Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Update

Hey, Life has been here at our edge of the world. Everyone's been busy that is except Ginny and baby. Well...take that back baby has been most likely busy as well. Anyways, I thought I update everyone who reads this. I am still not sure who actually reads my blog anyways. I am doing great. I actually just finished all my classes for Block 2. I just have some lesson plans I need to teach for those classes to be officially done. Though it's been good and I am excited to be in the schools full time. I actually taught my first evulated lesson to the kindergartners. I got all threes which means I didn't do too bad but I still have room to grow as a teacher. It's been great though and I really enjoy the students in the class. One little girl has taken a liking to me this semester. A lot of changes happened to her in the beginning of the school year. So she often finds me at recess and just talks to me about everything. I really enjoy this school and all that live in the school bounds. Stephen's doing great as well. He just started working at a new job which is Dillions. Dillions is right down the street from our apartment so he often walks to work and back. Also I can walk with Ginny near the end of his shift we go there. He's enjoying it and his bosses really like him. Though he does not have a set schedule anymore so it's been interesting thing we have been doing. Ginny's been good other then this cough that just won't go away. We took her to er the other night because she just wasn't herself. Found out that she finally old enough to get some cough medicine which should help her. But she's her normal self most of the time and full of energy. I am 10 weeks pregnant so this little baby is now about the size of a prune. I have only gotten sick once and that it was an odd time to be sick. Other then that I am doing just fine. Though Ginny's crying puts me on edge which is interesting thing. Stephen and I do as of right now have times picked out. Though I am sure we are not sharing them to anyone. We have had them picked out since we found out Ginny was a girl. I already have two people who said that they are pretty sure that I am going to have another girl. Even one of them calls Baby a girl when she talks to me about it. I just laugh and wait. Around ten or so weeks we shall find out what baby is. Well that's where we are now.... Kk

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guess What...

Ginny's going to be a BIG SISTER! We were waiting for awhile to announce it to people. It all started that I was joking with my husband that I should just take a pregnancy test on my birthday. Aunt flo was suppose to make an appearance the day before my birthday. I said, "I should take a pregnancy test on my birthday. That way I will never forget the day I found out about number 2 if I am pregnant." We laughed and surprise Stephen bought me a pregnancy test. I took it though two days after my birthday. Not sure who was laughing when the second line appeared that morning. I was in total shock as it was unexpected. Though, I was laughing in shock and the humor of it all. I was sure though that I was due around May 10th, 2013. Though I went to the doctors and found out my due date is May 20th, 2013. So I am not as far as I thought I was. Ginny has no clue that her life will be changing in eight months or so. -Kendra

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Bed

Hey, Ginny has had a hard time sleeping in her crib as of lately. She doesn't try to climb out and that we are thankful. But, we decided it was time for her to move up a toddler bed. We went garage sale shopping for a toddler bed with my mom and found the perfect bed. My mom bought it for only $25 and it goes really well with her bed. So far she has slept in it for three nights and she is enjoying it. She climbs in herself and will lay down. It's been interesting to say the least to see her growing up. I am sad for sure that my little girl who made me a mommy is now about to turn 18 months. It's been amazing journey for sure. -Kendra