should eat off campus today." So we made plans with Katelyn and Darren to eat at Golden Corral. Afterwards we wall went to Walmart to walk around. I got some food for this week and next week. Because the caf. doesn't order any more food they just use what they already have. Then we got a redbox movie to watch back at the dorms and found out the dvd doesn't even work which bummed us. We then spend a lot of time outside in the weather. It was storming pretty good and I had a blast playing in the rain until I was being pelted by dime size hail. Finally we went inside and watched a tv show about online predators for a couple of hours. It was interesting to listen to the men tell the camera of reasons they are finding young girls and boys online. It could be really anyone online. I think parents should show the show to their preteen kids to show them who these men are and that it coule happen to anyone. We then ordered pizza for dinner and just spent time together.
Yesterday, Stephen and I watched tv cuddled on the couch. We loved watching the which warrior is the best show and then watched something about how certain things happened. Then we watched a couple of shows on the food channel just enjoying the time we had together. This morning I went off to class and came back and enjoyed coming back to seeing Stephen. We went out to breakfast and then I had a hard time saying goodbye to him as he headed back home.

That was what was going on here...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

79 Days!

So classes are on the down slope of the semester. Either the teachers are ending classes early because running out of materials or they realize they haven’t covered barely anything so they plug information after information into you until you feel like you will explode. Last weekend I kept busy by getting guest list, made invitations, and got my dress fitted. Which added three hundred dollars to my dress which brings my dress to over a thousand dollars. Eep. We also had a double date with Katelyn and Darren. I wish Darren would talk a bit more when he is around Stephen and I. We are trying to have fun all together but he’s so quiet around us.
This week on Monday. I realized life is different. I received a B on my math test and my math teacher told me that she was proud of me. I realized since dating Stephen, I have been going to class every day unless I have a good reason. I though have turned in every homework assignment on time. I spend hours studying and working on homework. I also go to bed earlier and eat full meals. I realized I have a push that I need. The push is the better the grades the less classes I have to retake and that means the sooner I will be with my husband (Stephen) then here. The rest of this week is normal as can be. Studying, homework, classes, work, tutoring. Nothing new really.
So I decided to answer some questions. First question, “Did you go camping as a child? Tell about your experiences.” In my family we loved camping. We used our tent all the time. We went to Clinton lake and several others. But I also went camping a lot with Girl Scouts. Some of my favorite experience would include storms. One their was a tornado warning and another was seventy mile per hour winds. Another favorite memory is cooking foil dinners, banana boats, and many smores. I remember that usually one of my friends came with me every once and awhile. I am hoping to go camping in the future with my own children.
“Did you have roommates during your school days? Tell about the things you learned live with others.” My first roommates that I remember would be my two sisters. Because of the huge age gap we fought all the time. But even then I had great memories with my sisters. How I would climb in my older sisters bed and she hold on to me and call me her teddy bear. Learning about what sex was at a very young age. I later called it the E word. That was until things got bad where my family thought I should have my own room.
I didn’t share a room from then to my college years. My first two roommates was Lisa and Kyesha. Everything was really great, Lisa and myself hit it off really well and Kyesha pretty much just hung out with our neighbors. Soon half way through the semester my roommate Kyesha moved next door. Which left Lisa and me having a four person room to ourselves. We had so much fun being roommates our first year. I realized that she had a lot of hardships before college. She was a great roommate she helped me adjust to college life but not into any drunks or anything else.
My second year at college for the first semester I was with a girl with a disabilities. We were great friends before hand but then she started to use me and make me clean the room by myself. I felt like I was her slave rather then her roommate so soon changed roommates before the next semester. My second semester was my roommate Sam. Sam and I got along great she would sleep several different hours and still sleep at night while I was writing on my computer. We had a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. She helped me get into the study habit that I am getting into. So it went really well. This year I am a roommate by myself and soon that will change when I get married. But I have to say I am pretty sure that I will like my roommate very much and have little to no problem with him.

More questions later…

Monday, April 20, 2009

81 days away!!!!

So things are pretty interesting back home and things are actually starting to get along in the wedding plans. I couldn’t wait to be in Stephen’s arms again and feel them wrap around me. I can’t believe how much I miss being in them and how much everything goes away. On Friday, Katelyn and myself were dropped at my house by Karl and soon afterwards Stephen picked us up and we took Katelyn home then went out to dinner. I had my favorite at Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich the best spicy chicken ever. Then we went to Stephen’s parents house and hung out there for the night. We got the list of names for invitations for his family.
On Saturday, we spent the morning with the bishop talking about wedding details and he asked us questions to see if we ourselves were ready to become husband and wife. He was surprised on how much the questions we have already talked about between us. Then Stephen and I went to my mom’s house and worked on invitations. Soon we left and went to Stephen’s. We cleaned up and cooked dinner because we decided to double date with Katelyn and her boyfriend Darren. We ate some yummy Mexican food that Stephen made us and then had dessert while watching Employee of the Month.
On Sunday, we stopped at my mom’s house and Stephen stayed there while I went and added another three hundred dollars to my dress. So now my wedding dress is 1000 dollars worth. I was fitted into my gown and found that my feet do not like standing very long. But I was very happy that I was not like the other bride in there who was a Bridezilla. Then we got back to the townhouse where Stephen thankfully finished cutting out all the pictures to be put into invitations. Then we headed to his parents house where I was meeting Karl for a ride back to school.

