Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday onward

So life here is pretty nice and quiet for the most part. I went to the dentist on Tuesday and found out shall I say it two cavities which were filled on Wednesday without any numbing or laughing gas. He said I was his favorite patient for that day and my mom came in second place. That night Stephen and I babysat my munchkins while they slept. We planned for wedding plans and designed our cake that we would like. Hopefully we will be able to have that cake. Today my mom and me got into a fight which left us both out of it. But she is also prepping herself for surgery for tomorrow. Which I will be sitting bored out of my mind in the hospital all day long. Yippee. But someone has to do it so why not me. Stephen tried to get it off but it seems like everyone wants that Friday off. Oh well.


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