Thursday, August 13, 2009


So it's five in the morning as I start this blog. Why am I a college student who doesn't work up at five o'clock because my body thought it was time for me to wake up at four o'clock this morning. I woke up because I was hot and my knee was slipping out of the socket which isn't always the pleasant way to wake up in the morning. But right now I am on Stephen's computer while he sleeps next to me. It's a great feeling to have the person you love sleeping next to you. How serene they are and how the fact that every little movement you make they make so that they are up against you. As I am sitting here typing away Stephen is sound asleep and while he sleeps I try to think of everything possible thing he is dreaming. It's interesting and relaxing.
It's nice to know that it didn't take us long to get used to sharing the bed with the other person. How easy it was to just scoot over to one side of the bed and give the other person room. How your body reacts when it's sleeping next to the other person. Sure you have your moments when one hits the other but that's all the fun in it. Knowing that I am about to go to school it's hard. Because I will be sleeping alone in my bed. I try to think of ways that I know will happen. Will I cuddle up and sleep more to one side for awhile. Will it be hard to fall asleep without listening to the other person go into a deep slumber. It will be interesting and it will be hard. I know that come weekends I will be excited to be sleeping next to him once again. Because I love those moments when we are cuddled right before we drift slowly off to sleep or how sometimes we talk for a little while while we are cuddled. Those are the things that I am going to miss more then ever.


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