Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Life

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Life is interesting to say the least but it’s been busy. On Friday I went to work and then my mom came and picked me up. She and I went to Wal-Mart’s and we got me a wii and a wii fit. I have been wanting one for awhile and so I was in a kind of high to actually get it. The reason I wanted it was because it would be easier to work out when it just in my room. And it’s a lot of fun. So that was that. On Saturday, I went off to a halo party with Stephen. We went to his friend Terrell’s house and had a lot of fun. Other then I was the oldest one there other then Terrell’s parents so that was kind of interesting. I enjoyed though talking to Terrell’s parents and playing Stephen’s favorite game apples to apples. I did though kill some people in halo. I am slowly getting better which is always good. It’s a good way to get aggression out.
On Sunday, we went to the Laudies and had dinner there. Stephen played with Brother Laudie in pool and do believe Brother Laudie won. I learned finally how to make Chicken and dumplings and made it for Stephen and I. Stephen made some really good dark chocolate brownies and my mom made this really good lemon pound cake. We played a lot of golf card game which is one of my favorite games. I won the first time we played and I believe my mom won the second time. Though I pretty much handed the good cards to Stephen.
On Monday, I went off to math class and then went off to work. Once I was done I decided to hook up my wii and I worked out for a good time. Then on Tuesday I went off to classes and learning about the twenties in History. And learning about different places around the world in Biology. Though in Biology I had an hour and a half nose bleed which left me feeling sick to my stomach. Then in Music class we had to present I might save my video and put it up on here. It was kind of weird to tell the truth. On Wednesday I did pretty much what I usually do on Wednesdays. Then Today…so far learning about the Dust Bowl and Depression. Did you know that the unemployment rate right now is 7.6. My history teacher said that when we hit double digits it’s more serious. Let’s hope that we don’t get to that.

