Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Planning, Classes, and Spring Break

Things are sort of different since I have become engaged. Like the fact that I am wearing a ring on my finger. But the more I wear it the more I am used to wearing it. The more that I want to be with Stephen. It’s like an extra push to do well in school and for the chance to be able to come home quicker to be with him for the rest of our lives. I am also having a extra push to lose weight even more. I work on my wii and wii fit more and I am starting to slowly eat more healthy. Also when I have some free time I work on wedding plans. Like right now I am working on finding a bouquet that I like for myself and my bridesmaids. I think I have them now as long as my sister Necia can do them. The dresses for the bridesmaids have been pretty much chosen except I want to see what the girls look like in them. Because each girl has a different body type then the others. My maid of honor is Sarah. Then my other two friends Katelyn and Missy are my bridesmaids. All three have been in my life for a long time and have a huge part of who I am.
In other things math class we are starting in geometry. I started a new class on Monday and it’s a fitness class. It looks like a pretty easy class just a lot of busy work so it seems. Also it look like I’ll be home the Wednesday of Finals week. I am pretty excited with that fact. Because it’s sooner then I thought it would be so I can be closer to Stephen and my mom. So Monday’s class was pretty much the introduction to the class and some notes about what we will be doing. In history we are learning about the holocaust. Which happens to be my favorite history subject. I love learning about it because it was so hard on people during that time. In elementary school up to junior high school I used to read almost every chapter book about it and people who lived during it. On Thursday we are having our second exam and it looks pretty easy for the most part. In biology we are now talking about plants how they reproduce. Did you know that all red roses are man made maybe that’s why they are so expensive. On our last exam I did way better then the first one and got a 74%. In fiction writing we are cliquing everyone short stories. Mine went up yesterday and everyone pretty much dissed my work and tore it apart piece by piece. It was like a lion ripping pieces of a wildebeest. I was dishearten about it. But I just went on to my next class. Music class we are learning about writing up lessons plans and talked about our next presentations which is Tuesday after Spring Break. Also we got our test back and I got a 90% on it.
I can’t wait for Spring Break. Not only do I have a lot of wedding plans to get done but I’ll be home near the ones that I love. We all ready have plans set our and I am sure more are to come. Sometime while my mom and Sarah are home we will be going shopping for my dress. I have a feeling though that I may not like it. I am an odd shape person. I am chubby but it’s not shown in the bust area. Like so many designers and stores think. If ur round in the middle then u must be big up top too. Hopefully though I’ll find a dress and it will be The dress. Also during Spring Break my bridesmaids and my maid of honor will be trying on their dresses. It would make it much easier to see what they will wear once I figure out my own. Also Stephen and I are most likely going to discuss guest list and all that jazz. Also I need to celebrate my maid of honors twentieth birthday because she only turns 20 once. Also I have a dentist appointment and I really can’t wait for that. I think that’s it for Spring Break.


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