Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midterm Week

So life here at school are hectic to say the least. This week is midterms which means that college students get to find out how well they did the first half and how much they will have to work to get their grades up in the end. I am one of those people who tend to study, yes. But not as much as I should and when midterms grades come out I realize that I need to use all my free time pretty much to study. Math is going around. We are about to take our second chapter test tomorrow and hopefully I know graphs pretty well and be okay for it. History is going. We have our second test next week. I think I failed the first one but my fifty points of extra credit points should cover it pretty well. Biology, I failed the first test to my disappointment. Today I took another test in there and hopefully did really well. I heard that the second test was easier and I thought it was easy but I tend to think it’s easy and fail the test. So let’s hope I did well. In Fiction Writing we are tearing our beautiful masterpieces up and finding out every little flaw. Mine is up on Tuesday and to tell the truth I am so not looking forward to it. In Music we had our midterm this week and did our second presentation. We have our third presentation after spring break and I am not looking forward. I was trying to save the second presentation video to my computer but it wouldn’t save so I didn’t upload it. Plus I sounded way off key…maybe my high school choir teacher was right and I have no such singing voice. I start my PE class next Monday which will make work scheduling kind of difficult.
Meaning of work. I have read so many magazines so far that people read in a life-time. Some of them I have no clue what they were talking about just looked at pretty cool French pictures. As the words were in French. I have also learned about engineering and such. Also learned about different libraries over the whole wide world. A couple of times I see last names that make me think, “Hey I think my mom mentioned them.” But who knows if I have any family members in the magazines. But it’s been going pretty well. I believe I should be getting my first pay check this weekend totally excited for it.
In other things thing are going pretty well. I am trying to lose weight for myself and for some what a future. I am trying to get down from the obese area and in the healthy. But it’s going to be awhile. But I have been working out on the wii fit and that’s helping. Also been watching my food intake and I have lost two inches from my waist. So that’s pretty exciting and I think I might need to wear a belt with my jeans. We shall see.
I am totally excited for this weekend. Stephen’s cooking me a candlelight dinner which shall be fun. I will most likely dress up and put makeup on and hopefully I’ll be able to not cough or have a fever tomorrow.

More later,

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