Tuesday, March 31, 2009

102 Days till the Wedding

Man sometimes it feels like this week is just dragging on and on. But I thought I catch you up on what’s going on with me this week. So Thursday was pretty boring to the fact that I wanted to be home and not here at school. I went through my day like always learned about evolution in science. I have to say that I believe there is a middle ground between evolution and creationism. Now I know that Mormons basically believe in creationism. But there are some things about evolution that have to be right. Like the fact that we have so many animals that are based off each other. There is no way that they are related to each other in some way. But Thursday night, Stephen came down to see me which brighten my week up.
Friday morning I had math like always and then went to work. Knowing my ride, Karl would have class till three I just did my own thing. Well then I heard the sleet hit the window and I thought I might want to tell Karl about it. Within the hour we left, and it was already getting slick in Emporia. Of course only Emporia got the ice storm so it kind of helped. Though that night back home even received the rain that turned into ice. The next morning on Saturday they all predicted that it would snow in the morning but no it didn’t snow till the afternoon. Stephen and I decided to go see my mom who was back in the hospital and we didn’t even get up there because we slide on some snow into a curb. The car might be actually totaled but thankfully, we both are okay and that’s what matters. Two car accidents in two weeks, this doesn’t sound good. So Saturday we hung out at his parents house and I got to shovel their driveway.
It’s going to be interesting moving in to the Mitts family household that is for sure. But they all are pretty excited to have me moving in as well as Stephen. Johanna is really excited since she has been the only girl other then her mom in the house since she was born. She said it will be nice to have me around when I am home from school. Stephen’s mom is pretty excited and she can’t wait to have me around. But it still going to be weird and it’s going to most likely take me awhile to get used to it.
Saturday night I went home to an empty house and scheduled for my classes for the fall. I am going to have a semi hard semester next year not as hard as this year though which will be nice. Also I found out that I should be done within two years of school. So that is pretty excited. Sunday I went back to the Mitts family and we went to church with them. It was quite interesting and I finally was able to see some of my old friends and catch up. Other then I had a migraine that lasted all of it. Then I had to head back to school what fun.
Monday, was a fun day. Hint the sarcasm. I was really thinking I might have a good week and heavens no it starts out worse. I sat down in my first class, Math, and my knee slipped out of the socket. What joy…oh good news is I am making over two hundred dollars from this week and last week.

Story I had to write for my Fiction Writing Class
James looked around the room trying his best to not look at his best friend’s little sister. Lately though that’s all he has been thinking about is her. He turned in time to see Lizzy running towards him. She had a certain look about her that he has never seen about her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without meaning to, without the fact that her whole family were watching, James kissed her.
After several minutes or maybe a half hour to a couple of days they broke apart the room around them gone quiet perhaps too quiet. Several family members whistled and the younger children giggled. The sound of a glass bottle breaking, James looked up at Lizzy’s father who was holding shatter glass. While her mother was beaming, but James sought out his best friend, Lizzy’s brother. When he found him in the corner the was still holding on to the knife and wearing an expression of utter shock. For a second at most they made eye contact with each other, then Andrew gave a jerk of his head that James understood to mean, Well –if you must.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Week and a Story Written By Me

So Monday was very hard to be at school. I didn't want to be here I wanted to be home. I am starting to realize that where ever Stephen is my home is. Sure I am used to come back to school and being away from him while at school. But it doesn't make it any easier. It also doesn't make it easy to be away from my mom while she is in the hospital. She doing a bit better but not very much better it still scares me that I might lose her. I am not ready to say goodbye to her just yet. I want her around to see me get married and then later in the future see me have my own children. I just hope that this will be awhile before her next surgry. But I have to admit that Stephen is a big help. He went to the hospital to see my mom, but of course she was sleeping. But he told me that if something happens he would make sure I get home. I don't know where I would be without him in my life. Tuesday was boring but I got really homesick. I haven't been really homesick since I was a freshmen. But in truth i am really homesick. Oh I did also write a story...since I am sure my life bores you. So here is my short story.
Fade to Black

