Friday, August 14, 2009

Past, Present, Future

So things here at going good. Lately I have been on edge with everything. More like trying not to talk about leaving Sunday. Because everytime that I do talk about it I start crying. Yesterday was my sister-in-law Johanna's birthday. She turned eighteen years old and her lovely boyfriend Karl asked Stephen if he could get her out of the house yesterday. Well he couldn't as he was at work. But I made a call to my friend Sarah and explained to her why. So she took Johanna and me to Sheridans to get frozen custard. We had a nice bonding time the three of us girls. Then she was pleasently surpised by her new bedding set on her bed. I am slowly getting used to having several people in the house and where everything is and how to get stuff done. I have started to make the bed in Stephen and my's room because I did that in my dorm almost every morning. Stephen claimed that he will miss having the bed made when he comes home from work. So I felt like that's something that will most likely contunie while we are married. I am getting used to the fact that I have three younger siblings even though they are my half. Scotty, Johanna, and Charlie. Charlie is fourteen years old and at times acts younger. He likes to surpise you by jumping out of hidden places and likes to just scare you and get on your nerves. Like yesterday I was hit several times by the nerve darts coming out a nerf gun as I watched the movie Twlight. Though today was his first day of school and I have to say it was awful quiet in the house.
Today I worked on setting up a schedule for myself for school. Had to stop midway through it because I was crying. I feel like I am over reacting but I really don't want to go. So far none of my friends are understanding how I feel because they never had to go through it. None of them are married and having to live apart. It will be hard but I know we can get through it. Also I made lunch for Stephen who came home from work for lunch. He and I are trying to spend a lot of time together. Well I believe that's it. Oh tomorrow, I am going with Johanna to get her nails done. Stephen and I are paying for them to get done as her birthday present. Plus it will be another bonding experience for the two of us. Also tomorrow going to get some school supplies hopefully I won't be a wreck. Until another time.


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