Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vacation: Nauvoo

So, we have been planning a vacation to take with the kids for awhile. We decided that we wanted to visit a temple every year somewhere for vacation. We were then going to take a picture in front of the temple to hang in our hallway. So, this year we decided to go to Nauvoo. We decided to go up the weekend of Halloween. It was such a great trip and so beautiful with the beautiful colors. So, on Friday, we packed up the van and headed up. The kids were great in the car and we got to the hotel and unpacked. We then went out to dinner which turned out not a great place to eat as it took 45 min. to make our food and it was cold. We then headed to our hotel and went for a swim in the indoor swimming pool. The kids loved swimming and this was Mason's first time in the pool.
We then relaxed and went to bed. Miles had no trouble on going to sleep that night. Though, he woke up all through the night crying and hacking up a lung. Came down with a nasty cold which made us wonder how the rest of the trip would go.

On Saturday, we let Miles sleep in and took turns to have breakfast in the hotel. We then got ready to head to Nauvoo. It was so pretty there with all the fall colors.
We first stopped at the visitor center and watched a movie. We also walked around and showed he kids he statues. We then went to the brick house where Ginny was able to get a Nauvoo brick. Then we went to the blacksmith shop where the kids both got their prairie diamond rings and a horseshoe. We then went to a gun makers house.

We then went downtown for lunch and to go to some shops (fudge shop and bookstore). It was a great day but it wasn't over yet as it was Halloween. We asked the front desk of the hotel where the best place was to trick n treat. So we headed that way. This neighborhood was amazing, the houses were great and so friendly. The more houses we went to the more Miles said please, trick and treat, and thank you. By the time we were done he was very clear. We had a blast trick n treating on vacation.

On Sunday, we got up and packed up the room and decided to head back to Nauvoo to get some pictures of the temple. Then we headed home. It was a great trip that we would love to take another time.

Catch-up: October

So...October was a busy month and just rushed by. Some of the things we did in October were.

Daddy went to College Classes on Thursday. So, we had some really relaxing nights. Which has made Miles really attach to my mom lately. 

We cheered on the Royals who WON THE WORLD SERIES! 

We worn our new Halloween outfits 

We went to Trunk or Treat at Grammy's Work

Ginny's Soccer

Can you believe that Ginny is old enough to play soccer. My mom signed her up for six weeks of soccer classes to help her get some self confidence. She was amazing and really shined. She was one of the youngest in her group and she loved every second of it. She even scored a few goals. We can't wait to sign her up for another session of soccer.