Sitting at her desk she listened to the outside noise waiting anxiously for the familiar gurgle of the engine of the car. She pulled a piece of paper from the top drawer and quickly started writing her rough draft of her English paper, hoping to get it done before the familiar footsteps hit the hard wood floors below. She heard the gurgle of the engine and quickly she glanced out the window beside her though she knew she would see the familiar blue Chevy truck in the driveway. Sure enough it was just pulling into the drive. Quickly, Lily removed all of her jewelry and placed them in a shoe box and then shoved it under her bed. She then pulled the dark navy blue curtains over the windows not only to not let the light into her room but to prevent any noisy neighbors to see what might happen. The silence of her room was broken by hearing the key in the front door lock and then each footstep of his work boots below as her heart matched them. Slowly and drawn out his voice roughly rang through the hall, “LILY!”

Lily knew that if she doesn’t answer he might by chance leave her alone for at least an hour or even a couple of minutes at least. But no matter what he would be coming up to her room to see if she is in there. His anger might have increased but Lily knew that maybe there was hope that he would forget she was even there.

Lily sat on her bed knowing that in the end, he would appear in her bedroom. As she awaited for the verdict she looked on her bedside table and saw that the table was titled to the side as one of the legs of the table was bent. She then looked at the picture frame that the glass was removed out of earlier that year. In the picture was a beautiful women with blonde curls and a gentle smile upon her lips. Her soft slender arms were wrapped around a girl with long black curly hair that had a cute small button nose upon her face. The little girl had her head tilted to the side as if she was talking to the lady behind her before the picture was taken. On her face laid a smile that lit up the whole picture. Lily felt her own small smile appear on her lips in memory of that time that perfect happy time in her life.

She heard the clunk of boots as they quickly climbed up the stairs leading to her bedroom as well as his own. Quickly placing the frame back on the bed stand just in time as she heard her door knob rattling under his heavy grasp. Ever so slowly the door knob started to turn and Lily stood knowing that it’s better standing her ground then being below him. The door opened to reveal the tall man with slight grey highlights showing in his thick black greasy hair. His eyes were sharp on her while his nose held a slight bent because of a bar fight two years prior. His hands hung at his slender hips in a tight fist. While his shirt which was covered in grease spots used to be loose years ago upon his skin was now tight across his beer gut. His work boots and his jeans were covered in mud and muck and Lily was sure from the smell some kind of asphalt. She could also smell the whisky on his breath as he slowly closed the door behind him. He slowly opened his mouth into a sneer and then pushed through his lips, “I called you, did you hear me you bitch.”
“I must have had music on. Sorry, Dad.” Lily knew that no matter what she says won’t make him stop what she knew was coming in the end. She though held her chin up and looked at him in the eye. Lily watched him take his steps towards her slowly raising his hand in what Lily knew was the first slap of many. When his hand hit her cheek the sheer force knocked her to the ground. Lily looked up at her father who used to bring fake jewerally home when he came home from work. Before she had time to get off the floor she found he was wrapping her long curly black hair around his hands so tight that Lily knew that she lost a few of her precious curls. He used her hair to pull her off the ground and to standing close to him. When she was leveled with him she closed her eyes to try to stop the tears gathering in her eyes as the pain of him holding her hair was increasing as he was tightly closing his fist. He shook her using her hair and his other hand to shake her head as if to shake her brains out of her head. “Open your eyes, bitch,” Lily heard her father yell right before he let go of her hair and then slammed her body against the wall nearly missing her desk. Lily felt the sheer force could shatter a bone in her body but she was surprised when she felt that all of her bones were still in tact.

She opened her eyes to look at the angry body standing above her and was surprised to find that he had a weapon in his hand. Never in her whole life did her father carry a gun or anything that would hurt her other then his own bare hands. Lily quickly tried to gather her feet underneath to stand. When she stood up and had her back against the wall she saw that the gun was pointed at her heart, “Dad…”

Normally, Lily never uttered a word to him because when he was in this state a single word from her lips could make him worse then it was before. Her father looked at the gun with a snide sneer and Lily felt herself actually worried that he was going to kill her. He looked at her and then said, “Scared?” Lily nodded her head as he threw the gun to her bed and picked up the metal baseball bat that Lily received when she was six years old. Before she knew it he slammed the baseball bat into her legs as if he was going for a home run. Lily heard her right leg crack from the pressure and soon found herself falling quickly on the floor slowly she watched her father raise the bat again and soon it came down hard on her other leg.

