Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Story I wrote to Family and Friends

Family’s Secrets

Noel smiled as Micheal laid a couple of blankets on the ground in the park. Noel looked up and watched the snow fall around them as it was the first snow fall of the season. He then touched her hand and helped Noel sit on the blanket. He then reached behind him and pressed play on the jukebox as songs that they said that were there songs. He then took out warm soup and hot chocolate for them to eat while they ate, “So why outside,” Noel asked warmly.
“Because I saw that we had a ninety chance of snow tonight and I know how much you love snow,” Micheal said nervously, “Why is it not right?”
“No, it’s perfect.” Noel watched Micheal as they both often sang along with the songs that played. After their meal was done Micheal stood up and took Noel’s hand, “Dance with me?”
“Of course.” Noel stood and wrapped her arms around Micheal’s neck as they danced to the music. Noel could feel the snow touch her face and smiled knowing the night was perfect. Micheal then said, “I wanted tonight to be perfect. Because I know your leaving tomorrow for your grandfathers and I know how hard the holidays are because of your parents car accident when you were young.”
“Thank you, it’s perfect.” Noel dreaded leaving tomorrow as much as he dreaded her going. Learning how to inventory toys was no fun around this time. It was the busiest time of her grandfather’s business until after Christmas when it slowly will start to build again until next Christmas. Noel remembered how she never saw her father on Christmas eve because he was helping her grandfather but he was always back in the morning. Micheal watched Noel’s facial reaction, “You don’t look like your thrilled to go.”
“You can say that. But lets not let it ruin tonight when we are together.” Noel smiled as she pulled in closer to Micheal for his warmth. She glanced up at the sky and opened her mouth for the fresh snow to fall into. She heard Micheal chuckling, “You’re like a child when it comes to snow.”
“Yeah, it’s so pure and so beautiful when it falls.” Noel smiles so lightly that Micheal couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find this beautiful entrancing young women. She had long pure black hair that will curl around any finger among it. Her eyes are light blue that twinkle if you catch it just right. Her nose was small and delicate like a button that Micheal loved kissing it.

A song started to play on the cd player that Noel didn’t know at all. She started to listen to the words when she realized that her and Micheal weren’t dancing. She was amazed on how busy her thoughts were when it came to him. She glanced at him to find him down on the ground in kneeling position. When he noticed that she was looking at him he smiled up at her. Noel’s heart skipped a beat as he reached into his jacket to pull out a box. She started to remember the little signs that this was coming the way that he pulled her grandfather aside when her grandparents visit and even the way he was hinting that she shouldn’t go home for the holidays but stay there. He opened the box and Noel bit her lip to try not from crying but felt the tears gather in her eyes. “Noel Elaine Kringle, you have been everything in my life so far. I never expected to find you when I transferred schools. But you always seemed to be full of surprised,” Micheal chuckled trying to gather his own tears which were falling gently down his face, “But I want to share my life with you and no one else. I have started to dream about our future together. I want to keep dreaming of it. Will you marry me?”

Noel took a deep breath to try and push some of her emotions back. She remembered talking to her grandmother about this moment. Her grandmother and mother never knew of the family secret of the Kringles they just knew about the man in front of them. Noel took Micheal’s hand and helped him stand then said, “I want to say yes, but…”
“No buts…” Micheal said looking deep in her eyes.
“But you need to see something first.” Noel said taking the box gently then she said, “I promise you that if you are okay with what I am going to show you then you can place this ring on my finger.”

Micheal let out a small smile when he saw that Noel opened her purse and took out two jingle bells. She looked back at him and smiled gently, “Don’t get to freaked out, please.” She rang the bells lightly then put them back in her purse. Micheal looked at her with a questioning look. Trying to figure out if Noel was insane or not. She gently pointed up at the sky, “It might be a few minutes before they get here.”
“What gets here?”
“A couple of pets,” Noel looked at him then said, “My grandfather is not normal, Micheal. He’s different kind of guy.”
“I have met your grandfather he seems pretty normal.” Micheal remembered asking him for permission to marry his granddaughter. The man looked at Micheal like he knew all about him before hand. He then asked a question that was if Micheal believed in Santa Claus which Micheal thought was really strange. Noel looked at him then said, “You shall see that he’s not normal. I am not normal as well.”

