Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on the Mitts

So Stephen and I will be moving the end of July. The place we are moving in is so wonderful. I think we will truely like it and be able to relax and grow. I'll have a room where I can study with out distractions as much as possible. Also it will be a room for guest to stay in when they stay the night. Halo night at our place will be wonderful as we will have room to spread out. Also we will finally have a dishwasher so that way dishes won't pile up. I believe that our new place will stay picked up and we will be able to relax more in it. Now we just need to be able to pack our things and go through our things. Which in truth is no fun at all.
This weekend is the fourth of July. Our small town is doing a whole day of activities that hopefully Stephen and I will be able to go enjoy most of them as we have church in the morning. I can tell you that I am really excited for the fact that we will be sealed in two years or so. I can't wait to say that i will be with my husband forever and ever. Also coming up is our first year anniversery. It's been amazing thing to say that we made it through our first year. We aren't doing anything special as we don't have the money. But that's okay, we will figured out something in the future to celebrate our first year anniversery. Also we are hoping to pick up my oldest nephew Austin who will be staying with us for a week. It's going to be fun and enjoyable since I haven't seen him since he was really young. And now he's a teenager. Hopefully, the rest of the family will stop by to see him as well.
Now this past weekend Stephen and I went back to our hometown to see family. Because his grandmother on his mother's side was in town. We had a lot of fun playing games and just relaxing with family. Even though we could have spent the weekend packing our things. Oh well. It's so much enjoyable spending time with family.

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Stealth Blue said...

Have fun in Good old Olathe. I know this message is late. sorry, I meant to post that when I first read it last week.