Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start of Spring Break

Things are going pretty well here for being Spring Break. Came home on Friday and mom and me went to David’s Bridal and looked at wedding gowns. We found a couple that I liked and met Stephen at IHOP and had dinner. Then spent some more time with my mom and then went and picked up Stephen’s friend and his girlfriend. Then went to our friends Bobby’s house and played flashlight tag. Well I played a round and then I became a walking base. Of course at one point I was it with Bobby’s late girlfriend Tiffany and we searched and found everyone other then Stephen. No one could find Stephen at all and it happened to be the first area that I looked but I didn’t actually see him.
On Saturday we went to my sister Necia’s house and had dinner with her family and played wii house. We also discussed flowers and other things that Necia thankfully is going to be helping the day of the wedding. She is doing the flowers and my hair most likely and as of today she is going to help me make jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids and flower girl.

On Monday I went wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping with my mom, Sarah, and Missy both who I loved having bring with me. I tried on a dress that my mom chose for me and well I loved it and my mom cried but it just didn’t feel like it was the one dress. I tried on the second dress and I literally fell in love with it. It was the one I knew it from just trying it on. I felt head over heels in love with this dress. We also found two bridesmaids dresses that the girls loved and all three of us paid for our dresses that day.

Today, I went to the dentist and then went shopping with my mom. Who tricked me into buying tennis shoes. I hate shoe shopping. And then went over to Stephen’s family house to celebrate Saint Patricks Day. I enjoyed my time with my soon to be family and it was a nice to just relax for once. Later today I am going to be with Stephen helping him with laundry.

Talk Later,

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