Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Goals

Long time no see, I mean really it’s been long. Sorry that I haven’t written in her in awhile. Things have gotten hectic with school but not to worry I am done with school for the semester things will start back up in January. So this past semester has been pretty bad with school and that I have been struggling to lose weight. It’s been a stressful semester but it’s time to put this past semester behind me and to move on. There is nothing that I can do because all my finals have been taken care of so it’s done with. Next semester I am going to try better. I am going to make a schedule that I am going to stick by no matter what. This winter break is my time to just relax and get ready for next semester because it’s just going to be as bad as this past one was. But I am not going to let it stop me from being here.
I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I want Stephen to realize that he married a beautiful wife who has put her effort in looking beautiful for him. I want to dress up and feel beautiful and feel like I am something for someone to be worth looking at. I can’t feel that until I get this weight off of me. But it’s not only that but my health is something that needs to be fixed. I can’t have knee surgery until I get this weight off of my joints. I want to be able to not have to worry about keeping weight off of me or if I will be able to fit in any clothes coming each season. When Stephen and I started to weight loss competition with my sister we were ready to work at it and go for it. Stephen is dropping weight which I am so happy about for him. I am getting out my normal 227 pounds to be around 220 which I am praying will change this break. I am hoping that I can get it to drop below 220. I have had enough being in the two hundreds. I am done…so now I am going to go and lose weight.
So far Stephen and I have lost only one week which we are grateful for. Stephen can actually left me off my feet for a little while. I am so happy that he can He told me that he started to notice that my thighs are smaller and that he can actually pick me up. We joke what will happen when I lose more weight. Will he be able to carry me like a bride cross the door. We are excited to find out the things that we can do. Also we are heading out in the first week of January on our honeymoon. I really can’t wait after what we have gone through this semester. With him behind unemployed and now working a hard job on barely any money in return. It will be worth it when we go. We won’t do much while we are there but we don’t mind. We love just being together even if it’s sitting in bed watching a television program. It’s something that both of us enjoy doing. So it will be nice to just relax.

Well I need to go…

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