Lily bit her bottom lip to keep herself from screaming from him beating her legs with the bat over and over and hearing her own bones shattering at each hit. Lily tried her best to keep her eyes open but slowly found herself slipping into the blackness as her father moved to her arms. When she opened her eyes again she saw him standing over with a grin that even the devil couldn’t conquer. She then felt a blow to her ribs and heard most of her bones cracking. Before she slipped into blackness again she heard her father say with a chuckle, “Die Bitch Die.”

Lily opened her eyes and found her room was dark so she knew it been hours since she was last awake. She slowly rolled over on her side quickly as she could before she chocked on the blood that was coming up her throat. She soon puked all the blood up and then looked around the area around her and saw blood splattered against the wall beside her. She clenched her bottom lip to keep from screaming as all the pain entered her body. She then looked around and knew that for once she might not make it through the night.

Lily realized that not only did her father break most of the bones in her body but she couldn’t even feel her feet that she knew she still had on her body. She figured he took the bat to her spine and she feared that she might not be able to walk if she makes it through the night. Lily glanced around her room hoping that she could get to her bed at least or even to the bathroom. She felt a tear fall down her face and she then murmured silently into the dark, “Mom…please.”

Lily saw the hall light on outside her room and then heard her father’s soft footsteps as they neared her door. Lily knew that she can’t give up yet, her father would be alone if she wasn’t in his life. She sighed loudly and knew that if she was going to die tonight she was going to die with a fight. Slowly her bedroom door opened with a creak and the light hit Lily’s face. Lily glanced above her to see her father above her with the same baseball bat. Lily opened her mouth and then said, “Daddy, please…”
“I am not your father.”
“Daddy, please don’t do this. What about the time before mom death, we were happy back then. Please…” Lily felt tears gathering in her eyes quickly. Slowly she moved her arms broken boned as it was to touch his feet which only had socks upon them. Her father stepped out of her reach and Lily then said, “Please…”

Lily felt the pain shudder through her body and slowly found herself going towards darkness again and she tried to fight it as she heard a familiar voice that left her when she was ten years old, “Allen, don’t do this. It’s our little girl.” Within seconds Lily heard the heavy baseball bat come down and Lily closed her eyes tightly knowing the only thing left on her body that wasn’t broken was her mind. But the pain never came and she opened her eyes to find her father on his knees in front of her. She saw the tears were gathering in his eyes and knew he heard the voice as well. Soon her father stood and he left her bedroom to only return with a phone in his hand. He sat down next to Lily’s head and he then dialed a number, “Lily, stay with me. Please baby stay with me. I am so sorry.”

Lily couldn’t even hear the person on the other line but she heard her father say, “I need an ambulance to 913 W. Construction St. Please hurry.” Lily felt herself slipping again but this time she saw a bright white light and someone standing in it. Lily felt her body moving more and more towards the light and the more she moved towards it the less she heard of her father speaking in the phone. She neared the person and she realized it was the same women in the picture frame. The lady with blonde curls looked at Lily with her pure brown eyes and then said, “It’s time to leave.”
“What about, Dad?” Lily said. She couldn’t leave her father now he just realized what he was doing, “He still needs me.”
“He only needs himself and some help. He will be fine, we’ll watch over him. Just like I have been watching over both of you.” Lily felt the lady take her hand then said, “Lily, it’s time to go home.”
“Okay,” Lily then leaned in towards the lady and wrapped her arms around her form. The lady slowly wrapped her arms around her too and then Lily said, “I missed you, Mom.”
“I missed you too, Princess.”
A piece of paper was read to the crowd around a casket. In the hands of Lily’s English teacher who had tears in her eyes knowing if she assigned the assignment earlier her student with the bright smile would still be there with them instead of laying in the cold casket below the ground. She then said, “The last assignment that Lily wrote for me was something she said she would want to be read if she died. I want to read it for you, “I am the girl that everyone believes who has a true smile on my face. I am the girl who helps everyone in need and lets no one into her life. I am the girl who sits in the cafeteria alone for fear someone would know my secret. I am the girl who watched her mother get shot in front of eyes when I was ten when she was working at the bank. I am the girl who watches her father drink away her mother’s memories. I am the girl that knows every time her father hits her he isn’t himself. I am the girl who loves her father deeply no matter how hard he hits and how many times he calls me a Bitch. I am the girl who forgives her father and her mother’s murder. I am a girl who smiles no matter what. That is who I am.””

Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Done with this Place

Well, Friday was interesting to say the least. Stephen dropped my mom and me off at the hospital for my mom’s surgery and I brought things to do with me to keep me busy for her surgery. We went through the whole process of her getting ready for surgery. The hard part for awhile was getting the iv in her arm. Then I whispered that I loved her as she was wheeled to the o.r. I went off to the waiting room knowing that in two hours my mom would be out of surgery. The surgeon said the surgery would most likely be an hour long with laparoscopic surgery. At two hour mark, Sarah and her brother Adam came to sit with me for about an hour. During that time I was finally able to get some breakfast and a drink other then snacking on the chips in secret as u can’t have food in the waiting room. They left soon as we started getting close to the three hour mark. I got a phone call from Stephen from him telling me that work was slow and he was allowed to leave as long as he keeps his phone on and would leave if they get busy. He got there and I was so grateful for him to be there. Because by then I was getting worried about my mom. Finally, I went and asked the volunteer to call the O.R and ask them about my mom. A nurse from my mom’s surgery called me on the phone in the waiting room and told me that it was a slow process and that they had to open her up for a open surgery to get everything safely. At about four in a half hours of her being in surgery Stephen went and got us some lunch and while he was gone. Five hours. The surgeon came out and talked to me about my mom’s surgery. Then an hour later I was finally able to see her. She literally scared me just laying there looking frail. This surgery was horrible on her and she looked older then she actually is just laying there. I told her to get some sleep and we would be back later.
Later that night we went to get Stephen’s check from his job and on our way back from his job. We were stopped at a stoplight when the semi in front of us started backing up. Stephen laid on his horn hoping that the semi would stop. But he kept backing up and I braced myself when the semi hit the car. Stephen got out of the car as soon as the truck went forward and stood in the mirror until the truck driver got out of his truck. He didn’t even know he hit us. Thankfully we were fine and the car barely had any marks on it. It just scared both of us. We then went to Sarah’s and said goodbye to her as she was leaving for school the next morning. I barely got to spend enough time with her and this summer I will barely get to see her as she got her internship in Maryland. Then we went back to the hospital and when I walked into my mom’s room she was on an oxygen mask which gave me a heart attack. I rushed to find my mom’s nurse to find out what was going on and found out that my mother isn’t getting enough oxygen. Right then and there I knew my mom isn’t going to be around much longer. We soon left and headed back to Stephen’s house.

On Saturday, we went and spent some time with my mom and then went shopping at Sam’s and did some price checks for my mom for wedding things. Then went back to the hospital and spent some more time. By the end of the day I was having a hard time knowing that on Sunday I would be heading back to the place where I rather not be back at school. On Sunday, tears wouldn’t stop falling out of my eyes, and when I saw my mom I tried not to cry as I looked at her under blankets and so very cold. As soon as we left the hospital tears fell down my face and I couldn’t stop crying. I am losing my mother. The only parent I have left in my life. I knew right then she might not be around by the time Stephen and I start our own family. I feared for the day where I would never see her again. It’s a harsh reality to me seeing her like that in the hospital bed. I wanted to stay with her and be with her. But I knew I had to go back to school. As I was getting in Karl’s car for us to head back to school tears were falling down my face as I clung to Stephen. I didn’t want to leave home my home was with him.
Now as I look around my room at school it’s bare and lonesome. It feels like I don’t belong here anymore. As the tears fall down my cheeks I realize that no one here will wrap their arms around me and keep me close to them. I am going to put every free time in school work in hopes that I will raise my grades and won’t have to copy anymore classes so I can start block for school. I am done with this place and I just want to go home. I just want to go home.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday onward

