Monday, August 31, 2009


So we are offically in our new place. On Saturday, we moved into our new apartment. We are no longer living apart from each other. We both were excited when Stephen got the job. But being able to move in an apartment together and us being each other roommates is worth everything. Saturday, my mom, Stephen's dad, and Peter moved us from Stephen's parents house and my dorm room into the apartment. My mom and Peter both helped us unpack our things which we treated them to yummy Wheat State pizza. When they left we kept going for awhile then went and had dinner in the cafeteria so we didn't have to cook and didn't have to go get food from the store. We also did a run to walmart and doller general getting stuff that we need.
On Sunday, Stephen made us pancakes then we got to cleaning. We took a break at lunch time to walk to campus to have lunch in the cafeteria. Then we got back to cleaning and unpacking. We then walked to Country Mart where we bought groceries and used tons of coupons. Then soon after we finished the living room, my friends Sam and Shana came by. Sam stayed and chatted while we ate dinner. Then after Sam left I worked on homework while Stephen did dishes and took a shower.
Today, I woke up early and hopped in the shower. While i was in the shower Stephen made breakfast. Eggs, rolls, and apple juice. We then headed to the school to talk to them about the fact of moving out of the dorms officailly. I then showed stephen my class and all the animals in it even my rolly pollys which are still alive. Also my plants...I have two of them growing now. Then he headed home while I was in class. After class I came home to have lunch done and ready to be eat. We then cuddled and talked. Which then he walked me to class. Tonight we have my friend Katelyn and her two roommates coming over for desserts. It's been a nice day...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So yesterday in my field and biology class we measured and weighed different things in metric. Which I think I am going to weight myself in metric now. Then we learned about how to do conversions. But I have to say that my plant was growing. It was one of the few that was above ground for class. Then for my break, I worked on Homework then went to my class Fiction Writing Seminar. In this class we have to set goals and work on something protaining to our goals. Everyone is going to be different so we will be each working alone. We will each have different homework during the semister. It's my last Fiction Writing class! :O After class, I talked to Stephen online via web cam. He was packing at his parents house and I was working on homework when the lady called to say that we got the place in which we can move in on Saturday. I finished some homework and headed to bed knowing that today would be busy.
Today, I did not want to get up and out of bed. I was too toasty under my heating blanket. Smart of me to turn my air condition all the way up and have a fan blowing. It was smart the night before at least. But I made my way to my litature class to find out that the book I am almost done reading was the wrong book. So I found out that I need to read a whole book by Thursday morning. Then I find out that the book I was reading is at the end of the semester. Oh well. In Survey of Exceptionality, we talked about our homework assignments that were due that day. One of the homework was to read an article about People First Language. For those who don't know what that is it's how to put people first before their disablity in the way you speak. Some examples are instead of saying, "The handicapped or disabled." You should say "People with disabilities...", or "Handicapped parking" you should say, "Accessible parking." It's very different then how we talk in every day life. A lot of my classmates and myself actually didn't like the article. Because some of the views of the lady who wrote it are a bit extreme. Also we did a lot of talking about 504 plans and IEPs, and IDEA and ADA. For those who don't know the difference. IDEA is a law that is to have everyone at school age be able to go to school and to be included. IEPs are based off of that and are more based around those who have a learning disablity of some sort. But those with IEPs must have a disablity that is listed under the IDEA act. 504s is a different thing. This is for disablities that are not under the IDEA act. Most of them are physical disablities then that of IEPs. For an example arthritis is not under the IDEA act but it can have a 504 plan. I had an 504 plan where Stephen had a learning disablity so he had an IEP. ADA is more of a long term thing. It is for public buildings and other building that people go into. they are the one who make sure that people who have disablities can get around. So in truth it's pretty interesting. I am learning a lot.
In Encon I am learning about governments. Can I say that it is boring like no other. I am serious though it's going to be the death of me. But because some students decided to talk in the back of the class room we are going to be having a quiz on Thursday of what he taught today.
I haven't been to art yet. But I expect it will be about art. Well I better get some homework done so I can start packing up my room.


