Saturday, June 29, 2013

Catch up

Hey, It's been slow here at the Mitts house. Stephen headed to MS last weekend for his grandparents memorial service while the kids and I headed to my moms for the weekend. We were able to spend time with both of my sisters that weekend which is really nice. On Saturday while at my sister Christy's house. My mom fell and broke her leg. So I ended up helping till Tuesday getting the house in order and getting her laundry done. Also making sure that she was staying off her leg. We were then home Tuesday night back in order.
P.S. Pictures

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Past Week

Hey, I didn't take any pictures this week. Opps. Anyways, this last week we didn't do much. On Wednesday, I went to a breastfeeding group and found out that Miles is now 10lbs. He's growing so quickly and thriving on breast milk. I am glad that I am able to experience it this time around. My goal is to make it to six months. But we shall see with me going to student teaching this fall. Anyways, on Thursday, my mom came down to spend the weekend with us. We took her to the concert at the park. I then had the pleasure to spend the weekend with her and the kids. It was nice to be able to spend some good quality alone time with Ginny as my mom took care of Miles. Though, Ginny has been in a mood lately. We believe it's teething as she complaining her mouth hurts. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's market and bought some potatoes. We also went shopping, I am trying lactation cookies to increase my supply so that I can pump to get a good amount in storage for the fall. I also got new pants which are two inches smaller. Woot. Hoping that the weight keeps coming off. Miles is crying, Kendra

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Miles Birth Story

Hey, So I thought as I remember it I would write Mile's birth story especially since he is almost six weeks old. It all started on September 1st, 2012. I was joking with Stephen that I should get a pregnancy test for the fun of it to take on my birthday. I had no symptoms what so ever and not even the most common symptom that I could be expecting. He asked me why would I want to get a pregnancy test thinking I might have a clue. I told him the reason was if by chance I was pregnant, a big chance, then I could always tell people that I found out on my birthday. Well, in the end the joke was on me. Stephen did by the pregnancy test, but I forgot to take it on my birthday. I actually, took it on the 11th of September just to see. Come to my surprise at 5:30am in the morning when the second line appeared in the box. I just stood there with a blank look in the bathroom just staring at it. Then I started to chuckle as the joke was in deed on me. I went in to the bedroom and shook Stephen awake. I said, "well, don't be mad..." He looked at me and I explained that we would be having a little one join our family in May. We decided to wait to tell family until we know for sure that I was expecting. The following weekend, my mom came down to visit. I made a sweet video of pictures and music. The pictures were of Stephen and I and some of our marriage. Then it went into some of Ginny growing up. Then at last it said at the end, "The family of three is about to become of four." My mom looked at me with wide eyes. Soon, everyone knew that we were expecting our soon to be bundle of joy. It was a easy pregnancy at the beginning. I knew though that it was different. I was more sick to my stomach then I was with Ginny. Often, I ended up near the toilet at the end of the night. I also could not eat any corn dogs without being sick to my stomach. I had a feeling this little one would be a boy. In January, we went in for our sonogram and saw that in deed this little bundle was going to be a boy. He was no ashamed to tell us what he was like his older sister. My pregnancy went down hill from there when I hit third trimester. I soon found out that I had diabetes and would have to change my diet to protect Miles and myself from blood sugar problems. Then just like Ginny, my blood pressure would be high. At thirty five weeks, I was in the hosptial for a weekend with high blood pressure, low fluids, and low platelets. I was about to have Miles but the doctor decided to check everything again one last time. I was in luck everything was stable for the time. At 37 weeks I was told that any time I could have him. Well at 37 weeks and 2 days I went to the doctor and sure enough my blood pressure was high. The doctor said it was time. I was admitted to the hospital and had to wait till ten pm to go back for a c-section. Of course when they took my blood pressure there it was low but my doctor decided it was time to meet the little guy. At five o'clock my mom arrived at the hospital to stay while Stephen went to get some things done and call some people. At around eight, I received a priesthood blessing from Stephen and our home teacher. At around ten p.m I walked into the OR and recieved the spinal. Which went a lot better when I was not having contractions. Also Miles was kicking me and moving all around during it. It was just me and two guys in the room who were getting things ready for awhile. The oxygen was placed on my nose which made me sick to my stomach and dry heave. Finally, my doctor arrived as well as Stephen. It was time to meet Miles. At 10:13pm my doctor said, "Hi little guy, you can't look at me yet." Then at 10:14pm, I heard Miles cry for the first time. He was letting everyone know he was awake and wanting mom. He was an 8 both times on the agar scale which was very nice to hear. He weight 8lbs 9.2 ounces and was 20 inches long. His blood sugar was good right when he was born. When we went back to recovery room Miles latched on like a champ and I was finally able to experience breastfeeding for the very first time. He ate great and was sound asleep. At around two in the morning I was wheeled with Miles in my arm to my new room. We went back a door as it was closing and set off the alarm for the whole hospital. Opps, our nurse was embarrassed at it as the security called. We were finally together. Sometime in the morning following Miles had to go to the nursery because his blood suger was low. Though within 24 hrs he was back in our room with us thankfully. It was a totally different experience from when I had Ginny. Soon I was up and moving about the room without pain medicine which shocked everyone except my family. Well, here are some pictures of Miles...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dirty Kanza, park, concert, oh my!

