Monday, March 25, 2013


Every child has a hero either fictional or someone in real life. Popular to many young boys, batman and superman are two examples of fictional heroes. Some children would say a family member such as their mom, dad, and even grandparents are their heroes. There are many heroes that live among us as well, such as firefighters, teachers, and airplane pilots. Some would agree that firefighters risk their lives every time they go into a burning building. No one in the world was prepared to see several firefighters risk their lives on September 11th, 2001. These firefighters climbed millions of stairs to rescue thousands of people after a plane crashed into the twin towers. These men and women are heroes not only for saving lives but risking it all for the greater good. As mentioned above teachers are of often thought of as heroes as well. Not only are teachers teaching the future generations, but they are known to become heroes in the lives of their students and parents. Several teachers risked their lives against a gunman in their school in December 2012. One teacher heard gunshots in the hallway; she then quickly hid all of her first-grade students in the classroom. After that, she stood up to the gunman when he entered her classroom and told him that there were no kids there. Another teacher in the same building quietly whispered her love for each student fearing that would be the last thing they ever heard. These two teachers and many others were heroes to their students as well as the parents. They were brave and acted quickly to protect the students who were put in their care. Another example of a hero is an airplane pilot. Hundreds of airplanes take to the air carrying men, women, and children to their destination. One these flights, the pilots became a hero by safety landing a plane full of passengers in the Hudson Bay. He barely missed the tall buildings of New York City to successfully land, keeping thousands of people alive. Out of the hundred passengers no one and all were safely rescued. Airplane pilots are given so much trust from their passengers to keep them safe while in flight. They are heroes because of their quick thinking in difficult situations. Firefighters, teachers, and pilots are some of those heroes who rarely praised for what they do. They are superman and batman to those who lives that they have touched.