Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving Week

Can you believe it's already the end of July. It's amazing but not a surpise I guess I could say. Saturday this week we will be moving to another apartment here in Emporia. We are pretty excited to move to a different apartment which has an extra bedroom to boot. The fun things about this apartment is that people who stay over don't have to wake Stephen and I up when they go the bathroom. Because the bathroom is not through the master oh's off of the living room. The second bedroom is the same size as the master which is fine for us. It will be several things all at once. It will be our office, guest room, storage, and have our dining room table. But it will look nice because I'll make it look nice. It's been amazing though to pack things up and to get rid of stuff that we don't need. The only thing that's hard for me is taking things off the wall because I made this place a home with my hangings. I can't wait to decorate our new place and hopefully we will stay there longer then a year or at least until I am done with college.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Week With Austin James

So this past week we had the opportunity to have my nephew Austin stay with us. A little background about my nephew. Austin is my brother's oldest son and he's thirteen years old. He lives with his mom and little sister Jakouri since my brother and Austin's mom got divorce. I haven't seen Austin in more then five years but kept in connect with his mom through facebook and myspace. So I can see my nephew grow up. So Stephen and I decided that we could have him come visit us for a week to get to know him.
So Sunday the eleventh of July, we picked up my nephew who spent a couple of days at my sister Christy's house. We then headed back and played some halo which helped him to warm up to us. On Monday we took him shopping for his birthday present since it pasted early this summer. On Tuesday, we went to the zoo in town which is free and really nice to relax. Then on Wednesday, was just a nice relaxing day. Thursday we went to the water park. Friday, my mom came down to see Austin and spend the day with all of us. The rest of the week we watched Ghost Hunters and Harry Potter movies with playing halo in between. Then, Sunday we took him back.
I have to say that for being a thirteen year old boy he was polite as ever. It took him awhile to stop asking us if he can have things to eat. But it was a nice week and we can't wait to do that again with him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our 1st Anniversery

I know several of my friends are amazed that it's already been a year since Stephen and I got married. It is a shock for Stephen and myself as well. Let me explain...Stephen and I have never really gotten to our one year anniversery before. This is all new to us.
the first time we dated we dated for 11 months and three weeks 2005-2006
Second time we dated almost five months before we got engaged.
so we were engaged for four months..
Yahoo we are still married and we finally hit our one year anniversery.
Here's some pictures


Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July

So the fourth was very wet and rainy. Stephen and I went to church and they came home to relax before we left to go find seats for the fireworks. We planned on walking to the school where the fireworks were to take place. But as it was down pour rain it did not look thrilling to walk in it. We packed snacks and water bottle to share. Packed stuff to do and my camera and phone in to zip lock bags to protect it from the rain. We decided last minute to just drive there. We were two hours early and there was no one. We also found out that you can sit in the staidum to watch the fireworks which we did in the rain. So our body was soaked. When the fireworks appeared though the place was packed and it stopped raining. Hint the rainbow picture. It was really nice to just enjoy it all. Also the firworks were suppose to be thirty min long. They happen to last till midnight when they started at nine thirty. They had some difficulties because of the rain. It was so funny that they never seemed to end.