Monday, August 24, 2009

What Time is It? School Time...:(

So this past week was hectic. I mean hectic. So I mentioned on last Tuesday that Stephen got a job. Well first he has to work through a temp agencie until he gets the interviews done and all the final procedures done for the job that already knows they want to hire him. So on Wednesday, Stephen and I started to look for a place to live near the college campus but also cheap enough we could afford it. We found a couple of places which we called later that week. School started on Wednesday, I only had one class which wasn't too bad but I had homework. My only class on Wednesday is called Field and Lab which is for Biology. On the first day we took some notes and then we had to plant two plants which we have to keep alive all semester. we were also given containers to find ten rolly polly's that we are also suppose to keep alive the whole semister. I fear for myself. Then I went back to my room and worked on kind of making some room for myself. Of course I talked to Stephen via web cam.
On Thursday, I have four classes. Three in the morning from eight in the morning to twelve thirty. My first class is litature which focuses more on sports. I found out that my teacher has a good sense of humor and one of the ladies that works in the cafeteria is in my class. She's about to have a baby and will need someone to keep her up to date in the class. Which I told her I would help. We got our homework and found out that we have to have a whole book done by next Thursday. Thankfully I am already half way through the book. Then I went to my next class which was Survey of Exceptionality. It's a class where we get to find out on what to do if we have a student who has disablities in our class. It's actually pretty far pretty interesting. The teacher is funny and he promised us that he would suprise us with donuts some mornings. Of course in this class there is a lot of reading and a lot of homework but no exams or quizes in this class which would be nice. I had to read a packet plus the first chapter of the book for class which I litterally just got done yesterday. Then I headed for my last morning class which is Econimics. The teacher voice just drones on. He doesn't change anything in his voice which I can tell is already going to be a bore. I also didn't chose the best spot in the class which was next to one of the girls who won't stop talking and a boy who kept flirting with her the whole time. Of course he also gave us a homework assignment read two chapters out of the book. By the way I didn't have to buy because the book is online and we don't have to bring it to class. Woot. Then I have a break from twelve thirty to four o'clock. Which I started my lovely homework that I knew was going to take up my weekend. Then at four o'clock I had Art appriation. Which the teacher was really nice and she seems to love art. I thought she was really nice and she became an easy teacher when she told us how to get extra credit. She doesn't put a limit on extra credit and all I have to do is either bring an art piece in and show it off or write a one page paper about something art. So it's going to be pretty easy. Also if I get A's on all my exams I don't have to take the final. So it seems like a pretty easy class but the problem is it's going to be a lot of studing. I also got homework by writing a paper and reading a chapter which I haven't gotten to yet.
So far classes seem a lot of fun except one class but I think I can handle that. Also it's going to be a lot of course work and a lot of homework. Because on Friday, I woke up at seven and packed up my backpack full of my homework to get done. Then headed to the cafteria. Not the best place to be when on a diet but I knew i would get homework done. I found a seat and grabbed breakfast and then started to work. I got a lot done between breakfast and lunch time which I let Katelyn in to eat. Then I headed back to my room and worked some more on homework. Only taking breaks to clean my room and do laundry. I was getting a lot done but of course didn't finish everything so I will be doing more homework done.
On Saturday, Stephen and I went looking at apartments and we found one that we both liked a lot. So we took Katelyn to look at it for another view and Katelyn asked questions that we didn't even think about. But she thought it was nice. Then that night we hung out at Katelyn place with her ex roommate nicole watching a couple of movies. Then on Sunday, Stephen and I chilled and relaxed. I worked on some homework while we watched a couple of shows. We also found the ten rolly pollys around campus that I have to keep alive...wish me luck.
Stephen left this morning and either today or tomorrow we will find out if we have the place and move in this week. We are both excite to be living together and alone where we are not sharing a place. It will be nice to be just the two of us. Who knows what might happen. Well, I better get stuff done before class to you later.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So it's back to school with me. I am on the fourth floor this year in the dorms. Which is different then all my years because now I have half of the floor is guys and I litterally am at the halfway point of the hallway, also it's interesting to know that my RA doesn't even live on my floor. It's interesting to say the truth but pretty good. Sunday we finished putting things in the two cars because my mom and Stephen were coming down to help move me in. Of course it was down pour rain all the way here until five miles outside of emporia. Emporia was bright and sunny. Here at school they help you move in so you rarely have to do anything. I checked in and got into my room. My room is smaller then my other room that I have had...okay it's way smaller. It litterally gives me enough floor space for the queen sized air mattrice we got for a wedding gift. On Monday, Stephen and I chilled and went around campus people were still moving in and so campus was moving along. Tuesday morning was the day Stephen was going to head back to home. I tried my best not to cry knowing that we were about to say goodbye that morning. And Stephen was convinced he was going to stay one more day. because he was going to look for jobs. So he called in sick at his job and I found out that on campus there was a job fair. We went and guess what Stephen got a job here at school. We were both really excited for that.
Wednesday morning he headed back and I had to go to my one class for the day. I have to keep ten rolly polly's alive, and two plants alive for the whole sememester. Oh dear. I though found out that one of my friends lives in my old room and is totally loving the room. The door still sticks. Well I better go get ready for my four classes today...don't want to be late.

