Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, so as some of you recall almost a year ago I said, "I do" to my husband in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. A lot of church members were shocked that Stephen and I were not getting married in the temple. So let me explain why we did not. For several years I have had issues with some of the beliefs of the church so my testimony was not as strong as I would want. Plus...I am the youngest of four in my family. If I was to get married in the temple my siblings would not have had the chance to see me pledge my heart out to my husband. It was important to me to have them there. I know a lot of church members say get married in the temple then exchange rings in front of everyone. I couldn't do that...I was there for each of them and had apart of their wedding. I wanted them to have apart of my own not after the fact. I don't think it's fair to them just because they fell away from the church. Stephen said he would do anything that I wanted. So we came to the conclusion to not get married in the temple.
As our year anniversery comes up. People are starting to ask if we will be going to the temple to get sealed to each other. I have to admit Stephen and I never talked about it before now. While we were visiting his parents house went went down into the guest room where we were sleeping for the weekend. I brought up the topic and soon it was decided that we will in the Kansas City Temple when it's finished. The reason why we are waiting for it is because it has a certain importance in my mind. The day that the temple was told to be built in Kansas City was the day that Stephen led me on a goose chase around campus to find him at the end wanting to date me again. I think it's the perfect temple for us to be sealed to each other also it gives us a chance to have some of our family there with us. So look forward to year 2012.

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