Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Alright I am a bookworm. I sometimes actually don't think bookworm is really the call for it. Let's see then I am a bookworm, blogworm, fanficworm, poemworm, and quoteworm. I am not sure where I got this trait of love of books. I have always loved reading books though and even writing books. I was often writing little stories that made comepletely no sense. Now though I write for myself and myself alone but every once and awhile my stories make since. They have proved to grown from those few one line pages to two hundred to three hundred full pages of writing. It's amazing how my love of books have created a love for writing. I have read many quote of authors saying that reading and writing come hand in hand with each other. I believe those things.
It's amazing though to share the love of books with others. I have a array of different genre of books in my own collection and some of them people wouldn't even asspect me to read. I have shared some books with friends who start to enjoy the books that I read. I have also read many times to the kids that I babysat and to my array of nieces of nephews. A few of those nieces and nephews are reading now on their own. One nephew is a third grade and is reading eighth grade books already. I think that I'll share my love of books with my own children. Stephen and I already discussed that we would at least read to our children for bed. Have that special moment where we just sit cuddled on the couch reading.


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