Friday, October 18, 2013

Fire Safety

Hey, So fire safety is very important thing for Stephen and myself to teach our children. Here in Emporia, we had two chinese college students die in a fire because of non-working fire alarms. I have even heard stories of children hiding from the firemen during a fire on the house. So, when I heard about the fire safety fair at the fairground, I decided for the whole family that we had to go. Stephen decided it was worth waking up during the day and getting less sleep so that we could take our kids. We arrived at the fire and hopped in the super long line to get free hot dogs, popcorn, drink, and chips. While we were in line, I took Ginny to see some of the insides of fire trucks.
We then went inside to talk to the different booths inside about how to be safe during a fire and other things. It was a lot of fun and Ginny had a blast. After the booth we headed outside to watch the fire demostration. It was suppose to be how to properly put out a grease fire. Though, it became something to laugh at when six firefighters could not even set the grease on fire. All in all we had a great time.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Picking

Hey, So while back in September, Stephen and I discussed that we wanted Ginny and Miles to see how food is grown over time. Since we have an apple orchard not far from our house we decided to take them apple picking at The Orchard. So we packed this kids up and left for the apple orchard. When we got there we found out that Granny Smith apples were ready for picking, (yummy). So, we headed out towards the orchard. Ginny loved picking apples and had a blast. We picked six apples and then we headed to an area on the guys land to feed catfish. Ginny loved running and exploring a safe ways away from Myself, Miles, and Stephen. After we were done we headed back to the store and paid for our apples and bought apple cider slushies for everyone.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great American Market

Hey, So every year, I try to make it downtown to the Great American Market. This year was no difference with both kids. My mom was even in town to make it a day thing for us. We packed the kids up and headed downtown. It was neat to see the same booths and what they added this year on the street. It was also neat to see new booths that have come to show off what they have. We saw a both of exotic jerky. Stephen tried some alligator and boar jerky at the booth. We also saw one with alligator heads that people could buy. I was able to get three Willow Tree figures, thanks to my mom and Stephen. We also bought three movies, two of the movies were for Ginny and Miles and one for the whole family. It was a nice to get out on a nice day. Of course we stopped at a face painting both and Ginny received an Elmo on her face.