Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing Really Interesting...

So I thought I would write every other day instead of every day. Don't want to bore you guys. So Thursday was a bad day then it changed to an okay day. I woke up with the urge to go the restroom at four in the morning to find that my laptop crashed. It's so nice for it to give me the Blue Screen of Death. For those who know what that is know how troubling it is to recieve the screen. Let's just say at four thirty in the morning when you see that screen it wakes you up mighty quickly. Thankfully I have just noticed that my laptop is even more slow. Which Stephen's going to look at. Also I had trouble getting online yesterday and now I keep getting error messages.
Classes on Thursday were okay though. In my history class we were talking about late nineteenth century politics. So it was pretty boring to tell the truth, but thats how it is I guess. Some of the things are pretty interesting like the fact that the reason we have parks is because of back then. But in truth with my history class barely anyone actually shows up. There is suppose to be around sixty people in my class and usually only sixteen show up since after the first week of classes. My professor on the first day said that if less then fifty percent of class shows up then we will have a five point pop quiz. Well...we have had pop quizes almost every class period. Which is kind of nice because he gives you the answer so it's an easy five points. So so far I have one hundred percent in the class. But I do feel sorry for my professor. Here he is getting up at four in the morning to get here by eight to teach less then half of his students. It's amazing how many lazy college students there are. If you don't think you can get to class then you should schedule your classes later in the day then in the start of the day. You are either paying for this class right now or later on will have to pay for it. So why not go to it. In my biology class we have been learning about genetics and dna. This is the stuff that I truely love to hear. I am sure Stephen is most likely getting sick of me asking questions about ear lobes and hair line. But in truth it's been an interesting class. I have the test for this class on Tuesday and I am sure I'll be okay just need to brush up on some of the terms for it.
Later that day I had a job interview at the libarary and let me tell you. I was a nervous wreck with it. Everyone told me to just calm down and relax. I believe I did really well for my first interview. Hopefully, I'll get the job then I won't have to worry so much about money. That night I just really relaxed and finished my math homework for Friday and then cleaned my room a bit. I am a clean freak in my dorm...scary thought.

KK (I will post Friday stuff after lunch or so...)

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