Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Who I Am

So I noticed that a lot of my friends are starting their own blogs. I started one a long time back about being a college student with arthritis but no one seem to be too interested in that fact so I kind of ended it. But I thought why not find a way to keep my family in touch with what’s going on with me and also my friends. So here is who I am.

I am a twenty-one year old college student who is desperately wishing that she was done with college. I am in my who knows what year. Actually this is my third year of college I just can’t figure out what status I am actually in now. Anyways I am studying to be an elementary teacher and perhaps a novelist in my free time. I have to admit that I love my classes I take that are in my major and minor more then I like my gen eds. I am taking this semester Elementary Music for Elementary teachers, Advanced Fiction Writing, Biology, Math for Elementary/Middle School teachers II, and History at the moment. Then the second part of the semester I’ll start Lifetime Fitness. So that’s school life.

I am the youngest of four. I have one brother, two sisters, and two brother-in-laws. I also have eight nieces and nephews who I adore and they run from age sixteen to six years old. So you most likely will guess that I kind of grew up with my nieces and nephews more then I did with my own siblings. I am a family person to say the least on that aspect.

I have a lot of really great friends, church friends, back home friends, and school friends. But some of them have really been my friends for longer and have pretty much became family. My best friend Sarah is my light and she keeps me going at times when I just wanted to quit. Then there is my lovely boyfriend Stephen who I have been dating for four months now. It’s amazing to feel so much for him and I can tell you that we are serious in our relationship. He loves to treat me really well and I always tend to tell him that he spoils me. But in truth I don’t know what I would do without him by my side. He is the one who pushes me to do well in school and keeps me going so I can achieve my dreams.

Well that’s all for now.


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