Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ginevera Birth's Story

This story started on August 29th, 2010 at five o'clock in the morning when I decided to see if I was pregnant. Few people wanted me to test to see if I was in deed with child. Of course I was the one who did not believe that I was pregnant. But on August 29th, I decided to pee on a stick to see if I was. I did not want to look to see if there were two lines so I left it in the bathroom on the counter. I went to the living room and relaxed on the computer. About thirty min. later my husband awoke to find that I was not in bed and came to find me. He then went to the restroom to find the pregnancy test on the counter. He came out holding it and said, “Why didn't you wake me?” I said because I knew it was going to be negative. He then had a shocked look on his face. He then announced that I was pregnant as there were two lines. So my husband had the pleasure to announce to me that I was pregnant. We announced to our families the week after that. We gave our mother's scrapbook stickers of it's a girl/it's a boy and waited to see. Everyone was excited to meet our little bundle of joy. As I grew bigger though everyone took guesses that the baby I was carrying was a boy. As I had a lot of the old wives tales link to me having a boy.
Though on December 23rd, we had my mom, my mother-in-law, and my best friend come with us to our sonogram. Sure enough I was the one who was right that I was pregnant with a little girl. We knew right away her name would be Ginevera Lynne and she would be nicknamed Ginny. We couldn't wait to meet our little girl.

On April 7th, 2011 we went to the doctors. While we were at the doctor's we found out that I had very high blood pressure which was starting to worry the doctor. She said that if we could not get it to go down that night then I would be induced. But at the same appointment we found out that I was already dilated to a 3 cm. We called our parents to let them know what was going on. We were in luck that my blood pressure went down that night so I was sent home. To be put on bed rest till Tuesday at least. My mom came down to help out that weekend. Stephen and I went and bought a blood pressure cuff and I started to take my blood pressure once and while. On Sunday we found that my blood pressure was high all of the weekend. No matter what I did it would not go down.

So after we had lunch my favorite lunch. We went up to labor and delivery. I was tested and sure enough I had more protein in my urine. Also I was high in liver things as well then I was on Thursday. My doctor decided who thankfully was on call that weekend that it was time to have the baby. We started to call all of our loved ones to let them know that we were going to be induced that night. They started the drugs to induce labor. I relaxed and didn't feel the strong contractions that were hitting me hard. At nine o'clock that evening my doctor came in and broke my water. It was the weirdest thing ever to feel the water break. At midnight, the contractions were strong and my mom, Stephen, and his mom convinced me to get the drugs. I was only at 5cm. At seven o'clock in the morning on April 11th, 2011 we found out that I stalled at 6cm. The doctor decided it was time for a c-section. I cried because I did not want to have a c-section with my daughter.

I was wheeled into the room and given drugs that made everything numb. Though it gave me the shakes horribly. I did not like having no control over my body shaking up a storm. Also did not like not feeling my bad knee. I was scared through the whole thing that my knee was going to pop out. Though a doctor there had a nurse stand watch over my knee to make sure it did not pop out. At 8:08am my daughter was born. She was 8lbs 5 oz. And 18.5 inches long. My husband was able to watch them clean her up and then brought her over for myself to meet. She was so beautiful and I couldn't wait to hold her in my arms.

I was able to try to breast feed her but it was unsuccessful. Which was a huge let down for me. My daughter had many health problems that at 10:00pm on Tuesday the 12th they decided to send her to another hospital as the one I delivered did not have a Nicu. I cried when they told me that and thankfully my mom asked if I could be able to go with her. Which my doctor let me go be with my daughter. She was in Nicu for eleven days and all I wanted to do was take her home. Finally on the 21st I was able to take my little girl home. We have been home since.

Update: She just started to breastfeed which is making me very happy.