More later,

Monday, April 13, 2009

89 DAYS!!!

Man, one month until I am home for summer. I can’t believe that’s all I have till I am home. It’s amazing that things are that soon till I am home. It still doesn’t make any easier coming back to school after the weekend. Plus, it seems like everything is speeding up to finish the classes. It’s harder to find the time to just sit back and relax. Like this week I have three exams. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have three projects due either this week or next week. One tomorrow which is five lesson plans, One on the twentieth of what I eat, and one on the twenty-first of a presentation that I have to give. It just a bit hectic. But I can’t wait until I get to flip the calendar to the month of May and then I will be happy to be going home to see him and be home for the summer.
I can’t believe it’s eighty-nine days till I say those famous words. I have been dreaming of those words since I was a little girl watching my own sister say those words. My sister Necia got married nine years from the nineteenth this year. It’s amazing to know that if my sister could do it then why couldn’t I. Sure her and her husband have hit rough patches in their marriage like all marriages. But they worked through it and came out on top. Last summer when I was a live in Nanny at her house I noticed things that my sister does for her husband that I hope to do when I marry Stephen. Like no matter what day it is when her husband wakes up early either to go do something he needs to do or go to work. My sister wakes up with him and sits and has breakfast with him. She stays up till he leaves to do what ever. It those moments that they have one of their most meanful time with out the kids around. Also she always tries to have dinner almost done when he gets home from work. Of course that might be hard to do since most likely I’ll be the one who is running behind. Plus, Stephen likes to cook. It’s just the fact that they do little things to keep their marriage a float. They don’t need to go out and do something all the time they create an atmosphere for their marriage.
But to think that in eighty nine days, my whole family will be there together to see me wed the most incredible guy. He makes me so happy that it’s always hard to come back to school when I know that he is there and I am here.
Well this past weekend was nice to just spend time with Stephen. We haven’t had a lot of alone time while he was staying at his parents so it was nice to just get that moment with him. On Friday I was dropped off at his parents house because that is where he was sick. We then took his sister to her job and while we were there we got ourselves chocolate milkshakes. Not good for him and his cold but he was craving it. Then we headed and spent time with his family. Stephen helped teach his younger brother Charlie how to make taco meat while I sat at the kitchen table. Every once and awhile Stephen leaned in and kissed me. Then we had dinner. We then watched tv shows that Stephen and I both like. And just hang out with his family.
On Saturday, Stephen and I hung out at his house for awhile and then went to the doctors for him to get a note so he could go back to work. We found out that he had a hint of the flu. Then we went and got Crab Rangoon. We go to this small little shop and buy it and they make it fresh and it is to die for. Then we went back to his house and hung out some more and by the time his roommate came back for running errands we got ready for our engagement pictures. We went to a park and got the pictures taken. One less thing to get done before the wedding. Then Stephen and I went to a fast food Italian place and ate a nice meal. When I got a call from my mom asking if we can take her to Walmart to get some food since she still not up to driving. But on the way we picked up some frozen custard for us as well as her. We talked with her while we finished the custard and then went to walmart. On Sunday, Stephen and I spent time just being around each other. Then we went over to his parents for dinner. But this weekend I was abusive to Stephen. I don’t know how he’s going to put up with it. I popped his shoulder out of the socket, then elebowed him in the face, and then poked his eye. Okay there was reasons. The first two was because he was tickling me. The poked the eye and total accident. He told me that I was dangerous to be around perhaps I am. Who knows.