Hey, So we are really enjoying the summer and this week was a lot of fun. Someone from our ward at church entered the Dirty Kanza here in town. It's a bicycle race that is 200, 110, and 50 miles race through the Flint Hills. It's a big event here and we really do support the people in the race. Well, Saturday the first of June we were trying to figure out what do for the evening. Stephen had the night off and we wanted to go enjoy the nice cool weather while we have it. just so happens while we were discussing. The person's wife posted that he was about 30min. out before he crossed the finish line downtown. So we quickly gathered the kids and ourselves and got to the finish line. We were there cheering him on as he crossed with tons of other people. We then enjoyed funnel cake and good conversation with people around us. It was nice to get to experience the race and cheer people on as they crossed the line. We were there when the first five from the 200 mile race crossed. Ginny enjoyed it all. We then grabbed a pizza and went home to spend time as a family. On Tuesday, we decided to make a night of having fun. Stephen went and bought a swing for Miles that usually is over 100 dollars and we got it for twenty dollars. Then we decided to head out to have dinner at Taco Bell. Ginny loves the cheese roll up and is now getting into soft tacos. We are excited to see if she will eat soft tacos at home. Anyways, we then headed to the park to play some. I was mostly sitting as I had Miles while Stephen chased Ginny around the park. Usually, she won't go down the slides at all. Not if she is with someone or by herself she had a phobia of slides. Anyways, she spent time in the swihgs like usually. Then she started to climb and try different things avoiding the slides. Well, Stephen took Miles and I spent time with her at the park. Well, Ginny wanted me to slide down with her on the slide. I was game and we went down. Then she started to go down by herself over and over and over again. I think we finally got rid of that phobia of hers. After the park we then stopped to get milkshakes to end the day. On Wednesday, Ginny, Miles, and I went with a friend and a girl she was babysitting to a concert put on by Mr. Stinkyfeet. He sang and danced for the kids in the audience. We had sandwiches for lunch while we were there. Ginny, had a lot of friends seeing her friends from the sitters as well as from church. Miles of course slept through the whole concert. Yesterday, Stephen's mom was able to come down to spend time with me and the kids. Ginny truly enjoyed her time with her Grandma. Stephen and I with the kids went to concert at the park where we listened to the band play. While we were there we had our dinner and dessert. It was a lot of fun and we always enjoy listening to music while spending time with friends. Today, is movie day in our house. I made some "pop pop" (popcorn) for Ginny and myself and we are enjoying our time watching movies and just relaxing. Of course she fell asleep during the first movie with a tummy full of popcorn. OH...yeah...Miles is officially smiling at people. It's amazing how much he is growing.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Week

Hey, So Stephen and I want to enjoy our summer here in this semi small town. It's small to us as we both grew up in a city. Anyways, we signed all of us even Miles up for the summer reading program at the library. Ginny and Miles need to complete 100 minutes of listening to someone read. While Stephen and I have to read five books from different genre's before the end of July. So we are all working on doing these things. Then the library has these concerts on Wednesday at noon. Ginny, Miles, and myself have went to one last week. She was amazing experience. Ginny danced her little tale off. Then, Thursday nights we go to a park where we watch the city band play. Ginny gets to play at the park and we all enjoy listening to the band play. Stephen will also make a milkshake run at sonic before it starts so we get to have our desserts while listening. Friday and Saturday we spent at home relaxing and watching movies. -Kendra

One Month Old Miles

Hey, You heard right, Miles turned a month old. It's amazing to think how fast it's all going with him. He is still a quite little nurser and he will sleep up to five hours at night if I let him. He is at 21 inches long and just over 9lbs now. Also he is starting to smile more and more. He loves his big sister Ginny, other then when she gets in his face. He is a mama-boy though as in the evenings it's me and no else when he hits his colic stage at 3pm. I have learned how to eat one handed almost everything. are some pictures of him. Kendra