Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Annoying People

You know what makes me upset is that I get up every morning to go to class and I go to the lectures and most of my class don’t. I have a class of sixty people and only nine of us show up and its always the same nine. It hard on the professor because he is starting to doubt his teaching style. He’s actually a great teacher.
Another thing is when people bring their life story into the lesson. Like in biology there is a girl who comments on everything. Like my teacher was talking about obese people will get diabetes. She raised her hand and had to tell everyone in the sixty people class about her sister who is skin and bones and she has diabetes. You could hear half the class groan and wish she would stop. It’s like those people think that it relates to the lesson in some odd way. Last semester it was my psychology class that we had two people who were like that. We couldn’t get through a whole lesson in a day because of them. This is most likely why I write things down and then talk to the teacher after class. I put effort on listening instead of coming up with reasons to relate it into the lesson.


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