Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on the Mitts

So Stephen and I will be moving the end of July. The place we are moving in is so wonderful. I think we will truely like it and be able to relax and grow. I'll have a room where I can study with out distractions as much as possible. Also it will be a room for guest to stay in when they stay the night. Halo night at our place will be wonderful as we will have room to spread out. Also we will finally have a dishwasher so that way dishes won't pile up. I believe that our new place will stay picked up and we will be able to relax more in it. Now we just need to be able to pack our things and go through our things. Which in truth is no fun at all.
This weekend is the fourth of July. Our small town is doing a whole day of activities that hopefully Stephen and I will be able to go enjoy most of them as we have church in the morning. I can tell you that I am really excited for the fact that we will be sealed in two years or so. I can't wait to say that i will be with my husband forever and ever. Also coming up is our first year anniversery. It's been amazing thing to say that we made it through our first year. We aren't doing anything special as we don't have the money. But that's okay, we will figured out something in the future to celebrate our first year anniversery. Also we are hoping to pick up my oldest nephew Austin who will be staying with us for a week. It's going to be fun and enjoyable since I haven't seen him since he was really young. And now he's a teenager. Hopefully, the rest of the family will stop by to see him as well.
Now this past weekend Stephen and I went back to our hometown to see family. Because his grandmother on his mother's side was in town. We had a lot of fun playing games and just relaxing with family. Even though we could have spent the weekend packing our things. Oh well. It's so much enjoyable spending time with family.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Week Went Into Stressful Week

So Stephen and I have been keeping our eyes out for the chance to move into a different apartment when our lease is up here at this apartment. We love this apartment but the landlord isn't doing the best that she should be doing. We have had our oven broken once and it took her three weeks to fix it. Never knew how much you miss your oven till it breaks. Then...our fridge stopped working which meant we lost half of our food. Yippee it took her two weeks to get someone here to look at it. Thankfully, we have my mini fridge here at our apartment. Then not long ago our fridge broke again which meant we lost everything again. This time she took a week for us to get a new fridge.
So last Friday we went out and started a major search. We went to a guy that's known to have apartments all over town and he prices way to high for anything that we like. Most of his places are small that's in our budget. So he was a no go. Stephen that morning went through some ideas and we went to a property selling place. They rent out several apartments so we thought to give them a try and bingo...we found the apartment we want so badly. Stephen and I decided to start saving up for the down and the first rent.
Monday happened...our landlord sent us something in the mail saying that our rent will increase up to 15 dollars when we renew our lease the first of August. My first thought was way a minute. I lived in the dorms from August 18th till a week or two after there's no way our lease is up in August. So now Stephen and I are stressfully trying to get enough money for the down and the first rent. Which means...no plans no presents no nothing for our first anniversery. We will be barely having enough food to last us for a couple of months. So...it's stressful. I am now busy packing and Stephen is trying to get as much hours as possible.
I have also broke down and applied for Walmart which I really don't want to but we are now having to pay people back and I want to get it done as soon as possible. I hate this feeling of someone oweing us. Can we ever catch a break...
Oh, Father's day also happened. We went back to church for the first time in a long time not because family was making us. It's so strange. I wanted to stay the whole time...but as soon as the last speaker was saying all the things a father does. I broke down...I couldn't handle it anymore. So we came home and Stephen made us some really good food. It's been hard...but such is life. I just hope Stephen and I can catch a break soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip to Home Town