Oh and I have my story here:
As the Dead Lies
Melly had blond roots hiding under the black hair dye job that she did to herself the night before. The black dress she wore covered her from neck to her ankles and the heavy boots on her feet felt like she wouldn’t be able to move at all. The make-up on her face plastered and crusted to her perfect round cheeks to show her youth. Melly eyes glanced around the room and saw a little girl hugging her mother. She wished she wasn’t there at all watching this family mourn their loved one. Melly stood in line to meet the family some family members she rather not meet and others she wondered about. When her hands shook an old weathered lady, Melly eyes met the famous trait. The old lady blue eyes shown into Melly’s brown eyes like a beacon of familiar. How she craved to see the blue eyes on someone else. Her hands were soft as she had caressed her grandchildren faces over the years. When Melly came up on the little girl, she too had the familiar blue eyes. The little girl most likely had no clue what was going on but knew it was something bad as she had tears streaking down her face. The mother of the child stared at her with cold dark blue eyes. She never let Melly touch her hands as they were clenched to her side, “You shouldn’t have come.”
“I had too.” Melly took notice that the mother’s clothes looked like they came off of a shown room. The jewelery was sparkling and nearly blinded everyone in the room and Melly took notice how everyone tried hard not to stare at the two of them as they were holding up the line, “Sandra, I am sorry for your loss.”
“You are the one who killed him,” The lady eyes shown hard onto Melly’s face. Melly felt her self pull back into her shell begging to move on the next person. So in deed Sandra was still blaming her even though after several times of trying to say it wasn’t her fault.
Melly finally walked to the casket the was all black with a equisetic design on the box. She leaned in and saw the familiar face of a friend and wished that his eyes would open. His black suit was closed tightly around his musle frame and she knew that he was never into wearing suits. She chuckled to the fact that she now knows why, it wasn’t his type of clothes. Her soft angelic hand gently ran through the now waxed hair and pushed it to where he usually wore his hair. He looked like he would if his mother ordered him out of a magazine. She leaned her petite body frame down to where she can kiss him from another’s view it most likely looked like she was trying to climb into the casket with him. When her lips touched his forehead a sob escaped her body and she closed her eyes hoping to stop the tears before they came. She stood up straight knowing the truth that she wasn’t the one who drove him to where he is now. But glancing at his friends next to the casket, she felt like if they had mind powers she would been dust awhile ago. She nodded her head at them and then looked back at the casket, “You had to leave me, and now I am on my own. I need you, Ryan.”
A couple of tears escaped her eye and hit the body in the casket and when she turned around her eyes hit the familiar cousin she met a year ago. Micheal was the total opposite of his cousin in the casket. He was taller and more boulder in his move as if with each step he took would shake the room. The clothes he wore now were different from black to blue. He wore a bright teal blue shirt and jeans to his cousin funeral. He held his head up and straight. The blue eyes that were familiar to Melly like diamonds to a girl and his eyebrow arched at Melly. “Hello Melody,” Micheal said looking at her then at the casket, “It’s too bad we have to meet at this time.”
“Yeah,” Melody heard the Sandra telling other family members who she is and she let out a big sigh. She knew more glares were soon to follow, “I wish it was a different time to see you again.”
“It seems like you are not the right person to talk to today, why is that,” Micheal said glancing around the room.
“Perhaps it’s because everyone believes that Ryan and I broke up two days before…” Melly cut off and glanced away scared she just made another person dislike her. Micheal hand touched her chin and turned her to face him, “He called me, it’s not your fault. You doing okay though?”
“No, I miss him. I knew this was going to happen.”
“The fight?”
“Yeah, he told me that I deserve better. He said he couldn’t let himself take me down and he also told me he doesn’t deserve to live. I blew up at him, I guess.”
“It’s not your fault you couldn’t have known. More then truth it’s his own fault.” Micheal said glancing at his younger cousin. Melly then said, “I asked…”
“What did he say to you?”
“He told me he had it all planned out. I told him if he loved me he wouldn’t do this.” Melly then ran her hand over her left hand and felt the ring the movement caught Micheal’s eye, “When did he ask you?”
“The first day of the summer vacation. That’s why he wanted me to meet you, he said he wanted your opinion on our relationship. Because he valued your opinion verus anyone elses.”
“I didn’t know that was why.”
“Yeah, I didn’t either.”
“So here we are still at the funeral for him.” Micheal glanced at his cousin to his cousin’s was suppose to be wife. He watched her try and block out the crowd glaring at her which was getting more and more since word was starting to fly. Melly then said, “I think it was more of way for him to stay alive.”
“I don’t think so, he loved you,” Micheal said raising an eyebrow at her.
“The engraving has more meaning to it now, then ever before.” Melly said taking off her glove on her hand. Micheal looked down at the ring and was impressed with what he saw. It fit the young women standing in front of him. She then said, “I love you, those three words have more meaning then life.”
Melly glanced at Ryan in the casket and then tears just fell down her face like a water fall. She had no clue how she was going to handle the actual funeral tomorrow as this was the wake. Nothing in the room was like the man inside the casket, it was his mother written all over it. Ryan would have some sport memobilia and pictures of her with him along the casket. He would want that kind of place. Melly realized that this was a place where she shouldn’t be. She looked at Micheal then smiled a sweet smile, “You know. I think I know what he meant that day.”
“What do you mean?” Micheal said glancing back at her.
“He said, Melly don’t let my family take over. You know me far better then anyone else does.” Melly chuckled then turned to face the casket and said, “I am going to do just that.”
Micheal then without knowing knew what Melly meant and watched her leave the funeral home. He was sure that tomorrow was going to be an interesting day and in truth he couldn’t wait to see it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling Loved

