Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So it's back to school with me. I am on the fourth floor this year in the dorms. Which is different then all my years because now I have half of the floor is guys and I litterally am at the halfway point of the hallway, also it's interesting to know that my RA doesn't even live on my floor. It's interesting to say the truth but pretty good. Sunday we finished putting things in the two cars because my mom and Stephen were coming down to help move me in. Of course it was down pour rain all the way here until five miles outside of emporia. Emporia was bright and sunny. Here at school they help you move in so you rarely have to do anything. I checked in and got into my room. My room is smaller then my other room that I have had...okay it's way smaller. It litterally gives me enough floor space for the queen sized air mattrice we got for a wedding gift. On Monday, Stephen and I chilled and went around campus people were still moving in and so campus was moving along. Tuesday morning was the day Stephen was going to head back to home. I tried my best not to cry knowing that we were about to say goodbye that morning. And Stephen was convinced he was going to stay one more day. because he was going to look for jobs. So he called in sick at his job and I found out that on campus there was a job fair. We went and guess what Stephen got a job here at school. We were both really excited for that.
Wednesday morning he headed back and I had to go to my one class for the day. I have to keep ten rolly polly's alive, and two plants alive for the whole sememester. Oh dear. I though found out that one of my friends lives in my old room and is totally loving the room. The door still sticks. Well I better go get ready for my four classes today...don't want to be late.

Oh Stephen and I are looking for a place down here near the school. So we will be moving yet again...oh dear.

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