Micheal heard bells ringing and glanced at Noel thinking it was coming from her when he saw that it wasn’t. He glanced at the sky and saw something flying towards them with full speed. When it got closer he saw that it was two reindeers with a sleighed they were pulling behind them. They landed in front of Noel and she smiled. She then walked slowly up to the reindeers and said, “Good girls, getting better at the landing.” She glanced at Micheal who was still standing there with his mouth open, “Micheal this is Daisy and this is Snow.”
“Am I dreaming?” Micheal said pinching his arms. Noel laughed and shook her head no that he was not dreaming. He gently walked towards the reindeers trying not to get hurt. “They won’t hurt you. They have been through several trainings. They are still working on their landing,” Noel said petting the one she said was Snow. Snow had a white head while Daisy looked like a regular deer. Micheal gently petted Daisy who leaned her head into his hand, “They liked to be petted. It’s an award for them.”
“How did you do that?”
“Easy, I just took the bells and rung them. They can hear them from a long ways off and can get here very quickly.” Noel smiled as she watched Micheal keep petting Daisy,
“Ready to go?”
“Go where…”
“Go to my grandfather’s house,” Noel said slowly. Micheal looked at her scared then she said, “Don’t worry they passed their flying lessons.” She helped put everything in the sleigh and then climbed in waiting for Micheal to hop in.
Micheal walked slowly to the sleigh and then said, “Where is it at?”
“It’s pretty far, we can’t walk.” Micheal got into the sleigh seeing he had no choice but to follow Noel. She then said, “We do have to cross some oceans to get there.” His shocked face caused Noel to laugh and then she said, “On Daisy On Snow lets hit the skies.”
Micheal closed his eyes as they rose and when he finally opened them he saw they were far into the clouds. He looked down and saw that several people were turning on the Christmas lights of their houses. He glanced at Noel and realized that she was a natural in the sleigh. He watched her navigate the reindeer with ease not having to figure out where they were heading. He sat back and watched her take control, every once and awhile she would glance at him and smile.
Noel was full of nerves, she was taking Micheal to see the place where she grew up at. Many times he asked her if he could see where she grew up and she always made an excuse. She was nervous on what he would say and how people would react with her bringing him home. She knew that she would need a supportive guy by her side to accomplish the things she must accomplish. It’s not easy to barely see your wife or husband around the holidays. It’s not easy to answer the questions your children will ask as they get older knowing they are different then their friends. How Noel didn’t understand why she never saw her dad the night before Christmas. He was always busy with things with her grandfather. Her grandfather is getting old where soon he won’t be going on his trips much anymore. He had to pass it along to someone but how will Micheal take it. As she drew the reindeer north she said, “It’s amazing how fast you can go in the air.”
“Yeah, no speeding tickets up here,” Micheal said, “Noel, I had no idea.”
“About?” Noel said looking at him. She knows her grandmother will love Micheal. She never had left the house and she loves visitors. But she loved hearing stories about Micheal and Noel can’t wait for her grandmother to spoil someone else. Her grandmother isn’t the same after Noel’s father’s death. She has been saying that she feels lost and a half of her has disappeared from her. She glanced at Micheal who tries to come up with an answer he opened his mouth, “Well, about you being able to fly reindeer.”
“Yeah, I keep that a secret.”
Noel saw the light on the house below with a smile. She felt the gentle peace that came over her as she gently lowered the sleigh and the reindeer on the ground. She saw that the lights in all the houses around it were on as well. It seems like everyone got a hold of news that Noel was coming home tonight rather then in the morning. Noel stepped out of the sleigh and petted each reindeer on the head then said to them, “I expect Mossy will be in the stable for you.”
She helped Micheal out of the sleigh and took his hand, “Do you know where we are?”
“Not a clue, but it’s really cold.” Micheal said shivering. Noel touched his coat and then said, “Warm.” Soon the fibers of the coat start to warm up and Micheal glanced at Noel with a look of shock, “I gave you that coat remember.”
“Yeah…” Micheal glanced around and saw tons of houses and warehouses around the little village. He saw no fast food restaurant that he recognized and no Wal-Mart either. He glanced at Noel who was watching him with a crooked smile, “Micheal, welcome to the North Pole.”