So yesterday I actually had math class and got my math test back. I got a B on it. Which I really was hoping to get an A on. It seemed though that my teacher thought to minus a point off each question if I reduced the fraction. So I think I am going to go talk to her about it on Monday. Because I feel like it’s the right answer and it doesn’t say to not reduce it. So maybe I can get it up to the A that I need and want. Then of course I went to work and worked four hours. I am starting to get the hang of my job and to tell the truth it’s pretty easy. It’s just really really boring.
Today, was boring enough. I actually made it to class with minutes to spare. I thought I would be super smart and bring my laptop to class to take the notes and my goodness my history professor speaks too fast in the morning. He likes to drink four cups of coffee before class. Anyone see a problem for his students. But he’s a really nice teacher. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the look of our class though. We are suppose to have sixty people in this class and only twelve of us showed up. So can we say pop quiz day. The question was what our name was. Then in biology I took my laptop to and found out that I love typing notes up instead of writing them. In Fiction Writing it was the normal thing. Though I did find out that I have a story due next week…I just need a plot. I’ll put it up once I am done writing it. Then off to work.
Okay, like I said I have a journal jar and I thought why not and write some of the questions in each of my post. Today’s question is, “Write about feeling loved. Who has loved you in your life?” I had to choose a tough one today. Feeling loved is something that is different for each person. It’s the feeling that no matter what you say or do they will never leave your side. Sure you may have a fight with said person but in the end they won’t give up on you. It’s when you can look the person in the eye and see the love for you shining back towards you and you just know what they are feeling. It’s when you know that they will be there when you need them. They may not understand what is going on but they will be there and listen to you.
A lot of people have loved me in my past and present, and hopefully future. Each person loves me differently though. My family, my friends, Stephen, family friends, church family, and many other people that there is too many to count.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

Well things have gotten quite busy here at school and in life in general since I last written. I am sorry about not writing. I’ll try to write more but hopefully won’t bore you guys to death in the process. All my classes are speeding up, I just had a test today in my history class and I think I did pretty well. It was an interesting period that we were studying the time right before World War I. Then went to biology and lately I am having trouble keeping up in the lecture with notes. So I brought my laptop with me to class and typed my notes as he was talking and let me tell you it was so much easier…I am so bringing my laptop to class now. I might do the same thing in history now. In fiction writing we are finally out of the romantic period and now working on realism so look forward to my work in that department soon. My math class was cancelled on Monday so that meant no class this past Monday. But on Friday we had a test that was only nine questions and it was pretty easy to tell the truth. I think though I missed a question or two. Things happen. That’s what’s going on in school.
My mom went in the hospital again this past week and finally got out yesterday morning. Thanks for all the people who went to see her while she was there. There is no sign of her having surgery anytime soon so it’s a touch and go situation. In other news Stephen came down for Valentine’s Day weekend and we went out to eat on Saturday. We went to a really nice place here called Montana Mikes it’s a steakhouse and it’s pretty good price. Of course the place was packed but it didn’t take long for us to get a table and then to get our food. The waitress was really nice as well Stephen and I said that we would most likely come back. Then Stephen and I went back to my dorm room and we exchanged gifts for Valentine’s Day. He got me a practical gift which was an mp3 because my last one had died most likely from me using all the time. The mp3 player actually looks a lot like a ipod so it’s pretty cool and I will use it. Actually it already has music on it. I gave Stephen four wine goblets that I painted myself. I love painting pottery and I think I have gotten pretty good at it. You should see all my pottery I have done since I started painting there.
Also on Monday I started my brand new job. I work at the library in the technology area. I deal with the very very old books and journals. I must thank my mom and the Family History Center back home for teaching me about macro film. My job is to use a huge binder that has about over 1,000 pages in it and go through every single book that has journals in it and make sure all the journals/magazines that are suppose to be there are there. That will take the whole semester in working on that. Through I am on my feet most of the time I do get to listen to music and that is a good thing because I am pretty much by myself. Though I had a life scaring event on Monday at work. I was working in the shelves area where the shelves will fold together so people can go down another. Well they have senors so they won’t close in on them. I must be small enough that the sensor didn’t catch me and the shelf I was working on started to close in on me…thankfully I moved real quick and walked where the sensor was. But after that I was really shaky for awhile.

