Monday, May 18, 2015

36 Weeks Pregnant!

I can't believe I made it to 36 weeks. This pregnancy actually reminds me a lot of when I was pregnant with Ginny. As, I have late gestational diabetes and feeling great until this week. So, I am not surprised when things are going down hill. I am so tired it's hard to keep my eyes open for longer then an hour as of lately. Also, contractions have officially started which is a lot of fun in itself. I am used to the "fake" ones but these ones that I am getting lately are no so fake. They starting to hurt. Anyways, last I knew my blood pressure was doing great, but if it's like Ginny it will do great then it will quickly very quickly become not so great sometime around now. Anyways, my mom told Stephen and I that she would watch the kids so we could do a session in the temple. Because, who knows how long before we are able to do another session after Mason arrives. So, I got up on Saturday, at 4:30am so that I could have breakfast. That way before the session I could take my blood sugar. It was rough, but I made it. We finally, arrived at the temple. It was so pretty with the clouds rolling in to show that we would be having storms later. Stephen and I got into our session and it was relaxing. Mason decided it would be great to be super active through the session which caused some nice contractions to start. Afterwards, I thought, it would be neat to get some maternity pictures taken in front of the temple for my 36 weeks. Who knows when I will actually go in labor.

We then went out to brunch afterwards at the Egg & I. It was not what I thought it was and Stephen and I both said we will not be back to eat their anytime soon. Though, they were busy with graduations and even some baby showers. Actually, when we arrived a lady who was 9 months pregnant water broke. Stephen and I looked at each and prayed that would not happen to me while we were there. As did the others who were pregnant that were in attendance. So after we ate our brunch, we headed to do our shopping at Sam's. Then headed home, I literally wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. Which I did, in Ginny's bed and slept for a good hour. It was a great day though, and we had fun. Ginny and Miles had fun garage sale shopping with my mom. Who bought them a kids work bench and now the kids fight over all the time. She also got them lots of clothes for the summer.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Miles Turns Two

So, now Ginny is four years old and soon after on the 30th of April, Miles turned two years old. It's amazing to think how fast time how went to now make me a mom of a four year old and two year old. Miles, had his favorite thing for dinner that night and we then had cupcakes, okay, well, the kids, Stephen, and my mom had cupcakes while I watched them enjoy the delicious chocolate iced cupcakes. It's hard to watch when you have gestational diabetes. So, a little about Miles. Miles can now speak up to three word sentences. His vocab had increased in the past month to be amazing. He has almost officially stopped biting Ginny and myself. He was weaned from breastfeeding at about 19 months old. He loves to play outside and does not mind screaming on top of his lungs if forced to go inside. He loves to wrestle and especially his Daddy. He still loves to cuddle and gives kisses. He is officially sleeping in his toddler bed and most nights sleeps through the night. YAHOO! He can now officially fall asleep by himself at night without anyone being in his room. He loves to "read" books about all different things especially Daddy's scifi books. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons especially the really old black and white ones. He loves to eat chicken nuggets, pb sandwiches, chips, fruit snacks, and fiber one bars. He loves to help around the house and does his chores like a pro. Such as vacuuming the stairs with help of Grammy. As you can see things have changed in our household. Things are only going to get better. I love this little guy and can't wait to see him with his baby brother soon. -Kendra