As soon as the words left her mouth the whole town lit up as well as the street lamps. Noel let out a small chuckle as she watched the child come out of her boyfriend. His eyes were wide and slightly moist as if he was waiting for this moment his whole life. His mouth hung open in shock and excitement at the sight before him. The house behind him opened it doors and he heard a man say, “Noel, I thought you weren’t coming till tomorrow.”
Micheal turned around to see Noel’s grandpa standing in the door frame. The man had a full round belly while his eyes matched that of his granddaughter. His beard was full and white as was his hair. He looked over to where Micheal was and smiled, “Well, by golly I didn’t think I would be seeing you with her, Micheal.”
Noel turned to look at Micheal who had closed his mouth but she saw that he was shocked as ever as to what he was seeing. Her normal grandpa didn’t seem so normal to him now as she could tell. “Grandpa, I had to bring him where’s grandma.”
“She’s in the kitchen, about to putting dinner on the table I presume.” Noel took Micheal’s hand and literally dragged him into the house. She then stood him inside and gently took off his coat and then his hat while saying, “I hope I didn’t shock you too much.”
“Your grandpa is…he is…”
“Santa Claus,” Noel said with a smile. She couldn’t wait to explain to him that she had no idea until her parents car accident. Her parents wanted her to grow up normal as it goes through the male line. They never thought she would be the next in line they thought that her mom was perhaps pregnant with a boy who would be following her father’s footsteps. Micheal looked at her with a smile, “I can’t believe it.”
“That’s alright. It will sink in trust me.” Micheal noticed that Noel was excited to share this secret with him more then ever. To share the secret with anyone in her life and he noticed that lately every Christmas since going out with her he had gotten exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He shook his head as he heard a lady answer, “Honey who flew in?”
“Your granddaughter and her boyfriend,” the man answered back. A second latter Micheal felt his arms pinned to his sides as an older lady hugged him, “Welcome to our home Micheal.”
“Micheal, this is my grandmother Holly Kringle,” Noel said then said, “Grandma don’t smother him.” Micheal breathed in deep and smiled at the older women. She smiled back and then said, “Noel, why don’t you guys go wash up and talk. Food will be on the table at seven.”
“Okay,” Noel said she then took Micheal’s hand and dragged him upstairs. When he walked up the stairs he saw pictures after pictures of men in red suits. He looked at Noel then said, “Are these past Santa Claus?”
“Yeah, and some of their children.” Noel walked down to the last picture and stopped in front of it, “That’s my parents.” Micheal saw the smile of Noel’s was on her mother’s face. He noticed that her hair came from her father who was still skinning in the picture. Her mother though sprouted a little belly in the picture while the little girl was standing in between them. The little girl looked at the camera with a sad look but her eyes made Micheal laugh as they said she was very happy to be there at that moment, “Your mom was pregnant.”
“Yeah, take two days before the car accident. It was going to go on our Christmas cards,” Noel said with a small smile, “A little boy she carried due to be born the on Christmas eve. For saw to be the greatest Santa ever.”
Micheal heard the resent in her voice when he realized that being Santa was passed on from father to son no matter what. He then looked at Noel and said, “So what happens when your Grandfather can’t fly anymore.”
“Then I take his place. I will be the first girl Santa in history not that’s wonderful and all. But I won’t get recognized for it,” Noel said looking at the picture, “See why you needed to see this before.”
“Yeah,” Micheal said, “I’ll marry the first Santa Claus.”
“No, you will be the picture behind the magic that I put in.” Micheal glanced at her then it dawned on him. He will have to be the one who gets the experiences of being Santa while she who is really is gets to experience being Mrs. Claus. “I am sorry, Noel.”
“It’s fine,” Noel said as they walked into her room. Micheal saw that Noel’s room was a teenage girls room. But it was full of dark colors instead of the bright colors. He smiled knowing what she was like before he asked her out so long ago, “You have changed in the two years we have been going out.”
“Yeah, not so depressing any more.” Noel said with a smile, “So are you still willing to marry me?”
“Yes,” Micheal said getting down on one knee in front of Noel, “Because you are still the same person that I fell in love with. This just will make our lives more excited. I love you Noel. Will you now marry me?”
“Yes,” Noel said getting the ring put on her finger. She noticed it was her mother’s engagement ring. She glanced at Micheal with a question in her eyes.
“I asked your grandfather the first time I met him,” Micheal then added, “Because I knew the ring had to be special and important to you.”