Man...last weekend was nice and relaxing. We went to our home town where both of our parents live. We stayed at Stephen's parents house for Saturday and Sunday night since Stephen doesn't work till four p.m. On Saturday, we drove there down pour rain first time in the new car. The highway heading from our place to our home town has a weird sound when you drive on it. So since Stephen and I don't know the sounds with this car we stopped on the side of the highway not once, not twice, but three times on the highway. Poor Stephen had to get out of the car all three times in the down pour. We finally made it safetly to Stephen's parents house. We took his father to Sam's since Stephen and I have a Sam's card. Let me tell you it saves a lot of money. Then we dropped his father off at the house and Stephen and I headed to our favorite fast food Chic fila' they were having a thing going on to try a new sandwich we both bought two of them. We also went to the reception of one of my friends who just got married over the weekend.
On Sunday, Stephen and i woke up early and headed to church with his family. It was great to see everyone that I grew up with and see how things changed. Then after sacrement we went to stop by my mom's house and had breakfast with her. It was great visiting with her and I miss her tons living so far away and worry about it. We then went back to Stephen's parents house to celebrate Stephen's dad's birthday. We bought him the Batman movies for his birthday and father's day. We then had dinner with most of Stephen's siblings and families; Johanna and her fience Karl, Charlie, Scotty, Jimmy and his wife Natalie, and Andy and his wife Sarah and one of their kids Ami. It was really nice visiting with the family...
On Monday, Stephen got a hair cut then we stopped by chipotles for lunch then headed back home.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, so as some of you recall almost a year ago I said, "I do" to my husband in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. A lot of church members were shocked that Stephen and I were not getting married in the temple. So let me explain why we did not. For several years I have had issues with some of the beliefs of the church so my testimony was not as strong as I would want. Plus...I am the youngest of four in my family. If I was to get married in the temple my siblings would not have had the chance to see me pledge my heart out to my husband. It was important to me to have them there. I know a lot of church members say get married in the temple then exchange rings in front of everyone. I couldn't do that...I was there for each of them and had apart of their wedding. I wanted them to have apart of my own not after the fact. I don't think it's fair to them just because they fell away from the church. Stephen said he would do anything that I wanted. So we came to the conclusion to not get married in the temple.
As our year anniversery comes up. People are starting to ask if we will be going to the temple to get sealed to each other. I have to admit Stephen and I never talked about it before now. While we were visiting his parents house went went down into the guest room where we were sleeping for the weekend. I brought up the topic and soon it was decided that we will in the Kansas City Temple when it's finished. The reason why we are waiting for it is because it has a certain importance in my mind. The day that the temple was told to be built in Kansas City was the day that Stephen led me on a goose chase around campus to find him at the end wanting to date me again. I think it's the perfect temple for us to be sealed to each other also it gives us a chance to have some of our family there with us. So look forward to year 2012.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feel the Rain

So life for me (Kendra) has been a bit slow. I have been able to relax and chill this summer which for me is nice. But it seems like my body doesn't like that at all as of lately. I have been having severe flairs of my RA...enough in my back that leaves me laying down and crying my eyes out. Stephen, bless his soul, has never seen me like that unless it was when a joint popped out but that gets better soon after joint pops back in. But he didn't know what to do that he even said we might want to go to er. I felt bad because when it's in your back and it's bad you can't move much. What was worse it was my upper back so twisting around to talk to someone behind you killed me or even picking something up. So we handled that as best as we could and figured out what happened...haha...looks like I won't be wearing sports bras to bed anymore...Stephen said exactly where my sports bra straps are on my back is where it was puffed up...finally that calmed down where I am able to move without wincing when...my left shoulder flaired. I couldn't brush my hair..so Stephen took care of it. Then..a few days later shoulder was better but now it's my left elbow. Which is still pretty bad. I feel bad that I can't help pick up the house as much.
So why is all my joints acting up on me...it could be because the weather here is up and down and stormy. Finally today there is some sunshine like yesterday. But storms are expected this weekend. It's been raining so much that places are flooding. Thankfully you can see the street outside my house still..expect when it rains. So I love taking storm pictures and in the past have been featured on weather stations with them. So...in between two storms I went outside and snapped pictures of 06/08/10 storm.

So yesterday, Stephen and I went and did some laundry at the laundry mat. Since I have been stuck at the apartment. I asked Stephen if we can go walk at the zoo that's here. It's totally free and totally worth going it's neat and small. We started to notice that...there is a lot of cars at the veteran memorial park. So we went to check it out since it was across the street. It seems that the whole town found amusement at crossing an old bridge across a river to watch the river which is flooded bad...go by. also people thought it was a perfect fishing time. So...I didn't have my camera because it was spur of the moment but I did have my phone..so I took some pictures of the rushing water...it was so neat.