So life here is pretty nice and quiet for the most part. I went to the dentist on Tuesday and found out shall I say it two cavities which were filled on Wednesday without any numbing or laughing gas. He said I was his favorite patient for that day and my mom came in second place. That night Stephen and I babysat my munchkins while they slept. We planned for wedding plans and designed our cake that we would like. Hopefully we will be able to have that cake. Today my mom and me got into a fight which left us both out of it. But she is also prepping herself for surgery for tomorrow. Which I will be sitting bored out of my mind in the hospital all day long. Yippee. But someone has to do it so why not me. Stephen tried to get it off but it seems like everyone wants that Friday off. Oh well.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start of Spring Break

Things are going pretty well here for being Spring Break. Came home on Friday and mom and me went to David’s Bridal and looked at wedding gowns. We found a couple that I liked and met Stephen at IHOP and had dinner. Then spent some more time with my mom and then went and picked up Stephen’s friend and his girlfriend. Then went to our friends Bobby’s house and played flashlight tag. Well I played a round and then I became a walking base. Of course at one point I was it with Bobby’s late girlfriend Tiffany and we searched and found everyone other then Stephen. No one could find Stephen at all and it happened to be the first area that I looked but I didn’t actually see him.
On Saturday we went to my sister Necia’s house and had dinner with her family and played wii house. We also discussed flowers and other things that Necia thankfully is going to be helping the day of the wedding. She is doing the flowers and my hair most likely and as of today she is going to help me make jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids and flower girl.

On Monday I went wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping with my mom, Sarah, and Missy both who I loved having bring with me. I tried on a dress that my mom chose for me and well I loved it and my mom cried but it just didn’t feel like it was the one dress. I tried on the second dress and I literally fell in love with it. It was the one I knew it from just trying it on. I felt head over heels in love with this dress. We also found two bridesmaids dresses that the girls loved and all three of us paid for our dresses that day.

Today, I went to the dentist and then went shopping with my mom. Who tricked me into buying tennis shoes. I hate shoe shopping. And then went over to Stephen’s family house to celebrate Saint Patricks Day. I enjoyed my time with my soon to be family and it was a nice to just relax for once. Later today I am going to be with Stephen helping him with laundry.

Talk Later,

Friday, March 13, 2009

End of the Week and Role of Reading

Wow this week has gone pretty fast in truth. Yesterday, we finally got the building that we want to have the wedding at on the date we want it. One less thing to worry about. We also asked our friend Stephen Bart. Be the dj for our wedding. It’s been kind of nice to just have friends help us the best they can. Bart used to dj some of the church dances growing up so it wasn’t a bad thing for him to be dj our wedding. Also Stephen’s younger brother Scotty sings and writes his own music so we kindly asked him if he would sing at our wedding during the reception. It would be really nice if he did that because he’s apart our lives but he has a great voice. Of course we might want to make sure the song would be appropriate. All in all things are coming together quite nicely in fact.
So today I thought I pull a slip of paper from the journal jar that is next to my computer and answer it. Today’s question is “Describe the role of reading in your life.” Okay, I was born in a reader family. My siblings all have loved to read and in truth it was no surprise that I would want to read as well. I actually can’t tell you when I started to learn how to read though. But I remember the whole house covered in notes. Each note was taped to something different and on the note would be the word of what ever it was taped to. So the wall had a taped note saying W.A.L.L to it. It generally helped me I believe and I am actually in hopes of doing that with my own kids. I do remember that in elementary school I had a fetish in reading anything about the holocaust. From fiction to nonfiction I was reading the book. Actually some of my elementary classmates called me a Nazi for a long time because of it. In Junior High I went through a pretty depressed years. And one of my teachers asked me to read the Harry Potter books. Right then and there I found a series that I fell in love with. It’s no surprise that I went through a whole series and literally read them so much that the books fell apart and I had to slowly get hard backs for the series. I love the author J.k Rowling and pretty much have almost a lot of books about the Harry Potter series and other works of hers. But I am just starting to get into the Twilight series as well. In high school till now I could read a book within twenty-four hours. Lately though I don’t have the time to really read which is pretty sad but in truth it’s a part of the grown up years. That’s what the role of reading has on my life.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Planning, Classes, and Spring Break

