Thursday, April 23, 2009

79 Days!

So classes are on the down slope of the semester. Either the teachers are ending classes early because running out of materials or they realize they haven’t covered barely anything so they plug information after information into you until you feel like you will explode. Last weekend I kept busy by getting guest list, made invitations, and got my dress fitted. Which added three hundred dollars to my dress which brings my dress to over a thousand dollars. Eep. We also had a double date with Katelyn and Darren. I wish Darren would talk a bit more when he is around Stephen and I. We are trying to have fun all together but he’s so quiet around us.
This week on Monday. I realized life is different. I received a B on my math test and my math teacher told me that she was proud of me. I realized since dating Stephen, I have been going to class every day unless I have a good reason. I though have turned in every homework assignment on time. I spend hours studying and working on homework. I also go to bed earlier and eat full meals. I realized I have a push that I need. The push is the better the grades the less classes I have to retake and that means the sooner I will be with my husband (Stephen) then here. The rest of this week is normal as can be. Studying, homework, classes, work, tutoring. Nothing new really.
So I decided to answer some questions. First question, “Did you go camping as a child? Tell about your experiences.” In my family we loved camping. We used our tent all the time. We went to Clinton lake and several others. But I also went camping a lot with Girl Scouts. Some of my favorite experience would include storms. One their was a tornado warning and another was seventy mile per hour winds. Another favorite memory is cooking foil dinners, banana boats, and many smores. I remember that usually one of my friends came with me every once and awhile. I am hoping to go camping in the future with my own children.
“Did you have roommates during your school days? Tell about the things you learned live with others.” My first roommates that I remember would be my two sisters. Because of the huge age gap we fought all the time. But even then I had great memories with my sisters. How I would climb in my older sisters bed and she hold on to me and call me her teddy bear. Learning about what sex was at a very young age. I later called it the E word. That was until things got bad where my family thought I should have my own room.
I didn’t share a room from then to my college years. My first two roommates was Lisa and Kyesha. Everything was really great, Lisa and myself hit it off really well and Kyesha pretty much just hung out with our neighbors. Soon half way through the semester my roommate Kyesha moved next door. Which left Lisa and me having a four person room to ourselves. We had so much fun being roommates our first year. I realized that she had a lot of hardships before college. She was a great roommate she helped me adjust to college life but not into any drunks or anything else.
My second year at college for the first semester I was with a girl with a disabilities. We were great friends before hand but then she started to use me and make me clean the room by myself. I felt like I was her slave rather then her roommate so soon changed roommates before the next semester. My second semester was my roommate Sam. Sam and I got along great she would sleep several different hours and still sleep at night while I was writing on my computer. We had a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. She helped me get into the study habit that I am getting into. So it went really well. This year I am a roommate by myself and soon that will change when I get married. But I have to say I am pretty sure that I will like my roommate very much and have little to no problem with him.

More questions later…

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