Oh Stephen and I are looking for a place down here near the school. So we will be moving yet again...oh dear.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Past, Present, Future

So things here at going good. Lately I have been on edge with everything. More like trying not to talk about leaving Sunday. Because everytime that I do talk about it I start crying. Yesterday was my sister-in-law Johanna's birthday. She turned eighteen years old and her lovely boyfriend Karl asked Stephen if he could get her out of the house yesterday. Well he couldn't as he was at work. But I made a call to my friend Sarah and explained to her why. So she took Johanna and me to Sheridans to get frozen custard. We had a nice bonding time the three of us girls. Then she was pleasently surpised by her new bedding set on her bed. I am slowly getting used to having several people in the house and where everything is and how to get stuff done. I have started to make the bed in Stephen and my's room because I did that in my dorm almost every morning. Stephen claimed that he will miss having the bed made when he comes home from work. So I felt like that's something that will most likely contunie while we are married. I am getting used to the fact that I have three younger siblings even though they are my half. Scotty, Johanna, and Charlie. Charlie is fourteen years old and at times acts younger. He likes to surpise you by jumping out of hidden places and likes to just scare you and get on your nerves. Like yesterday I was hit several times by the nerve darts coming out a nerf gun as I watched the movie Twlight. Though today was his first day of school and I have to say it was awful quiet in the house.
Today I worked on setting up a schedule for myself for school. Had to stop midway through it because I was crying. I feel like I am over reacting but I really don't want to go. So far none of my friends are understanding how I feel because they never had to go through it. None of them are married and having to live apart. It will be hard but I know we can get through it. Also I made lunch for Stephen who came home from work for lunch. He and I are trying to spend a lot of time together. Well I believe that's it. Oh tomorrow, I am going with Johanna to get her nails done. Stephen and I are paying for them to get done as her birthday present. Plus it will be another bonding experience for the two of us. Also tomorrow going to get some school supplies hopefully I won't be a wreck. Until another time.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


So it's five in the morning as I start this blog. Why am I a college student who doesn't work up at five o'clock because my body thought it was time for me to wake up at four o'clock this morning. I woke up because I was hot and my knee was slipping out of the socket which isn't always the pleasant way to wake up in the morning. But right now I am on Stephen's computer while he sleeps next to me. It's a great feeling to have the person you love sleeping next to you. How serene they are and how the fact that every little movement you make they make so that they are up against you. As I am sitting here typing away Stephen is sound asleep and while he sleeps I try to think of everything possible thing he is dreaming. It's interesting and relaxing.
It's nice to know that it didn't take us long to get used to sharing the bed with the other person. How easy it was to just scoot over to one side of the bed and give the other person room. How your body reacts when it's sleeping next to the other person. Sure you have your moments when one hits the other but that's all the fun in it. Knowing that I am about to go to school it's hard. Because I will be sleeping alone in my bed. I try to think of ways that I know will happen. Will I cuddle up and sleep more to one side for awhile. Will it be hard to fall asleep without listening to the other person go into a deep slumber. It will be interesting and it will be hard. I know that come weekends I will be excited to be sleeping next to him once again. Because I love those moments when we are cuddled right before we drift slowly off to sleep or how sometimes we talk for a little while while we are cuddled. Those are the things that I am going to miss more then ever.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday :(

So we are back to living under his parents roof. I can't believe a month ago I just woke up after my first night on the honeymoon. Can it really been a month that I no longer could think about myself without considering someone else. It's been a great month. I have learned so much being married and yet I still have a lot to learn from. I love that when I am upset that I have him to calm me down or just hold me until I calm down. He wipes away my tears on my face and says that he loves me. It's enough to make me slowly forget what's bothering me for a little time. But on Sunday I must leave this and go back to the lonely cold dorm room for a little while. I am trying not to think of the time that I will say goodbye to my husband. To just be apart from him is what scares me the most. It's going to be so hard to watch other people kiss their girlfriends or boyfriends before they head to class. It's going to be hard to see some of my friends make out with their others and know that I have to wait till Friday night to see mine. To just be able to feel the warmth of his arms around me and to just listen to him talk. To just cuddle up against him knowing that everything is alright in the world. I am going to miss that during the school days when I am about to tear out my hair from the stress of a homework or just crying in my room because I just can't take it anymore. I am not going to have that. Come by seven o'clock or so on Friday nights I will be in his arms trying to keep a hold of that warmth that smell that I love. To just be near him. But come Monday morning saying goodbye as he walks out the door early and leaving to go back to town for work. It's hard and I am going to try my best to get into a program that is thirty min from our place and know that I am living with him.
Because right now sitting here in this room while he is at work I feel like I am a failer of a wife. That I am leaving my love to go do better things but in reality I don't want to go to class to accomplish my dreams. I want to be in his arms wanting him to accomplish his dreams. He is putting his dreams on hold for what me to finish school and struggle to even get a job. I wish that life was easier then it is. It will be difficult no matter what. I just hope that in the end it will be all worth it.

