Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So yesterday in my field and biology class we measured and weighed different things in metric. Which I think I am going to weight myself in metric now. Then we learned about how to do conversions. But I have to say that my plant was growing. It was one of the few that was above ground for class. Then for my break, I worked on Homework then went to my class Fiction Writing Seminar. In this class we have to set goals and work on something protaining to our goals. Everyone is going to be different so we will be each working alone. We will each have different homework during the semister. It's my last Fiction Writing class! :O After class, I talked to Stephen online via web cam. He was packing at his parents house and I was working on homework when the lady called to say that we got the place in which we can move in on Saturday. I finished some homework and headed to bed knowing that today would be busy.
Today, I did not want to get up and out of bed. I was too toasty under my heating blanket. Smart of me to turn my air condition all the way up and have a fan blowing. It was smart the night before at least. But I made my way to my litature class to find out that the book I am almost done reading was the wrong book. So I found out that I need to read a whole book by Thursday morning. Then I find out that the book I was reading is at the end of the semester. Oh well. In Survey of Exceptionality, we talked about our homework assignments that were due that day. One of the homework was to read an article about People First Language. For those who don't know what that is it's how to put people first before their disablity in the way you speak. Some examples are instead of saying, "The handicapped or disabled." You should say "People with disabilities...", or "Handicapped parking" you should say, "Accessible parking." It's very different then how we talk in every day life. A lot of my classmates and myself actually didn't like the article. Because some of the views of the lady who wrote it are a bit extreme. Also we did a lot of talking about 504 plans and IEPs, and IDEA and ADA. For those who don't know the difference. IDEA is a law that is to have everyone at school age be able to go to school and to be included. IEPs are based off of that and are more based around those who have a learning disablity of some sort. But those with IEPs must have a disablity that is listed under the IDEA act. 504s is a different thing. This is for disablities that are not under the IDEA act. Most of them are physical disablities then that of IEPs. For an example arthritis is not under the IDEA act but it can have a 504 plan. I had an 504 plan where Stephen had a learning disablity so he had an IEP. ADA is more of a long term thing. It is for public buildings and other building that people go into. they are the one who make sure that people who have disablities can get around. So in truth it's pretty interesting. I am learning a lot.
In Encon I am learning about governments. Can I say that it is boring like no other. I am serious though it's going to be the death of me. But because some students decided to talk in the back of the class room we are going to be having a quiz on Thursday of what he taught today.
I haven't been to art yet. But I expect it will be about art. Well I better get some homework done so I can start packing up my room.


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