Monday, April 20, 2009

81 days away!!!!

So things are pretty interesting back home and things are actually starting to get along in the wedding plans. I couldn’t wait to be in Stephen’s arms again and feel them wrap around me. I can’t believe how much I miss being in them and how much everything goes away. On Friday, Katelyn and myself were dropped at my house by Karl and soon afterwards Stephen picked us up and we took Katelyn home then went out to dinner. I had my favorite at Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich the best spicy chicken ever. Then we went to Stephen’s parents house and hung out there for the night. We got the list of names for invitations for his family.
On Saturday, we spent the morning with the bishop talking about wedding details and he asked us questions to see if we ourselves were ready to become husband and wife. He was surprised on how much the questions we have already talked about between us. Then Stephen and I went to my mom’s house and worked on invitations. Soon we left and went to Stephen’s. We cleaned up and cooked dinner because we decided to double date with Katelyn and her boyfriend Darren. We ate some yummy Mexican food that Stephen made us and then had dessert while watching Employee of the Month.
On Sunday, we stopped at my mom’s house and Stephen stayed there while I went and added another three hundred dollars to my dress. So now my wedding dress is 1000 dollars worth. I was fitted into my gown and found that my feet do not like standing very long. But I was very happy that I was not like the other bride in there who was a Bridezilla. Then we got back to the townhouse where Stephen thankfully finished cutting out all the pictures to be put into invitations. Then we headed to his parents house where I was meeting Karl for a ride back to school.

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