Monday, August 10, 2009


So today it's getting closer to the time where I will say goodbye to my loved ones and head back to school. It's a scary thought to have to be leaving when I don't want to leave the ones that I love so much. Since we have been helping other families in the ward it's been that Stephen and I have barely stayed at his parents house. We stayed at the rental house for a week then moved to the other house. Then that weekend we babysat for a night for Mike and Elyse while they went and stayed at a bed and breakfast for their anniversery. Then the last week of July we went to another house and house sit for another family in the ward and dog sit their dog named luke. We have been here since July 29th and tomorrow is our last day. It's been nice taking care of a house. I am actually very much enjoying being with Stephen in a big house and playing house. I can't wait till we actually get a place on our own and our styles and personality will come out in the decoration of the rooms. Though it's been hard as well, since we are taking care of a dog he not used to having his owners not around so he tends to do the number two somewhere in the house. Of course near the end we have less of that problem as we did in the beginning. I have always wanted another dog for when I have my own family. I want my own kids to have the same experience that I have had when I was younger. Stephen though never wants a dog but a cat. He's a cat person and I am a dog person. He though said we could get a dog till now. Now he doesn't want a dog because of the trouble we have had with Mr. Luke.
The dogs that I remember is the three beautiful dogs that my family had when I was pretty old. My favorite was my pomeranian. I named her Tiffany and I was about four or so when I got her. She was in the same litter as one of my dad's nieces puppy was in. She and I would fall asleep anywhere together. She was one of the best dogs. We took her to Germany when we went and she ended up being bitten twice by a chow. But she always thought of herself bigger then she was ever. She passed away with a heart attack while chasing a squirrell in the back yard. She passed away when I was in junior high and I was very upset.
My dad got a black lab mix with something else. I named her Dakota. She was a very sweet chubby dog and I loved her as I grew up. It was sad when my parents divoriced because I never saw her again.
I went with my dad to go to Marysville to his Aunt's house to pick out a full black lab puppy for my Uncle Fred. We got there and I picked out a little shy puppy who was hiding under a car. All the way home I fell in love with that sweet little puppy. When my Uncle came and picked her up to take her to his place I cried and cried. My little heart was heart broken to the fact that I couldn't keep her. Two hours or so I woke up after falling asleep crying to my face being licked by the puppy. I find out later that she was scared of my Uncle and it wouldn't work out between them. So I was able to keep her and I named her Midnight. She was one skittish dog but I loved her and she was one great dog. She was the other one that I didn't see after the divorce and I later find out that my dog got rid of her and Dakota to the pound. I was upset that the two dogs that I fell in love with were gone.
I really want a dog to enjoy life with. I love dogs more then ever. As I am house sitting I have gotten slightly attactched to the trouble maker of Luke. He cuddles up against me while Stephen is gone and never leaves my side. I don't really care if the dog is big or small I just want that companionship with a dog more then ever. Hopefully I will convince Stephen to let me enjoy that again. Maybe...


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