Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guess What...

Ginny's going to be a BIG SISTER! We were waiting for awhile to announce it to people. It all started that I was joking with my husband that I should just take a pregnancy test on my birthday. Aunt flo was suppose to make an appearance the day before my birthday. I said, "I should take a pregnancy test on my birthday. That way I will never forget the day I found out about number 2 if I am pregnant." We laughed and surprise Stephen bought me a pregnancy test. I took it though two days after my birthday. Not sure who was laughing when the second line appeared that morning. I was in total shock as it was unexpected. Though, I was laughing in shock and the humor of it all. I was sure though that I was due around May 10th, 2013. Though I went to the doctors and found out my due date is May 20th, 2013. So I am not as far as I thought I was. Ginny has no clue that her life will be changing in eight months or so. -Kendra

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