Friday, March 13, 2009

End of the Week and Role of Reading

Wow this week has gone pretty fast in truth. Yesterday, we finally got the building that we want to have the wedding at on the date we want it. One less thing to worry about. We also asked our friend Stephen Bart. Be the dj for our wedding. It’s been kind of nice to just have friends help us the best they can. Bart used to dj some of the church dances growing up so it wasn’t a bad thing for him to be dj our wedding. Also Stephen’s younger brother Scotty sings and writes his own music so we kindly asked him if he would sing at our wedding during the reception. It would be really nice if he did that because he’s apart our lives but he has a great voice. Of course we might want to make sure the song would be appropriate. All in all things are coming together quite nicely in fact.
So today I thought I pull a slip of paper from the journal jar that is next to my computer and answer it. Today’s question is “Describe the role of reading in your life.” Okay, I was born in a reader family. My siblings all have loved to read and in truth it was no surprise that I would want to read as well. I actually can’t tell you when I started to learn how to read though. But I remember the whole house covered in notes. Each note was taped to something different and on the note would be the word of what ever it was taped to. So the wall had a taped note saying W.A.L.L to it. It generally helped me I believe and I am actually in hopes of doing that with my own kids. I do remember that in elementary school I had a fetish in reading anything about the holocaust. From fiction to nonfiction I was reading the book. Actually some of my elementary classmates called me a Nazi for a long time because of it. In Junior High I went through a pretty depressed years. And one of my teachers asked me to read the Harry Potter books. Right then and there I found a series that I fell in love with. It’s no surprise that I went through a whole series and literally read them so much that the books fell apart and I had to slowly get hard backs for the series. I love the author J.k Rowling and pretty much have almost a lot of books about the Harry Potter series and other works of hers. But I am just starting to get into the Twilight series as well. In high school till now I could read a book within twenty-four hours. Lately though I don’t have the time to really read which is pretty sad but in truth it’s a part of the grown up years. That’s what the role of reading has on my life.


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