Christmas Eve 2012
Noel walked down the stairs to see her grandfather relaxing in a chair, “Comfy Grandpa?”
“Yes, I am,” He sighed, “Everything is ready to leave in two hours. Noel remember you need to leave in two hours on the dot.”
“I know,” Noel said with a smile, “Have you seen Micheal?”
“He is in the workshop, he’s working on something for his family for Christmas.”
“I know what he’s making they will be totally surprised when they get up tomorrow,” Noel said with a smile. She walked over to the mantle where her wedding picture sat. Micheal and her had a huge smile on their faces. She remembered how much she wished her parents could be there to see that moment. She couldn’t believe that they got married on Christmas a year ago. She took a deep breath nervous about her first night as the Santa Claus in charge, “Grandpa, do you think I will be good.”
“You will be fine. Micheal and you can get it done and everything. The elves are getting ready to leave to get everything prepared so you should be fine,” Her grandpa looked at his watch nervous about this night as was everyone else. It was the first night for the female Santa Claus. She heard the front door open and saw the little head of the head elves, “Mrs. Kringle, it’s time to get ready.”
“Right you are Maisy, thank you.” Noel smiled at her Grandpa who looked around the room for something, “Not going to be too bored, Grandpa?”
“I’ll try not too. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be safe, Love.” Noel headed to the stable where she was being put into her outfit. She had to change it slightly so she wouldn’t look too odd if a child wakes up in the middle of the night. Micheal and her thing would say to them was, “Santa and Mrs. Claus thought to go together this time.”
Noel stepped into the dress which was bright red with sparkles all over it. Her belly protruded out of the dress and Noel chuckled, that she would be the first Santa that is pregnant on Christmas Eve. She patted her stomach and said, “Wait until tomorrow when we are home please.”
“Talking to the baby, I see,” Micheal said walking into the stable. He couldn’t believe how beautiful his wife was standing there getting ready to go on her first Christmas Eve. She smiled, “Are you upset that you are not going with?”
“No, this is your moment,” Micheal said looking at his wife. He touched her stomach and then said, “Remember any pains contact us.”
“Micheal, don’t see there is an outfit for you. Your coming with, didn’t I tell you,” Noel chuckled, “I am not spending my wedding anniversary and Christmas Eve without you by my side.” Noel smiled at him and then watched him quickly get ready, “You did get the present done for your family.”
“Yeah,” Micheal said, “Last minute. When do we leave?”
“You leave in just little over an hour, Mr. Wright,” Mimsy said. Noel nodded to her as they walked to see the reindeer which are already harnessed. Noel looked over them all and nodded to the elves that they were good. She then walked to the town square where both her grandparents stood with all the elves running towards. Noel then walked to the mike and said, “This is my first Christmas Eve as Santa Claus. I bless all of you to have a wonderful Christmas with your families. I shall see you all back to work on the tenth of January as we have a list of kids to get presents for next year.” She then lit the tree and Micheal smiled as the elves started to get excited for their holiday which is much needed.
Micheal and Noel sat in the sleigh and she went through the famous reindeer names and then off they went into the sky. Micheal leaned back and watched Noel be in charge of the direction as she started towards their first house. Noel smiled and then said, “Tomorrow night we go to your parents house, right?”
“Yeah, I told them we would stop by. They want to see how big you have gotten with their first granddaughter.”
Noel chuckled then said, “You didn’t tell them that I was pregnant with twins did you?”
“Nope,” Micheal laughed, “Their present will be a surprise.” As the neared their first house Noel took a deep breath and then said, “This is it.”
She landed a perfect landing on the house top at the same time Micheal watched two elves pop out of the snow and give her a thumbs up then climb off the roof most likely to go to their next house. She slowly stepped out of the sleigh. Which Micheal grabbed something out of his pocket, “I want to do something real quick.” He took out a camera and snapped a picture of his Santa Claus. He watched her grabbed the bag and climbed down into the fireplace. Soon she was back next to him flying to the next house.
After their last house without a creature stirring but some out of bed. Which Noel gently placed back into their beds she took the sleigh up in the sky and yelled with her first, “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Goodnight.”
Noel gave birth to healthy twins the day after Christmas and named them Anna and Kristopher. She also started to make a new sleigh where her twins can join her every year on the ride around the world in one night as well as her husband Micheal. Micheal’s parents opened their present from Santa which said, “What’s better then one grandchild then two.” Then had a family tree of their family that will magically change every time a child is born into the family. They still have no idea how it happens even years later. When the twins get older they find their place in the normal world but always claim they know Santa Claus and it’s a female. Noel has never been found out to be a female Santa Claus and she’s not upset about it.
The End

