Monday, August 24, 2009

What Time is It? School Time...:(

So this past week was hectic. I mean hectic. So I mentioned on last Tuesday that Stephen got a job. Well first he has to work through a temp agencie until he gets the interviews done and all the final procedures done for the job that already knows they want to hire him. So on Wednesday, Stephen and I started to look for a place to live near the college campus but also cheap enough we could afford it. We found a couple of places which we called later that week. School started on Wednesday, I only had one class which wasn't too bad but I had homework. My only class on Wednesday is called Field and Lab which is for Biology. On the first day we took some notes and then we had to plant two plants which we have to keep alive all semester. we were also given containers to find ten rolly polly's that we are also suppose to keep alive the whole semister. I fear for myself. Then I went back to my room and worked on kind of making some room for myself. Of course I talked to Stephen via web cam.
On Thursday, I have four classes. Three in the morning from eight in the morning to twelve thirty. My first class is litature which focuses more on sports. I found out that my teacher has a good sense of humor and one of the ladies that works in the cafeteria is in my class. She's about to have a baby and will need someone to keep her up to date in the class. Which I told her I would help. We got our homework and found out that we have to have a whole book done by next Thursday. Thankfully I am already half way through the book. Then I went to my next class which was Survey of Exceptionality. It's a class where we get to find out on what to do if we have a student who has disablities in our class. It's actually pretty far pretty interesting. The teacher is funny and he promised us that he would suprise us with donuts some mornings. Of course in this class there is a lot of reading and a lot of homework but no exams or quizes in this class which would be nice. I had to read a packet plus the first chapter of the book for class which I litterally just got done yesterday. Then I headed for my last morning class which is Econimics. The teacher voice just drones on. He doesn't change anything in his voice which I can tell is already going to be a bore. I also didn't chose the best spot in the class which was next to one of the girls who won't stop talking and a boy who kept flirting with her the whole time. Of course he also gave us a homework assignment read two chapters out of the book. By the way I didn't have to buy because the book is online and we don't have to bring it to class. Woot. Then I have a break from twelve thirty to four o'clock. Which I started my lovely homework that I knew was going to take up my weekend. Then at four o'clock I had Art appriation. Which the teacher was really nice and she seems to love art. I thought she was really nice and she became an easy teacher when she told us how to get extra credit. She doesn't put a limit on extra credit and all I have to do is either bring an art piece in and show it off or write a one page paper about something art. So it's going to be pretty easy. Also if I get A's on all my exams I don't have to take the final. So it seems like a pretty easy class but the problem is it's going to be a lot of studing. I also got homework by writing a paper and reading a chapter which I haven't gotten to yet.
So far classes seem a lot of fun except one class but I think I can handle that. Also it's going to be a lot of course work and a lot of homework. Because on Friday, I woke up at seven and packed up my backpack full of my homework to get done. Then headed to the cafteria. Not the best place to be when on a diet but I knew i would get homework done. I found a seat and grabbed breakfast and then started to work. I got a lot done between breakfast and lunch time which I let Katelyn in to eat. Then I headed back to my room and worked some more on homework. Only taking breaks to clean my room and do laundry. I was getting a lot done but of course didn't finish everything so I will be doing more homework done.
On Saturday, Stephen and I went looking at apartments and we found one that we both liked a lot. So we took Katelyn to look at it for another view and Katelyn asked questions that we didn't even think about. But she thought it was nice. Then that night we hung out at Katelyn place with her ex roommate nicole watching a couple of movies. Then on Sunday, Stephen and I chilled and relaxed. I worked on some homework while we watched a couple of shows. We also found the ten rolly pollys around campus that I have to keep alive...wish me luck.
Stephen left this morning and either today or tomorrow we will find out if we have the place and move in this week. We are both excite to be living together and alone where we are not sharing a place. It will be nice to be just the two of us. Who knows what might happen. Well, I better get stuff done before class to you later.


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