Well that is the weekend…


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Blame Me I Voted McCain

You know I was thinking about politics today. I never really talk about my views but it seems like it’s needed at times. I am a quiet politic person, I pay attention to things around me. I pay attention to what I vote for and listen to what people say about things. But I am not one of those people who speaks up about what I believe in. Because I don’t like to create fights and I don’t want to make people upset with things that I believe in. But today in history we were talking about Vietnam war. It’s amazing thought to hear what happened then and see what is so similar to what goes on in the Iraq war. It was so sad seeing the pictures from the Vietnam war but in truth some of the pictures are similar to the ones that are shown through the Iraq war. It’s been amazing though to think that six years ago the war started. I remember the day it started it was on my best friend’s birthday. We didn’t know what it meant and look we are still in it. I think the war was an okay thing to start from. It’s odd to feel that, but some of the ways of Obama wants like tell the public to pull the troops by such and such date was stupid and idiotic of him. Let’s just tell the people we are fighting against the date and to let them know to hold off until we leave. It’s just a headache and a half really.
There are several things about Obama that I don’t like and I disagree on. Like how he is handling the situation of money of the nation. I don’t think it’s helping but I think it’s creating more problems then what it is worth. We seem to be getting worse that even now Teachers are feeling the effects. My home school district who has one of the best education is starting to lay off teachers. I worry for the feeling that my mom might be losing her job. But not only that I worry that I won’t be able to get a job when I get out of school. It’s just I worry about everything when the job market is low. My friends are going to be going out there looking for jobs as well as my own. We have to pay back loans as quick as possible which makes things difficult. It’s just so difficult.
Well, this weeks is going. It’s just sometimes I wish I was home rather then here at school. Lately my home is when I am with Stephen. He is my light and my stronghold. When I am around him things don’t seem to matter. But right now he is down with a sick and it sounds like a nasty cold at that. I feel horrible that I am not there with him to take care of him and perhaps give him a back rub. I can’t wait to go home tomorrow afternoon.


Freddy sat at the dinner table staring at the noodle salad on his plate. It had all sorts of colors of green, yellow, and reds. Freddy told his mother earlier that he swore it had some eyes and legs in the salad as well. She told him to eat his dinner. Freddy watched the clock on the wall slow down to every millisecond be a second. He glanced out the window and saw that not only did the sun go down perhaps hours ago but it was a full moon shining out. Perhaps he thought that he salad changed everyone around him to being werewolves. No way was he going to be turned into a werewolf. The door to the kitchen clicked loudly and swung unnaturally on its hook. Freddy shielded his eyes as he swore his mother or father, perhaps older brother came down to eat him.

“Freddy, what are you doing,” His mother stood there in the light of the kitchen. She shook her head and noticed the food was still there, “Just try it and you can leave the table.”

“No, because I’ll be turned into a werewolf,” Freddy said looking back towards the full moon which his mother followed his gaze. Her chuckle was low and more like a growl that Freddy glanced quickly at his mother. There she stood with her hands on her hips looking normal other then her brown hair was more wirily and down her back then pulled back into a pony tail. Her brown eyes had slight yellowish hint to them and Freddy’s eyes widen at the sight.

“Freddy, just eat your salad. You will like it and you used to eat it.”

“I never eat this stuff, look it’s weird looking,” Freddy said.

“The noodles just have their own flavors. Take a bite.”

“But mom, I don’t want to be a werewolf,” Freddy said. His mother shook her head and her mane swish along side her back as she left the kitchen. Within minutes the door opened to reveal a shorter werewolf. The werewolf looked at his brother and chuckled, “Hey Freddy, still haven’t eaten any huh?”

“No…,” Freddy said then murmured under his breath, “I don’t want to be a werewolf.” His brother turned and looked at him with grim face and he opened his mouth to say something and then close it. He then glanced at the kitchen door and then leaned down to Freddy’s ear and said, “If you eat it then you will be a werewolf and I won’t eat you in your sleep.”

“You wouldn’t eat me.”

“You smell mighty tasty to me.”

“Oh no,” Freddy said. His brother smiled evil and walked back into the living room with a slight bounce to his step. Freddy looked down at his plate and sighed. He then put some of the noodles and the brown stuff on his fork. He closed his eyes as he neared his fork towards his mouth. When the noodles and tuna touched his tongue, Freddy sighed in relief at how good it tasted. He chewed it up and swallowed it. As he finished the whole plate he realized that perhaps his mother was right it was good and tasty. He closed his eyes as he chewed another bite. When his plate was clean his mother came back to check on him and looked his plate, “Freddy, you ate it all.”

“I didn’t want Randy to eat me,” Freddy said.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, you were right that I would. I trust you now.”

“That’s good.”

“I might try more food now,” Freddy said with a smile.

“Don’t push it so soon,” His mother said with a smile. Freddy put his plate in the sink and then went into the living room knowing for once that night he was not going to be eaten by his family of werewolves because he was just like them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Annoying People

You know what makes me upset is that I get up every morning to go to class and I go to the lectures and most of my class don’t. I have a class of sixty people and only nine of us show up and its always the same nine. It hard on the professor because he is starting to doubt his teaching style. He’s actually a great teacher.
Another thing is when people bring their life story into the lesson. Like in biology there is a girl who comments on everything. Like my teacher was talking about obese people will get diabetes. She raised her hand and had to tell everyone in the sixty people class about her sister who is skin and bones and she has diabetes. You could hear half the class groan and wish she would stop. It’s like those people think that it relates to the lesson in some odd way. Last semester it was my psychology class that we had two people who were like that. We couldn’t get through a whole lesson in a day because of them. This is most likely why I write things down and then talk to the teacher after class. I put effort on listening instead of coming up with reasons to relate it into the lesson.