Dear Family and Friends,
I usually never let people read my stories and I thought why not write a Christmas story of some sort for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Sorry about the grammar errors and some plot problems. I didn’t have time to edit the story like I would have liked. I am hoping to make a longer piece of this story later on so I’ll pass it along when I do.
Thanks for being supportive of Stephen and I through this past year. We love everyone of you and are glad to have you guys in our lives.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Goals

Long time no see, I mean really it’s been long. Sorry that I haven’t written in her in awhile. Things have gotten hectic with school but not to worry I am done with school for the semester things will start back up in January. So this past semester has been pretty bad with school and that I have been struggling to lose weight. It’s been a stressful semester but it’s time to put this past semester behind me and to move on. There is nothing that I can do because all my finals have been taken care of so it’s done with. Next semester I am going to try better. I am going to make a schedule that I am going to stick by no matter what. This winter break is my time to just relax and get ready for next semester because it’s just going to be as bad as this past one was. But I am not going to let it stop me from being here.
I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I want Stephen to realize that he married a beautiful wife who has put her effort in looking beautiful for him. I want to dress up and feel beautiful and feel like I am something for someone to be worth looking at. I can’t feel that until I get this weight off of me. But it’s not only that but my health is something that needs to be fixed. I can’t have knee surgery until I get this weight off of my joints. I want to be able to not have to worry about keeping weight off of me or if I will be able to fit in any clothes coming each season. When Stephen and I started to weight loss competition with my sister we were ready to work at it and go for it. Stephen is dropping weight which I am so happy about for him. I am getting out my normal 227 pounds to be around 220 which I am praying will change this break. I am hoping that I can get it to drop below 220. I have had enough being in the two hundreds. I am done…so now I am going to go and lose weight.
So far Stephen and I have lost only one week which we are grateful for. Stephen can actually left me off my feet for a little while. I am so happy that he can He told me that he started to notice that my thighs are smaller and that he can actually pick me up. We joke what will happen when I lose more weight. Will he be able to carry me like a bride cross the door. We are excited to find out the things that we can do. Also we are heading out in the first week of January on our honeymoon. I really can’t wait after what we have gone through this semester. With him behind unemployed and now working a hard job on barely any money in return. It will be worth it when we go. We won’t do much while we are there but we don’t mind. We love just being together even if it’s sitting in bed watching a television program. It’s something that both of us enjoy doing. So it will be nice to just relax.

Well I need to go…