Until later.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So today it's getting closer to the time where I will say goodbye to my loved ones and head back to school. It's a scary thought to have to be leaving when I don't want to leave the ones that I love so much. Since we have been helping other families in the ward it's been that Stephen and I have barely stayed at his parents house. We stayed at the rental house for a week then moved to the other house. Then that weekend we babysat for a night for Mike and Elyse while they went and stayed at a bed and breakfast for their anniversery. Then the last week of July we went to another house and house sit for another family in the ward and dog sit their dog named luke. We have been here since July 29th and tomorrow is our last day. It's been nice taking care of a house. I am actually very much enjoying being with Stephen in a big house and playing house. I can't wait till we actually get a place on our own and our styles and personality will come out in the decoration of the rooms. Though it's been hard as well, since we are taking care of a dog he not used to having his owners not around so he tends to do the number two somewhere in the house. Of course near the end we have less of that problem as we did in the beginning. I have always wanted another dog for when I have my own family. I want my own kids to have the same experience that I have had when I was younger. Stephen though never wants a dog but a cat. He's a cat person and I am a dog person. He though said we could get a dog till now. Now he doesn't want a dog because of the trouble we have had with Mr. Luke.
The dogs that I remember is the three beautiful dogs that my family had when I was pretty old. My favorite was my pomeranian. I named her Tiffany and I was about four or so when I got her. She was in the same litter as one of my dad's nieces puppy was in. She and I would fall asleep anywhere together. She was one of the best dogs. We took her to Germany when we went and she ended up being bitten twice by a chow. But she always thought of herself bigger then she was ever. She passed away with a heart attack while chasing a squirrell in the back yard. She passed away when I was in junior high and I was very upset.
My dad got a black lab mix with something else. I named her Dakota. She was a very sweet chubby dog and I loved her as I grew up. It was sad when my parents divoriced because I never saw her again.
I went with my dad to go to Marysville to his Aunt's house to pick out a full black lab puppy for my Uncle Fred. We got there and I picked out a little shy puppy who was hiding under a car. All the way home I fell in love with that sweet little puppy. When my Uncle came and picked her up to take her to his place I cried and cried. My little heart was heart broken to the fact that I couldn't keep her. Two hours or so I woke up after falling asleep crying to my face being licked by the puppy. I find out later that she was scared of my Uncle and it wouldn't work out between them. So I was able to keep her and I named her Midnight. She was one skittish dog but I loved her and she was one great dog. She was the other one that I didn't see after the divorce and I later find out that my dog got rid of her and Dakota to the pound. I was upset that the two dogs that I fell in love with were gone.
I really want a dog to enjoy life with. I love dogs more then ever. As I am house sitting I have gotten slightly attactched to the trouble maker of Luke. He cuddles up against me while Stephen is gone and never leaves my side. I don't really care if the dog is big or small I just want that companionship with a dog more then ever. Hopefully I will convince Stephen to let me enjoy that again. Maybe...


Thursday, August 6, 2009

School :(

So Stephen and I were talking yesterday and it dawned on the two of us that we have ten days till I have to go back to school. How can i leave my home, my husband to go live in a dorm for most of the year. I feel like one of those horrible wives who don't live at home but always on the go to make something of herself and not be there for the ones who need her like her husband. Sure Stephen understands why I have to go to school. i told him i rather not go but he said he will make sure that I do go. It's so hard to do this. We really only had/have a little over a month to feel the sure effects of marriage. Most of that was litterally moving and packing and moving and unpacking. Now that it's time to say goodbye is going to be tearful. Last night as we were talking about it I tried my best not to cry. I don't want to think about leaving because I would be leaving home. It's weird how much I have changed. When I went to school my first year i was scared to death about how i was going to make friends and everything. My second year i couldn't wait to go to college to be with my friends and just enjoy life away from my mom and away from several people. My third year I started to be my own person living on my own though still in the dorms. But having my own room and realizing how much I have grown. Now going back for my fourth year I have realized all the mistakes that I have made pervious years. Some years I slacked off in class when I should have studied more and been more into my studies rather then in my friends. Because this year should have been my last year of college when in reality I have two more years or so before I graduate. This time I am dreading to go to school like no other. Going to school is no longer my home my place. Because my place is where ever Stephen is and that is here. On the sixteenth I am going to be in a crying wreck because i shouldn't be going to school I should be with him. I hate this feeling. I am going to be living in a dorm that has no life and no joy. It's going to be one difficult road to get down but we can do it.