Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sickies

Hey, Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, life is just hectic at our house. Stephen was switched to overnights and I am teaching every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I had three online classes to do on top of all that. Well, one Sunday morning, I woke up and felt a little girl next to me snuggled up close. I felt her head and it was burning up. Stephen was at work and I decided to take her temperature. It was over a hundred. We decided that it was best to stay home from church and see what was going on. Ginny, fever kept climbing at a rapid pace. We decided that for her safety and my thought was she had the flu. We took her to the ER, as our walk-in was not taking any more patients. We found out that Ginny, did not have the flu but a very serious viral infection. We were told to keep her on pain meds and watch her temperature. At one point on Monday her temperature was close to 104. Stephen called her doctor to see if there was something we could do to help her. There was not just stay on top of her meds. I decided to stay home with her the next day and thankfully, she was starting to get better. Of course as she was nearing getting better, I started to get the worse sore throat imaginable. Found out, from going to the doctor's on Thursday, that I did not have strep but the same viral infection. I was lucky enough that my fever stayed at 99 and did not climb any higher. But man...did it hit me hard. Of course, then Stephen started to come down with the same thing. He had to call into work several days because his fever was close to 104 as well. We knew at this time that there was nothing we could do except just wait the illness out. Of course I was still struggling with an extremely sore throat, and taking care of Stephen and Ginny who were still sick. Ginny of course was better before Stephen and myself. Finally, on Valentine's day, Stephen was at the end of his illness. I was still dealing with the recaps from the viral infection. Which had decided to drain into my ears. Which caused me to have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Thankfully, I can take some meds to help with those things. On the 15th, Stephen and I went to stay the night at a four star hotel while my mom watched Ginny. We decided it was best to celebrate not only Valentine's day but also our four year anniversary (which isn't tell July), as Miles would be only a month old. It was a nice stay at the hotel and we were even on the club level. We had so much fun just sitting in our room and watching cable (food network). We were still both recovery from the viral infection. Then on the 17th, we had the pleasure to go to our newest nephew Reed's blessing. Stephen was pretty happy to be able to be apart of the blessing. We then were able to celebrate his older sister's second birthday. It was so neat to be with family and watching Ginny play with her cousin Addie. Ginny of course loved Reed and just kept watching him. It made me realize how much I can't wait for her to see her own little brother in a few months. Kk