About Us

Our story starts where most story starts the romance between two people. Stephen and myself (Kendra) met in Primary class when we were eight years old. We were always in the same sunday school as we got older. When I was twelve, my parents went through a nasty divorce and I moved across town. Stephen was the one who helped me adjust to the new school. I started to have a crush on him but we became close friends. When he turned 14 (he's a month younger) he came to a church dance and asked me to dance. Every church dance he always danced with me to the song. My crush kept growing. When we entered high school, he would get a ride from Seminary to School every morning with my mom and myself. We became close friends. When he turned 16 I was excited that we might go on a date. When he broke my heart to tell me that he had a girlfriend. I still was his friend and right before our senior year in High School he asked me to be his girlfriend. Our friends were all, "FINALLY!" We dated in High School and a week before our one year anniversary we broke up. We had different plans. 

We stayed in contact as friends and the day of my 21st birthday, he surprised me by coming down to my college and hung out with me all day. On October 6, 2008, he led me around campus following flowers. At the end were roses and a note to say if I wanted to be his girlfriend to call him. Well, I called him and guess what he didn't answer. Finally he called me back and we started to date again. I was very much in love with him. On March 6th, 2009, Stephen created a candlelight dinner and asked me to marry him. I said yes and we married in July 11, 2009. 

We had a busy year of just the two of us, Stephen and I moved from his parents temporary house to their house. Then we moved just me to live in the dorms when that didn't work of us living separate, Stephen moved down. We both got the swine flu, Stephen started working nights. We were finally having a great life just the two of us. Then...something amazing happened. I started to be really tired and took a pregnancy test. I didn't want to look at because I knew it had to be false. So Stephen glanced at and told me that we were expecting our first baby. 

Ginevera (Ginny) was born in April 2011. She was a spitfire from the beginning being born a month early. She talked non-stop since then and has brought us so much joy. She is four years old and is working on reading already. She is my girly girl and loves to dance, sing, color, and play with dolls. She also loves to learn. 

Miles, is our second child. He was a huge surprise to us. He was born April 2013. He is a sweet little boy and so amazing. He teaches us a whole different way to view the world as he is autistic. We are very blessed to have him in our family and we don't see our world any other way. 
Mason, is our youngest. He was born June 2015. He is such a sweet good baby. He loves to snuggle and laugh at his siblings all day. He has a lot of patience when Mama has to deal with older siblings. He loves his snuggles though. 

This our eternal family.