I think that is it for now. I’ll write Thursday if I can’t figure out what to write I have a thing that I barely use called a journal jar and answer some questions on here that are written on pieces of paper in the jar.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of My Writing Homeworks

Here it is

Whoever has made a voyage up the I-70 must remember the plains. They are a dismembered branch of the great Kansas plains family, and are seen to the north and south of the highway, flowing and waving to the noble sea of grain, and lording it over the sounding forest. Every change of seasons, every change of weather, indeed every hour of the day, produce some change in the magical hues and shapes of the grains; and they regarded by all the good house-wives, far and near, as perfect barometers. When the weather is fair and settled they are clothed in tans and yellows, and print their soft outlines on the clear evening sky; but sometimes, when the rest of the landscape is cloudless, they will gather a hood of a mud brown vapors about the ground, which in the highness of the mighty sun is at the height of it’s peak making even the plains become natural.

A Beautiful Weekend turned to A stuck on the couch weekend

So sorry not writing about Friday. So Fridays, I only have one class and that is Elementary Math for Elementary Teachers II. It’s a difficult class to tell the truth, don’t give me that look. It’s not as easy as it sounds at all. Anyway we have been working on sets and subsets finally are almost off it. Then the rest of Friday, I go to the gym and work out for an hour. Then clean my room and do laundry. I swear my laundry is breeding. By eight o’clock, Stephen arrived which made my day. We went out to eat to Applebee’s which is pretty much the only place we have around here. We had though a nice waiter who brought out refills of our drinks without asking and pretty much left us alone. We made sure to give him a good tip for keeping an eye on us but also pretty much staying away. We then went to Wal-Mart to walk around and to have our food settle.

Saturday was an extremely nice day. It was a day where you can wear capris and a t-shirt and just enjoy yourself outside. We ate lunch in the cafeteria and then sat outside and talked about everything really. As we were sitting there we noticed people were throwing water balloons at cars and people from four to five stories on the other dorm building. I told the RAs in my building about it who called over there but each time the RAs came out they were either a floor below or a floor above them. We got sick of watching them so we headed inside instead. Later we went back out and played Frisbee for a couple of hours with Jamie and Kathi. It’s a great workout if done right…Stephen and I then went out to eat at Taco Bell for dinner. Then walked around the mall which was really interesting. Since inside the mall were tons of cars that a car dealership was selling. So you could get behind the wheel of several different cars. I loved the pick-up trucks and of course the mustang. It was beautiful red mustang with its top down. Then we back to school and watched a movie with Kathi (who fell asleep) and headed to bed.

Sunday shot off with a bang that’s for sure. We went to brunch and I was sitting down at the table when my left knee slipped out of its socket. I tried not to scream for fear that they would call 911 as I tried to put my knee back in it’s socket. I tried with everything that I had to get it back but I soon begged and pleaded for help as I put my head into Stephen’s neck and cried. Stephen had no clue what to do as the first time I pulled my knee out we just moved my legs in front of me and it popped back in. Finally though he was able to push it back in. When I finally calmed down I looked around the cafeteria I felt like everyone was watching me. So the rest of the time we were in there I couldn’t eat. My friends were really edgy about the whole thing. So the rest of the day, Stephen and I watched the Food Network on T.V and just relaxed.

Monday nothing really happened other then my friends were really on edge. I just felt like none of them wanting me to be around them because they didn’t want to deal with me having my knee pop out. I felt like my friends were scared for it to happen again. Monday though I pretty much study and do homework for Tuesday so I could relax after seven at night and talk to Stephen on the phone. But I got to see my ex-roommate Lisa who showed me her new engagement ring. It is so pretty and it’s his great-grandmothers ring. Which I thought was really special. So I must say Congrats on the engagement. It’s amazing how many of my friends are getting engaged. I have a fear I will be going to a lot of wedding’s in the coming two years.
Today, already started out slowly. I couldn’t get to sleep last night because my knee didn’t want to stop hurting finally I fell asleep to be awoken at five o’clock by my alarm. Which I promptly changed to seven o’clock and slept in. I then talked to Stephen through text messages as we both got ready for the day. He went off to work while I went off to my history class. We have a test next week so we were getting close to the end of this part of history. We just got to the part when Roosevelt became president. Some of it is pretty interesting like the women movements. Then I went off to biology which was test day…shudder. I hate test may I point that out. Anyways, I took the test within thirty minutes which I have to admit might not have been the best thing. The test though was very easy in truth and it was surprising since everyone warned me that he was a hard professor. Well that’s it for now…more after I get done with classes today.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing Really Interesting...