Things are sort of different since I have become engaged. Like the fact that I am wearing a ring on my finger. But the more I wear it the more I am used to wearing it. The more that I want to be with Stephen. It’s like an extra push to do well in school and for the chance to be able to come home quicker to be with him for the rest of our lives. I am also having a extra push to lose weight even more. I work on my wii and wii fit more and I am starting to slowly eat more healthy. Also when I have some free time I work on wedding plans. Like right now I am working on finding a bouquet that I like for myself and my bridesmaids. I think I have them now as long as my sister Necia can do them. The dresses for the bridesmaids have been pretty much chosen except I want to see what the girls look like in them. Because each girl has a different body type then the others. My maid of honor is Sarah. Then my other two friends Katelyn and Missy are my bridesmaids. All three have been in my life for a long time and have a huge part of who I am.
In other things math class we are starting in geometry. I started a new class on Monday and it’s a fitness class. It looks like a pretty easy class just a lot of busy work so it seems. Also it look like I’ll be home the Wednesday of Finals week. I am pretty excited with that fact. Because it’s sooner then I thought it would be so I can be closer to Stephen and my mom. So Monday’s class was pretty much the introduction to the class and some notes about what we will be doing. In history we are learning about the holocaust. Which happens to be my favorite history subject. I love learning about it because it was so hard on people during that time. In elementary school up to junior high school I used to read almost every chapter book about it and people who lived during it. On Thursday we are having our second exam and it looks pretty easy for the most part. In biology we are now talking about plants how they reproduce. Did you know that all red roses are man made maybe that’s why they are so expensive. On our last exam I did way better then the first one and got a 74%. In fiction writing we are cliquing everyone short stories. Mine went up yesterday and everyone pretty much dissed my work and tore it apart piece by piece. It was like a lion ripping pieces of a wildebeest. I was dishearten about it. But I just went on to my next class. Music class we are learning about writing up lessons plans and talked about our next presentations which is Tuesday after Spring Break. Also we got our test back and I got a 90% on it.
I can’t wait for Spring Break. Not only do I have a lot of wedding plans to get done but I’ll be home near the ones that I love. We all ready have plans set our and I am sure more are to come. Sometime while my mom and Sarah are home we will be going shopping for my dress. I have a feeling though that I may not like it. I am an odd shape person. I am chubby but it’s not shown in the bust area. Like so many designers and stores think. If ur round in the middle then u must be big up top too. Hopefully though I’ll find a dress and it will be The dress. Also during Spring Break my bridesmaids and my maid of honor will be trying on their dresses. It would make it much easier to see what they will wear once I figure out my own. Also Stephen and I are most likely going to discuss guest list and all that jazz. Also I need to celebrate my maid of honors twentieth birthday because she only turns 20 once. Also I have a dentist appointment and I really can’t wait for that. I think that’s it for Spring Break.


