Tuesday, March 31, 2009

102 Days till the Wedding

Man sometimes it feels like this week is just dragging on and on. But I thought I catch you up on what’s going on with me this week. So Thursday was pretty boring to the fact that I wanted to be home and not here at school. I went through my day like always learned about evolution in science. I have to say that I believe there is a middle ground between evolution and creationism. Now I know that Mormons basically believe in creationism. But there are some things about evolution that have to be right. Like the fact that we have so many animals that are based off each other. There is no way that they are related to each other in some way. But Thursday night, Stephen came down to see me which brighten my week up.
Friday morning I had math like always and then went to work. Knowing my ride, Karl would have class till three I just did my own thing. Well then I heard the sleet hit the window and I thought I might want to tell Karl about it. Within the hour we left, and it was already getting slick in Emporia. Of course only Emporia got the ice storm so it kind of helped. Though that night back home even received the rain that turned into ice. The next morning on Saturday they all predicted that it would snow in the morning but no it didn’t snow till the afternoon. Stephen and I decided to go see my mom who was back in the hospital and we didn’t even get up there because we slide on some snow into a curb. The car might be actually totaled but thankfully, we both are okay and that’s what matters. Two car accidents in two weeks, this doesn’t sound good. So Saturday we hung out at his parents house and I got to shovel their driveway.
It’s going to be interesting moving in to the Mitts family household that is for sure. But they all are pretty excited to have me moving in as well as Stephen. Johanna is really excited since she has been the only girl other then her mom in the house since she was born. She said it will be nice to have me around when I am home from school. Stephen’s mom is pretty excited and she can’t wait to have me around. But it still going to be weird and it’s going to most likely take me awhile to get used to it.
Saturday night I went home to an empty house and scheduled for my classes for the fall. I am going to have a semi hard semester next year not as hard as this year though which will be nice. Also I found out that I should be done within two years of school. So that is pretty excited. Sunday I went back to the Mitts family and we went to church with them. It was quite interesting and I finally was able to see some of my old friends and catch up. Other then I had a migraine that lasted all of it. Then I had to head back to school what fun.
Monday, was a fun day. Hint the sarcasm. I was really thinking I might have a good week and heavens no it starts out worse. I sat down in my first class, Math, and my knee slipped out of the socket. What joy…oh good news is I am making over two hundred dollars from this week and last week.

Story I had to write for my Fiction Writing Class
James looked around the room trying his best to not look at his best friend’s little sister. Lately though that’s all he has been thinking about is her. He turned in time to see Lizzy running towards him. She had a certain look about her that he has never seen about her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without meaning to, without the fact that her whole family were watching, James kissed her.
After several minutes or maybe a half hour to a couple of days they broke apart the room around them gone quiet perhaps too quiet. Several family members whistled and the younger children giggled. The sound of a glass bottle breaking, James looked up at Lizzy’s father who was holding shatter glass. While her mother was beaming, but James sought out his best friend, Lizzy’s brother. When he found him in the corner the was still holding on to the knife and wearing an expression of utter shock. For a second at most they made eye contact with each other, then Andrew gave a jerk of his head that James understood to mean, Well –if you must.


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