Monday, April 27, 2009

75 Days!!!!

So this weekend I stayed here at school to pack and get stuff ready for the summer and soon the wedding. Well, Stephen came down to spend the time with me. On Friday, the two of us went of to Walmart and walked around and talked then to Taco Bell for dinner. Then got some ice cream.
On Saturday, there was a huge group of high school seniors that are visting the college and getting signed up for classes for next year. Also there was a huge choir thing that was going on as well. So for us college students it's pretty much means "You really should eat off campus today." So we made plans with Katelyn and Darren to eat at Golden Corral. Afterwards we wall went to Walmart to walk around. I got some food for this week and next week. Because the caf. doesn't order any more food they just use what they already have. Then we got a redbox movie to watch back at the dorms and found out the dvd doesn't even work which bummed us. We then spend a lot of time outside in the weather. It was storming pretty good and I had a blast playing in the rain until I was being pelted by dime size hail. Finally we went inside and watched a tv show about online predators for a couple of hours. It was interesting to listen to the men tell the camera of reasons they are finding young girls and boys online. It could be really anyone online. I think parents should show the show to their preteen kids to show them who these men are and that it coule happen to anyone. We then ordered pizza for dinner and just spent time together.
Yesterday, Stephen and I watched tv cuddled on the couch. We loved watching the which warrior is the best show and then watched something about how certain things happened. Then we watched a couple of shows on the food channel just enjoying the time we had together. This morning I went off to class and came back and enjoyed coming back to seeing Stephen. We went out to breakfast and then I had a hard time saying goodbye to him as he headed back home.

That was what was going on here...

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