Monday, May 11, 2009

Dead Week and Finals Week

So right now I am taking a break from studying. I have to say that I am so so sorry for not having a blog up in awhile. Things are hectic here at school and slowly going to start getting hectic at home. Last week was Dead week. Did you know in years long ago dead week was called dead week because they weren’t suppose to have class during it. Let alone give us homework or even any exams during dead week. Someone should start that up again from my point of view. Anyways during dead week, I had two minor projects to finish up for my fitness class and I had four exams. :0. I was fine on Monday nothing due and I was just going to classes without really care they were all pretty much reviews anyways. On Tuesday, is when things got really hectic. I left my room at the normal time seven forty and I didn’t get back to my room until seven that night. I was literally ready for bed by the time. During the day I had classes then I had a final for my last class that day. Then I had to run to the recreation center on campus and take a fitness class for my fitness class. Then ran back to the dorms to relax for a little while then I had a hall meeting that we had to go to. Finally I got to my room and literally flopped on my bed. Then I realized I still had a paper to write for my class on Wednesday. On Wednesday, I had to turn in my two projects and had a final exam for my fitness class. On Thursday, I had a chapter exam in my Biology class which later that day found out that I got a D on. I was so happy after my chapter exam though because I thought I did so well…turns out I didn’t do well at all. I literally had a mental breakdown after I found out and thankfully Stephen called me as soon as he got off work and tried to comfort me the best he knew. On Friday, I had a math exam and took the whole hour and found out near the end that I had four questions left. I never…I mean never take the whole hour to do a test. I had another mental breakdown at the end of the exam and called my friend Sarah crying as I walked to work. Then when I got back to my room I realized that I had nothing packed and Stephen was coming to take a load of my stuff home. I broke down again…I was a mess. Finally, Stephen arrived and helped me finish packing and just held me to him. I finally just calmed down and realized that it’s not as bad as I think.
Saturday, we went to my mom’s and I studied while Stephen worked in my mom’s garden. I studied for two hours while Stephen worked in the garden, got pizza, and then chilled with his laptop next to me. In that moment while I was studying I realized that I loved him more then ever. He knew that I needed to study even though I didn’t need to but still made me study and was okay that I wasn’t talking and he just enjoyed being next to me. After I was done studying we headed out to the Great Mall to meet up with Stephen’s friends Peter and Terrell. We walked around the mall just chatting away. Then we went to Stephen’s and Peter’s place and chilled for a bit and finally we headed off to the movie theatre to see Star Trek. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I saw Star Trek. I grew up with a Trekkie so I obviously know Star Trek. It was really good and it was interesting to say the least. I enjoyed the movie and afterwards I stood listening to two nerds talk about the movie. One of the nerds I am in love with and the other is a good friend of the one I am in love with. It was okay though and I let them have their fun.
On Sunday, we hung out at Stephen’s just relaxing and then went to my mom’s house to give her mother’s day present and guess what she wasn’t there. My mom was at a friends house instead so we just dropped the presents off and went to Stephen’s parents house. We got her a angel food cake with strawberries. Well it seems like we weren’t the only ones who thought of it. Because on the counter was a just out of the oven angel food cake and we found out that another kid was bringing a cake and strawberries. We had some great food there and let me tell you the Mitts family can cook. We hung out and played a couple of games and then I headed out to my friends Katelyn’s house to get a ride back to school. We were half way to school when she remembered she left her dorm key at her house so we doubled back and grabbed them. It was nice to just relax before back to studying. When we got to campus I went to my room and studied till twelve thirty. Then off to bed.
Today so far…I got up at four thirty really didn’t want to but did and started to study for my final that I had this morning. I studied my butt off for this final and I think it turned out to work for me. I actually think I did really well but I don’t want my hopes up for it. But it’s another final down and two more to go. Sarah might be coming down tomorrow night and spending the night. I really can’t wait…I want her to see what I go through down here and how different it is to Purdue. We shall see though.


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