Monday, April 13, 2009

89 DAYS!!!

Man, one month until I am home for summer. I can’t believe that’s all I have till I am home. It’s amazing that things are that soon till I am home. It still doesn’t make any easier coming back to school after the weekend. Plus, it seems like everything is speeding up to finish the classes. It’s harder to find the time to just sit back and relax. Like this week I have three exams. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have three projects due either this week or next week. One tomorrow which is five lesson plans, One on the twentieth of what I eat, and one on the twenty-first of a presentation that I have to give. It just a bit hectic. But I can’t wait until I get to flip the calendar to the month of May and then I will be happy to be going home to see him and be home for the summer.
I can’t believe it’s eighty-nine days till I say those famous words. I have been dreaming of those words since I was a little girl watching my own sister say those words. My sister Necia got married nine years from the nineteenth this year. It’s amazing to know that if my sister could do it then why couldn’t I. Sure her and her husband have hit rough patches in their marriage like all marriages. But they worked through it and came out on top. Last summer when I was a live in Nanny at her house I noticed things that my sister does for her husband that I hope to do when I marry Stephen. Like no matter what day it is when her husband wakes up early either to go do something he needs to do or go to work. My sister wakes up with him and sits and has breakfast with him. She stays up till he leaves to do what ever. It those moments that they have one of their most meanful time with out the kids around. Also she always tries to have dinner almost done when he gets home from work. Of course that might be hard to do since most likely I’ll be the one who is running behind. Plus, Stephen likes to cook. It’s just the fact that they do little things to keep their marriage a float. They don’t need to go out and do something all the time they create an atmosphere for their marriage.
But to think that in eighty nine days, my whole family will be there together to see me wed the most incredible guy. He makes me so happy that it’s always hard to come back to school when I know that he is there and I am here.
Well this past weekend was nice to just spend time with Stephen. We haven’t had a lot of alone time while he was staying at his parents so it was nice to just get that moment with him. On Friday I was dropped off at his parents house because that is where he was sick. We then took his sister to her job and while we were there we got ourselves chocolate milkshakes. Not good for him and his cold but he was craving it. Then we headed and spent time with his family. Stephen helped teach his younger brother Charlie how to make taco meat while I sat at the kitchen table. Every once and awhile Stephen leaned in and kissed me. Then we had dinner. We then watched tv shows that Stephen and I both like. And just hang out with his family.
On Saturday, Stephen and I hung out at his house for awhile and then went to the doctors for him to get a note so he could go back to work. We found out that he had a hint of the flu. Then we went and got Crab Rangoon. We go to this small little shop and buy it and they make it fresh and it is to die for. Then we went back to his house and hung out some more and by the time his roommate came back for running errands we got ready for our engagement pictures. We went to a park and got the pictures taken. One less thing to get done before the wedding. Then Stephen and I went to a fast food Italian place and ate a nice meal. When I got a call from my mom asking if we can take her to Walmart to get some food since she still not up to driving. But on the way we picked up some frozen custard for us as well as her. We talked with her while we finished the custard and then went to walmart. On Sunday, Stephen and I spent time just being around each other. Then we went over to his parents for dinner. But this weekend I was abusive to Stephen. I don’t know how he’s going to put up with it. I popped his shoulder out of the socket, then elebowed him in the face, and then poked his eye. Okay there was reasons. The first two was because he was tickling me. The poked the eye and total accident. He told me that I was dangerous to be around perhaps I am. Who knows.

Well that is the weekend…



Stealth Blue said...

Wow. popped his arm out of socket. that is impressive.

I'm glad you two are getting married, but at same time, I am sure you understand, It hits me hard, I'm still alone.. don't worry about me though. I'll be fine. I always pull through allright.

Kk said...

I understand. It is hard...I was there not that long ago.