Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Week With Austin James

So this past week we had the opportunity to have my nephew Austin stay with us. A little background about my nephew. Austin is my brother's oldest son and he's thirteen years old. He lives with his mom and little sister Jakouri since my brother and Austin's mom got divorce. I haven't seen Austin in more then five years but kept in connect with his mom through facebook and myspace. So I can see my nephew grow up. So Stephen and I decided that we could have him come visit us for a week to get to know him.
So Sunday the eleventh of July, we picked up my nephew who spent a couple of days at my sister Christy's house. We then headed back and played some halo which helped him to warm up to us. On Monday we took him shopping for his birthday present since it pasted early this summer. On Tuesday, we went to the zoo in town which is free and really nice to relax. Then on Wednesday, was just a nice relaxing day. Thursday we went to the water park. Friday, my mom came down to see Austin and spend the day with all of us. The rest of the week we watched Ghost Hunters and Harry Potter movies with playing halo in between. Then, Sunday we took him back.
I have to say that for being a thirteen year old boy he was polite as ever. It took him awhile to stop asking us if he can have things to eat. But it was a nice week and we can't wait to do that again with him.

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