So I thought I would write every other day instead of every day. Don't want to bore you guys. So Thursday was a bad day then it changed to an okay day. I woke up with the urge to go the restroom at four in the morning to find that my laptop crashed. It's so nice for it to give me the Blue Screen of Death. For those who know what that is know how troubling it is to recieve the screen. Let's just say at four thirty in the morning when you see that screen it wakes you up mighty quickly. Thankfully I have just noticed that my laptop is even more slow. Which Stephen's going to look at. Also I had trouble getting online yesterday and now I keep getting error messages.
Classes on Thursday were okay though. In my history class we were talking about late nineteenth century politics. So it was pretty boring to tell the truth, but thats how it is I guess. Some of the things are pretty interesting like the fact that the reason we have parks is because of back then. But in truth with my history class barely anyone actually shows up. There is suppose to be around sixty people in my class and usually only sixteen show up since after the first week of classes. My professor on the first day said that if less then fifty percent of class shows up then we will have a five point pop quiz. Well...we have had pop quizes almost every class period. Which is kind of nice because he gives you the answer so it's an easy five points. So so far I have one hundred percent in the class. But I do feel sorry for my professor. Here he is getting up at four in the morning to get here by eight to teach less then half of his students. It's amazing how many lazy college students there are. If you don't think you can get to class then you should schedule your classes later in the day then in the start of the day. You are either paying for this class right now or later on will have to pay for it. So why not go to it. In my biology class we have been learning about genetics and dna. This is the stuff that I truely love to hear. I am sure Stephen is most likely getting sick of me asking questions about ear lobes and hair line. But in truth it's been an interesting class. I have the test for this class on Tuesday and I am sure I'll be okay just need to brush up on some of the terms for it.
Later that day I had a job interview at the libarary and let me tell you. I was a nervous wreck with it. Everyone told me to just calm down and relax. I believe I did really well for my first interview. Hopefully, I'll get the job then I won't have to worry so much about money. That night I just really relaxed and finished my math homework for Friday and then cleaned my room a bit. I am a clean freak in my dorm...scary thought.

KK (I will post Friday stuff after lunch or so...)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Who I Am

So I noticed that a lot of my friends are starting their own blogs. I started one a long time back about being a college student with arthritis but no one seem to be too interested in that fact so I kind of ended it. But I thought why not find a way to keep my family in touch with what’s going on with me and also my friends. So here is who I am.

I am a twenty-one year old college student who is desperately wishing that she was done with college. I am in my who knows what year. Actually this is my third year of college I just can’t figure out what status I am actually in now. Anyways I am studying to be an elementary teacher and perhaps a novelist in my free time. I have to admit that I love my classes I take that are in my major and minor more then I like my gen eds. I am taking this semester Elementary Music for Elementary teachers, Advanced Fiction Writing, Biology, Math for Elementary/Middle School teachers II, and History at the moment. Then the second part of the semester I’ll start Lifetime Fitness. So that’s school life.

I am the youngest of four. I have one brother, two sisters, and two brother-in-laws. I also have eight nieces and nephews who I adore and they run from age sixteen to six years old. So you most likely will guess that I kind of grew up with my nieces and nephews more then I did with my own siblings. I am a family person to say the least on that aspect.

I have a lot of really great friends, church friends, back home friends, and school friends. But some of them have really been my friends for longer and have pretty much became family. My best friend Sarah is my light and she keeps me going at times when I just wanted to quit. Then there is my lovely boyfriend Stephen who I have been dating for four months now. It’s amazing to feel so much for him and I can tell you that we are serious in our relationship. He loves to treat me really well and I always tend to tell him that he spoils me. But in truth I don’t know what I would do without him by my side. He is the one who pushes me to do well in school and keeps me going so I can achieve my dreams.

Well that’s all for now.