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Engagement Story

So I know everyone is dying to know, how Stephen purposed to me. Everyone wants to know the details of the whole thing. Well I am going to tell you all at once on here. It all started on Wednesday. Usually Stephen comes down to spend time with me on Wednesday but we both agree that money wise it’s not the best thing to be doing. So last Wednesday I went to bed earlier then I have in awhile. During the night I had a dream. The dream I had was a candlelight dinner with Stephen. Of course in the dream, Stephen had a cocky smile on his face. Well when I woke up on Thursday I told Stephen the dream and he said, “We can do that this weekend.” So Thursday night Stephen prepared for a candlelight dinner. On Friday, I went through my normal routine and went class then to work till two. While I was at work being pretty bored I was thinking about Stephen’s and I past. I was thinking about our first dance when we were fourteen. Then the first time we doubled with someone on a date. The first time he asked me to a school dance. The first time he asked me to be his girlfriend. The first time we held hands, first kiss, first I love yous, first breakup, first Sunday call. I asked him in a txt “What do you think I am thinking of.” He sent me one back saying, “Your thinking that I might purpose to you tonight. Which I am not going to purpose to you at dinner.” I wasn’t thinking about it until he said something. But I let it go.
That night when I got home. Mom and me went to get my hair trimmed and eyebrows wax. Both which was much needed. Then on the way back home so I could hop in the shower. We saw a hot air balloon that was about to hit the ground so we followed it and watched them take it down in a field. Then went home. I hopped in the shower and when I got out Stephen was there. He helped my mom put two new hoses on the washer and then we left for his house after he called Peter to tell him to light the candles. When we got there all the lights were off but it looked like the lights were still on. I put my things that I brought with me down in his room and then I went upstairs. The table was gorgeous. He had the cd that I made him with all the songs that reminded us of our relationship playing on his laptop. I went to sit down with my back to the window and he looked up and said, “That’s my seat.” So I changed seats without thinking. He brought the food over, Pork with potatoes and carrots and green beans. He then picked up his glass and held it looking at me, still standing. I thinking he was going to give a toast raised my own glass and looked at him. He then said raising his glass, “Marry Me.” He then gestured to the candlestick in the middle of the table and there was my ring facing me. I was gobsmacked and in total shock. He pulled the ring off and I just nodded my head yes. He placed the ring on my finger and then kissed me. On the laptop the song was Love Story by Taylor Swift.
After dinner we stood up and danced to our song, “Don’t wanna miss a thing.” And kept dancing before long I was really antsy I wanted to call some people but didn’t want to ruin the moment either. Finally, he pulled away and he goes, “Okay go ahead and call people.” So we were on the phones sending out mass txt messages and then me calling some siblings. Then he cleaned the table and made it look like everything was back to what it was before he asked me. Then we took tons of pictures of the whole thing. After awhile it was getting really hot in the room. We found out that the candles made the room 90 degrees. So we blew out all forty two candles in the room and then I changed into something else. When I was done we went to go to QT to get a couple of sodas. On the way out of the parking lot. Stephen slammed on his breaks and said, “No way.” I thought he saw someone he knew. But he opened his car door and reached down and there was a rose unharmed. He gave it to me and we both cracked up laughing. Everything was perfect. We chose a date and a place. July 11th, 2009 at the stake center in Olathe.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midterm Week

So life here at school are hectic to say the least. This week is midterms which means that college students get to find out how well they did the first half and how much they will have to work to get their grades up in the end. I am one of those people who tend to study, yes. But not as much as I should and when midterms grades come out I realize that I need to use all my free time pretty much to study. Math is going around. We are about to take our second chapter test tomorrow and hopefully I know graphs pretty well and be okay for it. History is going. We have our second test next week. I think I failed the first one but my fifty points of extra credit points should cover it pretty well. Biology, I failed the first test to my disappointment. Today I took another test in there and hopefully did really well. I heard that the second test was easier and I thought it was easy but I tend to think it’s easy and fail the test. So let’s hope I did well. In Fiction Writing we are tearing our beautiful masterpieces up and finding out every little flaw. Mine is up on Tuesday and to tell the truth I am so not looking forward to it. In Music we had our midterm this week and did our second presentation. We have our third presentation after spring break and I am not looking forward. I was trying to save the second presentation video to my computer but it wouldn’t save so I didn’t upload it. Plus I sounded way off key…maybe my high school choir teacher was right and I have no such singing voice. I start my PE class next Monday which will make work scheduling kind of difficult.
Meaning of work. I have read so many magazines so far that people read in a life-time. Some of them I have no clue what they were talking about just looked at pretty cool French pictures. As the words were in French. I have also learned about engineering and such. Also learned about different libraries over the whole wide world. A couple of times I see last names that make me think, “Hey I think my mom mentioned them.” But who knows if I have any family members in the magazines. But it’s been going pretty well. I believe I should be getting my first pay check this weekend totally excited for it.
In other things thing are going pretty well. I am trying to lose weight for myself and for some what a future. I am trying to get down from the obese area and in the healthy. But it’s going to be awhile. But I have been working out on the wii fit and that’s helping. Also been watching my food intake and I have lost two inches from my waist. So that’s pretty exciting and I think I might need to wear a belt with my jeans. We shall see.
I am totally excited for this weekend. Stephen’s cooking me a candlelight dinner which shall be fun. I will most likely dress up and put makeup on and hopefully I’ll be able to not cough or have a fever tomorrow.

More later,