Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I know it’s late but that’s the beauty of having no school. I haven’t stayed up this late in a long time on a Thursday night. Anyways, I thought I keep everyone updated. So the house is being packed up inside and out and everything in it is being cleaned/or new. All electronics are being tested to see if they work. We already know that the big tv in the living room don’t work because thankfully the whole family was downstairs watching Numbers when it hit. They loved the pretty lines that was created on the tv when the lightning hit. But everything is going good and it will take two to three months for the house to be back to it’s normal state. But all in all the insurance is coving everything which is pretty nice.
My life has been pretty nice. I have been getting up at seven o’clock to talk to Stephen in the mornings. Because it’s our rountain and it’s something important to me. Even though the first day he asked me not to do it. But I get up until he gets to work then go back to sleep for another hour or two. Then take a shower, water mom’s garnder, then what ever. Usually hang around the house working on a new novel idea. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Or hanging out with Sarah. But that’s what going on…more later.


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